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Links 2.14 -- How To Install
Follow this step-by-step:
0) Check you have installed the following libraries and are able to compile with
them. On a package-driven distribution, you will need both "library" and
Mandatory libraries
libpng - required to compile links in graphics mode (not required in text
mode). Libpng 2.1.18 has a bug and must be patched by the patch
PATCH-libpng-1.2.18 which is shipped with Links.
IJG libjpeg - if you want to display JPEG's (probably yes).
TIFF Library - if you want TIFFs.
SVGAlib - if you want Links to be able to display on SVGAlib.
OpenSSL and zlib - if you want SSL connections. zlib is not necessary if you
know the SSL is compiled without zlib.
Optional libraries
zlib - shows gzipped pages
libbz2 - shows bzipped content
lzma - shows content compressed with lzma
If any of the library is not present on the system or is unusably old and you cannot install it
(typically because you are not a root), then go to 11) Compiling with
user-supplied libraries.
1) Do not forget to run "ldconfig" if you have installed any new libraries :-)
2) "./configure --help"
Read the output and choose which options you want to give ./configure.
Probably you will want --enable-graphics
3) "./configure <your options>"
4) Check the output of ./configure (in the table at the end) whether you really
get what you want
5) "make"
6) If you are a root, "make install" with root privileges. If not, copy the
resulting "links" executable into some suitable place, preferrably within
your $PATH. The whole browser is just one executable.
7) If you haven't got a permanent Internet connection, save the "doc/"
subdirectory into some suitable place (/usr/share/, /usr/local/share). The
most important part is the "doc/links_cal/" subdirectory which contains a calibration pattern
(calibration.html in English, kalibrace.html in Czech)
you will need to get a flawless picture on your monitor.
8) If you want to supply a Links icon into your X Window System windowmanager,
you will find a suitable 48x48 icon in graphics/links.xpm
9) Delete the archive and source directory - no more needed
10) The browser is ready now. You just have to calibrate it to get a flawless
picture (see doc/calibration.html or the Links homepage, which is in default
11) Compiling with user-supplied libraries.
This describes how to compile Links with user-supplied libraries zlib,
libpng, libpjpeg and libtiff. If you want to use any of these libraries from
the system, omit appropriate references. The versions are just for example:
Download libpng-1.2.3, zlib-1.1.4, libjpeg-6b and libtiff-v3.5.7
archives and unpack them. Build the libraries according to their
instructions to get static (*.a) library in each.
Please note libpng-1.2.18 is buggy and must be patched with
PATCH-libpng-1.2.18 which is shipped with Links.
export CPPFLAGS="-I../zlib-1.1.4 -I../libpng-1.2.3 -I../jpeg-6b
export LDFLAGS="=L../zlib-1.1.4 -L../libpng-1.2.3 -L../jpeg-6b
-L ../tiff-v3.5.7/libtiff"
goto 2)
Unix - use ./configure; make
in some FreeBSD 3 distributions you have to set CFLAGS=-aout before
running ./configure
Tested on Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, IRIX
OS/2 - use ./configure; make
You must have GNU bash and GNU text/shell/file utilities so that
configure can run
The only supported compiler is EMX, you probably won't be able to
compile it with anything else
configure under OS/2 needs to know paths to gcc, make anb bash. Set (for
SET MACHTYPE=i586-pc-os2
SET CONFIG_SHELL=d:/prg/gnu/bin/bash.exe
SET CC=d:/prg/emx/bin/gcc.exe
SET MAKE=d:/prg/emx/bin/make.exe
Windows - you must have Cygwin or Interix environment
Otherwise, compile it just like on Unix
Unix - make install
OS/2 - copy file links.exe somewhere to your path or create CMD file that runs
WARNING: EMX has nasty limit of open files. Links will work badly or won't work
with default settings. Set variable EMXOPT=-h100 before you run links.
libpng-1.2.18 - "Error when loading compiled-in font: png_do_rgb_to_gray found
nongray pixel. libpng error: png_do_rgb_to_gray found nongray
pixel Abort." This is caused by a bug in libpng and
PATCH-libpng-1.2.18 shipped with Links must be used to patch
libpng to fix the bug.
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