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ESC show menu
^C, q, Q quit
ALT-1 ... ALT-9 select virtual screen (framebuffer, svgalib only)
g goto URL
G goto URL based on current URL
^G goto URL based on current link
s bookmark manager
^R reload page
pressed 2x=reload without internal cache
pressed 3x=force reload through all proxy caches
f frame to full screen
i view image
d download link
I download image
* toggle displaying image links
\ toggle document source
= document info
| HTTP header info
UP/DOWN select link
RIGHT, ENTER follow link
LEFT, z go back
', x go forward
^P, INS scroll up
^N, DEL scroll down
[ scroll left
] scroll right
PAGE_UP, ^B previous page
PAGE_DOWN, ^F next page
HOME, ^A go to start of the document
END, ^E go to end of the document
TAB switch frames
1-9 count to repeat the next move (only text)
(you can press more number keys to repeat more than 9 times)
ALT-1 ... ALT-9 the same as previous --- if you have numbered links
(only text)
/ search
? search back
n find next
N find previous
^A go to beginning
^E go to end
^W complete string in a dialog (e.g. URL or search dialog)
^B, ^INS copy text to clipboard
^X, SH-DEL cut text to clipboard
^V, SH-INS paste from clipboard
^U delete text from cursor position to start of the line
(or field, textarea)
^K delete line (in textarea) or text to end (in field)
^INS copy current link to clipboard
^T, ^TAB previous link
^Y, TAB next link
t previous word
y next word
^O next form field
LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN move cursor around
a move cursor to status bar
w move curosor to title bar
{ move cursor to start of current line
} move cursor to end of current line