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=== RELEASE 2.14 ===
Thu Nov 3 19:45:34 CET 2016 mikulas:
Enable DECC$EFS_CHARSET on OpenVMS, so that we can browser files and
directories with extended names
Wed Nov 2 20:35:31 CET 2016 mikulas:
Limit keepalive of ciphers with 64-bit block size to mitigate
the SWEET32 attack
Wed Nov 2 19:14:33 CET 2016 mikulas:
Disable SSL compression to avoid the CRIME attack
Fri Oct 28 22:52:49 CEST 2016 mikulas:
On Windows, add an entry to programs in control panel, that allows
uninstalling Links
Fri Oct 28 21:25:28 CEST 2016 mikulas:
Report home directory in the "Version" window
Sat Oct 22 13:17:04 CEST 2016 mikulas:
On Windows, preload font data in a background thread, to minimize a
stall when viewing SVG image for the first time.
Sat Oct 8 17:14:59 CEST 2016 mikulas:
Improved tor hardening - when the user toggles the "Only Proxies" option
(i.e. when connecting to tor), we reset certain other options to their
default values, so that it is not possible to identify user behind tor
based on the selected options.
Thu Oct 6 14:39:26 CEST 2016 mikulas:
Use keys 'P' and 'L' to scroll up and down
Thu Sep 29 23:40:34 CEST 2016 Juhani Haverinen <>:
Fix a memory leak when copying the current url to clipboard
(the bug was introduced in Links 2.13)
Sat Sep 3 20:02:26 CEST 2016 mikulas:
Fix crash when the user pressed Ctrl-G on a form field
(the bug was introduced in Links 2.13)
Fri Aug 19 22:35:54 CEST 2016 mikulas:
Workaround for a bug in librsvg that makes mathematics on Wikipedia
Fri Aug 19 19:05:55 CEST 2016 mikulas:
Support fourth and fifth mouse button in gpm and framebuffer
Thu Aug 18 19:34:47 CEST 2016 mikulas:
Fixed bugs when downgrading SSL connection while https proxy or socks
proxy is used
Tue Aug 16 18:53:53 CEST 2016 mikulas:
Security bug fixed: Don't load or render the content of
"407 Proxy Authentication Required" reply when using https proxy.
This avoids the FalseCONNECT attack.
Also, don't allow 401 and 407 responses to set cookies.
Wed Jul 27 21:38:37 CEST 2016 mikulas:
Pop openssl error stack on every error - make sure that SSL errors on
one connection do not affect other connections
Sun Jul 17 21:10:12 CEST 2016 mikulas:
Use libc tree functions from <search.h> for searching the cache
Thu Jul 7 19:39:15 CEST 2016 mikulas:
Set the GD_NOAUTO flag for the directfb driver, so that this driver is
never selected automatically. The directfb subsystem is buggy, it can
corrupt graphics or even cause system crash, so select this driver only
if the user explicitly requests it with '-driver directfb'
=== RELEASE 2.13 ===
Sat Jun 18 14:15:55 CEST 2016 mikulas:
Page up and page down scroll slightly less than a page
Fri Jun 17 23:57:23 CEST 2016 mikulas:
Use domain list from to prevent setting cookies on
public domains.
Also fix a bug that existed in previous links versions: could register cookie for or
Sat Jun 11 17:59:17 CEST 2016 mikulas:
Fixed non-working mouse wheel on Syllable
Workaround for getaddrinfo bug on Syllable
Sat Jun 11 15:16:41 CEST 2016 mikulas:
Support horizontal scroll wheel on Windows
Tue Jun 7 19:10:11 CEST 2016 mikulas:
Fixed a bug in the X driver that characters with unicode codes 128-255
could not be entered with some locales
Thu Jun 2 19:19:56 CEST 2016 mikulas:
Security bug fixed: Use separate unix domain socket for anonymous
instances, so that the anonymous instance won't connect to non-anonymous
Sun May 8 21:20:38 CEST 2016 mikulas:
<samp> element
Sun May 8 20:33:37 CEST 2016 mikulas:
In case of certification verification failure, don't pop up multiple
dialog windows asking for the same server
Sun Mar 13 19:10:27 CET 2016 mikulas:
Do not lookup .onion addresses directly, as specified by rfc7686
Wed Jan 13 01:16:49 CET 2016 Jakub Bogusz <>:
Updated Polish Translation
Wed Oct 21 19:25:09 CEST 2015 mikulas:
Security enhancement: Warn if the SSL/TLS method was downgraded
=== RELEASE 2.12 ===
Sat Sep 12 21:03:14 CEST 2015 mikulas:
Free cookies when changing the 'only proxies' checkbox - i.e. when
entering or leaving tor mode
Thu Sep 10 00:04:11 CEST 2015 mikulas:
Do not record compile time to allow reproducible builds
Tue Sep 8 20:57:26 CEST 2015 mikulas:
Support SSL client certificates
Mon Sep 7 20:55:44 CEST 2015 mikulas:
Security bug fixed: warn if the server uses old SSL2 or SSL3 protocol
to avoid the POODLE vulnerability
=== RELEASE 2.11 ===
Tue Aug 25 18:44:58 CEST 2015 mikulas:
Improve entropy collcetion on OpenVMS. It is still far from ideal.
Thu Aug 20 19:35:45 CEST 2015 mikulas:
Fixed a bug - when a links process attached to another instance in
graphics mode, it would occasionally loop, consuming 100% CPU
Sun Jul 26 18:36:44 CEST 2015 mikulas:
An option to take language and charset from the LANG variable
Sat Jul 25 16:18:16 CEST 2015 mikulas:
Verify SSL certificates
=== RELEASE 2.10 ===
Fri Jul 3 00:40:22 CEST 2015 mikulas:
Fix "Counld not assing boundary" bug when posting a form
The bug was found by Greg Cook
Mon Jun 15 23:33:54 CEST 2015 mikulas:
SVG support using the rsvg library
Sat Jun 13 19:47:43 CEST 2015 mikulas:
Attach to existing links instance instead of creating a new instance
Sun May 17 10:17:25 CEST 2015 mikulas:
Detect image type based on the first few bytes rather than on
Fri May 15 20:13:23 CEST 2015 Volker Schatz <>:
New glyphs taken from Volker's git
Thu Feb 26 00:46:48 CET 2015 mikulas:
Fixed a bug on Windows where dns lookup got stuck if we closed the
primary instance (which resulted in fork) while the lookup was in
Sat Jan 31 16:56:31 CET 2015 mikulas:
Use OpenMP in the image scaler
Sat Jan 31 11:10:27 CET 2015 mikulas:
Fixed a bug where the output of font sharpening depended on data read
from uninitialized memory
Sat Jan 24 01:19:49 CET 2015 mikulas:
Preallocate downloaded files on Linux
Sun Jan 18 07:11:21 CET 2015 mikulas:
Support libevent and libev
Sat Jan 17 06:44:01 CET 2015 mikulas:
Enable SSL SNI, some servers need it
Wed Jan 14 02:43:25 CET 2015 mikulas:
Test for RAND_* functions in configure because libressl doesn't have
Sat Jan 3 18:26:21 CET 2015 mikulas:
Support keepalive on https connections
=== RELEASE 2.9 ===
Sun Dec 21 15:08:30 CET 2014 mikulas:
Work around some screen-corruption bugs in the OpenVMS terminal driver
Sun Nov 30 18:57:30 CET 2014 mikulas:
Support mouse wheel in framebuffer (unfortunatelly we can't support it
in text mode because when we instruct gpm to send us the wheel event,
gpm stops drawing the cursor when the mouse is moved).
Tue Nov 25 22:07:12 CET 2014 mikulas:
Pring "^" and "_" for <sub> and <sup> tags in text mode
Wed Nov 5 20:11:12 CET 2014 mikulas:
An option to fake Firefox in the HTTP header. It modifies User-Agent and
several other options to be more Firefox-like. This option is also
automatically turned on when "Connect only via proxies or Socks (useful
for tor)" is selected. It makes it safer to use Links with tor.
Sat Jul 26 16:16:15 CEST 2014 mikulas:
Fixed quadratic complexity in the text renderer when exteremely long
lines were used
Tue Jun 24 22:26:47 CEST 2014 mikulas:
Do not print the character 0x9b if the display character set doesn't
have it, because it is interpreted as a control character on the Linux
Sat May 17 16:51:18 CEST 2014 mikulas:
An option to break long lines in <pre> sections
Thu May 15 20:02:52 CEST 2014 mikulas:
Consume less memory when 8-bit gamma correction is used
Wed Apr 16 20:59:57 CEST 2014 mikulas:
Updated the list of top level domains
Sat Apr 5 04:19:56 CEST 2014 mikulas:
Use malloc_trim to return unused memory to the system
Thu Mar 27 02:25:09 CET 2014 mikulas:
Support RFC5987 for filenames
Wed Mar 26 02:32:50 CET 2014 mikulas:
Support StaticColor in the X-window driver
Tue Mar 25 03:58:45 cet 2014 mikulas:
Fix crash on OS/2 if image is wider than 10921 pixels
Wed Mar 19 19:49:57 CET 2014 mikulas:
Use clock_gettime if available
Sun Mar 2 03:54:47 CET 2014 mikulas:
The ability to set screen margins for text mode and framebuffer
Mon Feb 24 18:15:08 CET 2014 mikulas:
Fix palette corruption on framebuffer when links instance was terminated
while it was not active
Sun Feb 2 21:50:48 CET 2014 mikulas:
Improve the gif decoder to accept more images
Sun Feb 2 18:29:30 CET 2014 mikulas:
Increase the amount of data read from the socket, it improves speed when
loading big images
Fri Nov 29 01:22:43 CET 2013 mikulas:
Accept "text/xml" as html type
=== RELEASE 2.8 ===
Sat Sep 14 22:42:15 CEST 2013 mikulas:
Fixed a memory leak if TIFF download was interrupted
Sat Aug 24 17:59:01 cet 2013 mikulas:
Sun Jul 14 23:35:49 CEST 2013 mikulas:
Do not save lines starting with space to URL history on the disk
(idea by Volker Schatz)
Sun Jul 14 23:35:28 CEST 2013 Volker Schatz <>
Do not misreport Date header value as last-modified date
in the info box popping up on "=".
New graphics glyphs
Wed May 15 00:44:53 CEST 2013 Samuli Suominen <>:
Fixed file 045e.png. It was not compatible with libpng-1.6
Wed May 15 00:43:27 CEST 2013 mikulas:
Test integers addition for overflow. This fixes possible crashes due to
overflows, they could possibly be security-sensitive.
Sat Apr 6 19:00:07 CEST 2013 mikulas:
Fixed a bug in Xwindow driver when images larger than 65536
pixels were used
Fixed some integer overflows when scaling images larger than 65536
Wed Jan 2 02:07:43 CET 2013 mikulas:
OpenVMS port
Wed Dec 12 04:52:33 MET 2012 mikulas:
Fixed invalid pointer comparison (comparing if NULL is smaller
than non-NULL pointer) that could result in failures with certain
Wed Nov 7 22:43:45 CET 2012 mikulas:
Fixed IPv6 detection on OpenBSD
Sat Sep 22 03:01:58 CEST 2012 mikulas:
Fixed an internal error in decompressed file cache if Links
was running out of memory and was freeing cached data
Wed Sep 19 22:40:04 MET 2012 mikulas:
An option that allows the user not to save URL history
Sat Sep 1 18:26:50 CEST 2012 mikulas:
An option to send do not track request
Thu Aug 16 04:19:58 CEST 2012 mikulas:
Reduced CPU consumption when downloading big files
Tue Aug 14 21:52:43 CEST 2012 mikulas:
Fixed a crash if the user selects "Save as" and the document has no
header (the bug was introduced in Links 2.7pre1)
Tue Aug 14 21:01:39 CEST 2012 mikulas:
Parse FTP directories on VMS FTP server
Mon Aug 13 21:39:09 CEST 2012 mikulas:
Use a blocking pipe when communicating with the dns process, it
fixes a possible error when system pipe buffer is too small
Mon Aug 6 23:31:44 CEST 2012 mikulas:
Workaround for bugs on GNU Hurd
Sat Jul 28 01:21:18 CEST 2012 mikulas:
data: url
Fri Jul 20 19:00:30 MET 2012 mikulas:
Accept color in #xxx format (besides usual #xxxxxx)
Tue Jul 10 22:45:19 CEST 2012 mikulas:
Fixed an infinite retry loop when the server terminates connection
Sun Jul 8 20:23:43 CEST 2012 mikulas:
Fixed some races in the framebuffer driver that could result in
display corruption if the user is switching virtual consoles too
Thu Jul 5 22:35:57 CEST 2012 mikulas:
Don't save URLs with password to history file on a disk
Sat Jun 30 17:32:11 CEST 2012 mikulas:
Fixed a rare bug where image alpha channel was not applied correctly
=== RELEASE 2.7 ===
Sat Jun 23 23:02:47 CEST 2012 mikulas:
Fixed a bug that horizontal line <hr> was not displayed when
terminal was set to utf-8
Sat Jun 23 22:11:36 CEST 2012 mikulas:
Fixed bad palette in framebuffer on TGA on Alpha
Sat Jun 23 20:06:38 CEST 2012 mikulas:
Fixed a bug that \001 was displayed instead of a non-breaking space
when converting to ascii
Po Jun 18 03:10:07 CEST 2012 mikulas:
Support IPv6
Support multiple addresses (try to connect to all of them)
Ne Jun 17 22:32:52 CEST 2012 mikulas:
Fix memory leak in ftp
Tue Jun 12 02:31:05 MET 2012 mikulas:
Fixed incorrect display when aspect ratio was changed
while multiple windows were open
=== RELEASE 2.7pre1 ===
Sat Jun 2 13:47:17 MET 2012 mikulas:
Fixed a bug that blocked URLs didn't work if proxy was used
Sun May 20 01:39:52 CEST 2012 mikulas:
Support extended coordinates in xterm mouse reporting,
avoid previous limit 222 on maximum possible coordinate
Tue May 8 23:13:55 MET 2012 mikulas:
Use enter to scale image
Sun Apr 22 01:05:32 CEST 2012 mikulas:
PMshell driver was hacked to support also Win32 api
Wed Apr 18 22:43:37 MET 2012 mikulas:
HTTPS proxy
=== RELEASE 2.6 ===
Sat Apr 7 03:54:41 CEST 2012 mikulas:
Fixed reads and writes out of memory in the xbm decoder
It may have security implications
Mon Apr 2 05:34:15 CEST 2012 mikulas:
Fixed character set in the window title in X11
Fri Mar 30 05:10:32 CEST 2012 mikulas:
Check EINTR after each syscall to work around non-working SA_RESTART
on some old Unices
Wed Mar 28 22:11:23 CEST 2012 mikulas:
Fixed access out of allocated memory in the graphics renderer.
It may have security implications --- although just two characters
('-' and 0) were written to the unallocated area.
Tue Mar 27 21:49:38 CEST 2012 mikulas:
Fixed an infinite loop in usemap when invalid html tag was processed
Sun Mar 25 04:46:43 CEST 2012 mikulas:
Fixed a crash if the user runs links with pipe on stdin
Sun Mar 25 02:42:11 MET 2012 mikulas:
Fixed inefficiency when moving or dragging mouse over big documents
Sat Mar 24 01:26:05 CET 2012 mikulas:
Fixed inefficiency when displaying documents with long lines
Wed Mar 7 23:02:27 CET 2012 mikulas:
Fix copy and paste of Unicode characters to/from Xwindow
Tue Feb 28 21:04:51 CET 2012 mikulas:
Fixed visual glitches in the select box in text-mode UTF-8
Sun Feb 26 18:31:17 MET 2012 mikulas:
Use key ' to move forward
Thu Feb 23 23:13:35 CET 2012 mikulas:
Fixed access out of memory when pasting too long string from
a clipboard
Thu Feb 23 00:52:09 CET 2012 mikulas:
The NSS encryption library can cause browser lockup. Add a warning.
The user should use OpenSSL instead of NSS.
Wed Feb 22 23:11:45 CET 2012 mikulas:
Fix for big endian Xserver
Tue Feb 21 03:03:33 MET 2012 mikulas:
Restrict textarea and input field width to screen size minus margins
Tue Feb 21 00:29:09 CET 2012 mikulas:
Fixed saving formatted document when UTF-8 is used
Sun Feb 19 22:24:20 MET 2012 mikulas:
Fixed a crash if the user selected "Frame at full-screen" in the menu
and there was no page displayed in the current frame
Mon Feb 13 19:35:07 MET 2012 mikulas:
Reload bookmarks if some other Links instance changes them
Mon Feb 13 18:37:41 MET 2012 mikulas:
Fixed some messages about decompression errors when http authentication
and compression was used at the same time
Sun Feb 12 18:32:26 MET 2012 mikulas:
Display filename and percentage in the download menu
Sun Feb 12 17:50:01 MET 2012 mikulas:
Fixed divide-by-zero crash in the download code
Sun Feb 12 15:22:12 MET 2012 mikulas:
Continue downloads to partially downloaded file
Tue Feb 7 07:13:49 MET 2012 mikulas:
Add information about versions of libraries
Tue Feb 7 00:39:28 cet 2012 mikulas:
Fixed visual glitches in the list editor
Sun Feb 5 20:35:43 cet 2012 mikulas:
Fixed integer overflows if file cache has more than 2GB
Mon Jan 23 21:54:19 MET 2012 mikulas:
Don't compact <br> tags inside <pre> (fixes line numbers in
source code viewer on github)
Mon Jan 23 03:23:07 CET 2012 mikulas:
Support non-english keyboard in the Xwindow driver
Sun Jan 15 01:42:59 cet 2012 mikulas:
When opening a new window, copy html options from the existing session
Sat Jan 14 22:59:53 cet 2012 mikulas:
Support #! translation according to Google specification
Thu Jan 5 02:43:42 CET 2012 mikulas:
Fixed reading of a freed memory if the user deletes a user program
while a query box with user programs is displayed
Fri Dec 30 15:34:11 MET 2011 mikulas:
Allow the user to set local IP address
Thu Dec 29 18:41:51 MET 2011 mikulas:
Allow the user to change colors
=== RELEASE 2.5 ===
Sat Dec 24 20:30:41 MET 2011 mikulas:
Use icon in pmshell
Wed Dec 21 01:46:04 cet 2011 mikulas:
Do not guess compression type from extension if Content-Type is html
Mon Dec 19 03:09:04 MET 2011 mikulas:
Recognise tgz extension
Sun Dec 18 21:33:52 cet 2011 mikulas:
Fixed some visual glitches in the list editor, window is automatically
resized with the terminal
Fixed a crash if the user changes bookmarks location while some bookmark
editing dialog was displayed
Fixed a bug that bookmark location couldn't be changed on text-only
Removed save bookmarks menu option, bookmarks are saved always when
closing bookmark window
Fri Dec 16 02:12:37 MET 2011 mikulas:
Search for viewer application according to file extension if the server
returns content type application/x-<compression method>.
Tue Dec 6 20:03:21 cet 2011 mikulas:
Implemented forward history
Sun Dec 4 11:35:17 CET 2011 mikulas:
Fixed memory leaks or lockups if a connection between
two links instances was unexpectedly broken
Implemented a handshake in the communication protocol so that
different Links versions won't communicate with each other
Fixed a possible lockup if the user presses key and the master
Links instance disconnects at the same time
Sun Dec 4 06:05:03 CEST 2011 mikulas:
Use AF_UNIX on Windows
Tue Nov 29 02:44:44 CET 2011 mikulas:
Do not send spaces in Accept-Charset
Mon Nov 28 03:03:26 CET 2011 mikulas:
Identify compier in User-Agent
Sun Nov 27 02:28:35 cet 2011 mikulas:
Heap in high memory on OS/2
Fri Nov 25 01:25:56 CET 2011 mikulas:
Support lzma compression
=== RELEASE 2.4 ===
Sat Nov 19 01:21:25 MET 2011 mikulas:
Do not translate '\' to '/' in HTTP requests
Sat Nov 19 01:19:12 MET 2011 mikulas:
Do not test for existing strings when loading links history file
=> avoid quadratic-complexity on startup
Sat Nov 19 01:18:59 MET 2011 mikulas:
Fixed a possible memory leak on Windows
Wed Nov 16 17:59:49 MET 2011 mikulas:
Fixed a crash on systems that don't have strerror
Fri Nov 11 23:22:25 CEST 2011 mikulas:
Fixed a crash in Windows console code
Wed Oct 12 22:08:39 MET 2011 mikulas:
Fixed a possible crash if the user changes socks dns append string
while socks connection is in progress
Sun Sep 25 18:40:57 MET 2011 mikulas:
Do not send '#' in the url when downloading
Sun Sep 18 16:57:38 CEST 2011 mikulas:
Fixed crashes with libpng-1.5
Fri Sep 16 20:16:01 CEST 2011 mikulas:
Fixed bugs in the directfb driver
Fri Sep 16 18:40:41 CEST 2011 mikulas:
Workaround for icc optimization bug on framebuffer
Don't clear the whole framebuffer, clear just an used area
(fixes problems with Nvidia framebuffer)
Tue Sep 13 23:13:52 CEST 2011 mikulas:
Make it compile with OpenWatcom for Linux
Note: because of unimplemented "gethostbyname" function,
it requires installed "host" command to do name lookups
Tue Sep 13 03:53:06 cet 2011 mikulas:
Try to free internal caches when out of memory happens
Mon Sep 12 19:57:13 CEST 2011 mikulas:
Fixed a crash when cache is flushed while auth dialog is displayed
Sun Sep 11 02:02:09 MET 2011 mikulas:
Reduced memory consumption
Don't reformat plain text if window size changes
=== RELEASE 2.3 ===
Wed Aug 10 20:10:45 CEST 2011 mikulas:
Fixed leaked process if the user pressed Ctrl-Z and logged out
Tue Aug 9 00:08:58 CEST 2011 mikulas:
Fix downloads of files larger than 4G
Mon Aug 8 22:02:19 MET 2011 mikulas:
Fix 32-bit mode in DirectFB
(reported by Filip Szczepanski <>)
Mon Aug 8 20:51:08 MET 2011 mikulas:
Don't cache HTTP 303 response
Mon Jun 27 02:49:50 MET DST 2011 mikulas:
Update BeOS and AtheOS port to support Haiku and Syllable
Fri May 13 20:29:54 CEDT 2011 mikulas:
Fix Utf-8 with block cursor
Fri May 13 20:29:23 CEDT 2011 mikulas:
Fix login on iacbox
Fri Apr 22 17:17:17 MET 2011 Thomas Klausner <>:
libpng-1.5 support
=== RELEASE 2.3pre2 ===
Sat Apr 16 20:19:07 CEST 2011 mikulas:
Utf-8 text terminal support
Sat Mar 12 23:55:56 MET 2011 mikulas:
Fixed a bug with gpm, if gpm closed a handle on its own,
links would occasionaly close it again
Mon Aug 9 01:35:29 UTC 2010 mikulas:
Don't report terminal size in User-Agent
Thu Aug 5 23:31:59 MET 2010 mikulas:
Scan for header tags even in document body
Sat Jul 31 22:35:04 MET 2010 mikulas:
link rel=prefetch
Sat Jul 31 22:24:06 MET 2010 mikulas:
Interpret style="display:none"
Fri Jun 18 20:39:46 MET 2010 mikulas:
Fixed crash when unknown Content-Enconding is returned by the server
Sat Apr 24 04:11:58 CEST 2010 mikulas:
Fix an occasional lockup with Ctrl-Z, fg and framebuffer
=== RELEASE 2.3pre1 ===
Sun Aug 16 06:17:03 MET 2009 mikulas:
Accept cookies for domains with two parts, such as xxxx.yy, where
"xxxx" has at least 4 chars. This likely won't be generic domain such
as "", so accepting the cookie is safe.
Sun May 17 22:29:43 MET DST 2009 mikulas:
Support encryption with NSS (GPL fanatics don't like OpenSSL, grrr)
Sun May 17 18:51:07 cet 2009 mikulas:
Ignore textarea that is not inside form (for Google)
Sun Jan 18 19:27:56 CET 2009 mikulas:
Avoid quadratic complexity when parsing long forms
Thu Jan 1 14:04:38 CET 2009 mikulas:
UTF-8 text mode terminal support
Sun Sep 14 01:02:06 MET 2008 mikulas:
Decode '%' in downloaded file names
Tue Sep 9 23:13:20 MET 2008 mikulas:
Do not add another '?' or '&' if already present at the end of form
submit URL
Sun Aug 24 17:19:32 MET 2008 Christian Biere <>:
magnet: URL support
Wed Aug 20 23:03:10 cet 2008 mikulas:
More strict check for invalid GIF header
(catches some misgenerated images that reported too big size and
overflowed the memory allocator)
Sun Aug 17 23:30:34 MET 2008 mikulas:
Check for too big images
Wed Aug 13 00:24:41 CEST 2008 mikulas:
Fixed occassional drawing after VT switch on framebuffer
Mon Aug 4 18:53:52 cet 2008 mikulas:
Don't submit disabled form entries (this is compatible with
Mozilla/MSIE; Netscape and Lynx do submit them)
Sun Aug 3 02:40:58 MET 2008 mikulas:
Handle restart with servers that send 206 but don't send Content-Range
=== RELEASE 2.2 ===
Mon Jul 28 14:39:24 CEST 2008 mab:
Swiss German (Zueriduetsch) translation
Fri Jul 18 23:35:44 MET 2008 mikulas:
Fix scrollbars being offset by few pixels when "scrolling" attribute
was used
Fri Jul 11 20:40:38 MET 2008 mikulas:
Drop .gz or .bz2 extension when viewing files downloaded from ftp (and
decompressing them)
=== RELEASE 2.1 ===
Wed Jul 2 03:48:23 MET DST 2008 mikulas:
Turn memory debugging off by default
Tue Jun 24 06:08:04 MET 2008 mikulas:
Security bug fixed: when "only proxies" is selected, don't pass URLs
to external programs
=== RELEASE 2.1pre37 ===
Sun Jun 22 17:07:20 cet 2008 mikulas:
-dump and -source don't lockup on authentication failure
Sat Jun 21 19:58:53 MET 2008 mikulas
Accept broken numbers in HTTP code
Sat Jun 21 18:00:54 cet 2008 mikulas:
Allow '+' in command-line URLs
Thu Jun 12 03:34:53 cet 2008 mikulas:
Erase clipboard on OS/2 before copying to it - this prevents bugs
when copying to/from Mozilla
Mon Jun 9 02:34:24 MET 2008 mikulas:
Process &#10; and &#9; in form entry "value" attribute
Tue Jun 3 00:22:49 CEST 2008 mikulas:
Fixed various display glitches with 64-bit big endian systems
Sun May 18 21:47:46 CEST 2008 mikulas:
Fixed display quirks on Sparc framebuffer console
Fixed some quirks on 64-bit big endian systems
=== RELEASE 2.1pre36 ===
Tue May 13 04:04:47 MET 2008 mikulas:
Fixed crash that was introduced with Sun May 4 20:13:21 MET 2008 fix
Mon May 12 23:26:51 MET 2008 mikulas:
Blacklist another broken HTTP/1.1 server - Apache Sausalito
Fri May 9 04:06:47 MET 2008 mikulas:
Take downloaded file name from Content-Type; name argument, if it exists
Also, get encoding information from Content-Type/Content-Disposition
=== RELEASE 2.1pre35 ===
Mon May 5 20:06:19 MET 2008 mikulas:
The fix from Sun May 4 20:13:21 MET 2008 broke loading of animated gifs
=== RELEASE 2.1pre34 ===
Sun May 4 21:18:15 MET 2008 mikulas:
Allow displaying large images in xwindow (that do not fit into xserver
Sun May 4 20:13:21 MET 2008 mikulas:
Fixed image was sometimes not redrawn, when connection was interrupted
in the middle and resumed
Sun May 4 17:52:29 MET 2008 Ben Secrest <>:
Don't change Xwindow class
Wed Apr 16 03:10:02 cet 2008 Didier Mequignon <>:
Updated French translation
Wed Mar 26 20:50:32 MET 2008 mikulas:
Fixed crash in text mode with small window height and bookmarks
Sat Mar 22 22:01:15 MET 2008 mikulas:
Accept </> as an empty tag
Thu Mar 20 22:47:09 CET 2008 mikulas:
Accept alternate description attributes for image buttons
Thu Mar 20 04:36:45 MET 2008 mikulas:
Fixed the bug that when displaying source, some html entities were
errorneously translated
Thu Mar 20 04:30:52 MET 2008 mikulas:
Added fallback for &#8209; entity
Thu Mar 13 22:43:48 CET 2008 mikulas:
Allow multiple WWW-Authenticate headers
=== RELEASE 2.1pre33 ===
Thu Jan 31 21:11:40 MET 2008 mikulas:
Fixed memory leak when there was an error in decompression
Thu Dec 27 23:37:03 MET 2007 mikulas:
Support few more keycodes on ANSI terminal (PAGE UP, PAGE DOWN and few
F* keys)
Wed Dec 26 03:43:35 cet 2007 mikulas:
Disable smb:// URLs on OS/2, fork+threads can cause crashes in EMX
Besides, there's no usable smb client program anyway
Tue Dec 25 01:44:28 MET 2007 mikulas (sponsored by Dondor Ltd.):
A .nsi file to make Windows installer with Nullsoft scriptable install
Mon Dec 24 01:44:11 MET 2007 mikulas:
Fixed a bug that strings with spaces could not be passed from command
Mon Dec 24 00:43:57 MET 2007 mikulas:
Socks 4A support (so that Links can be used with tor without
intermediate proxy)
Thu Dec 20 05:40:22 cet 2007 mikulas:
Thre previous Windows fix broke opening new windows on OS/2
=== RELEASE 2.1pre32 ===
Thu Dec 13 04:44:01 MET 2007 mikulas:
Do not display links to alternate stylesheets
Tue Dec 11 06:37:56 MET 2007 mikulas:
Use Content-Disposition as a suggestion for downloaded file name
Sun Dec 9 04:52:37 MET 2007 mikulas:
Fixed write to freed memory resulting in misbehavior of radio buttons
and a possible crash
Wed Dec 5 23:26:55 MET 2007 mikulas:
Make it run without Cygwin environment (only with Cygwin DLLs)
Workaround for flaws in Cygwin Unix emulation:
SIGWINCH is sometimes lost
Signal handlers write to a pipe and it should wake select() up,
sometimes, it doesn't
exec("") crashes Windows 98 when some sockets are
Wed Dec 5 18:05:00 MET 2007 mikulas:
Do not search for compressed-file extension (.gz, .bz2) in URLs
containing '?', '&' or ';' --- they are likely scripts and they should
provide information about compression in the header.
Tue Dec 4 04:09:51 MET 2007 mikulas:
When the document was truncated to zero size on reload and no data were
received, links didn't invalidate formatted document cache
Wed Nov 7 00:20:12 MET 2007 mikulas:
Accept capital 'X' as a hex number mark in html entities
Fri Nov 2 19:53:01 MET 2007 mikulas:
Do not print links to stylesheet to the document
Fri Nov 2 19:52:22 MET 2007 mikulas:
Slightly improve parsing of ftp --- when the line contains "<DIR>", we
can assume that it is a directory
Tue Oct 30 21:22:27 cet 2007 mikulas:
Previous release didn't compile on OS/2 due to missing SIGCONT
=== RELEASE 2.1pre31 ===
Sat Oct 27 02:52:07 CEST 2007 mikulas:
Some newer Linuxes unfortunatelly do not send SIGCONT when running
process is brougt to foreground with 'fg' command. So implement 0.5s
polling to test if we're on foreground.
Wed Oct 24 03:41:19 MET 2007 mikulas:
Do not request compression for files with .Z, .gz or .bz2 suffix
--- some servers will compress them again
Wed Oct 24 03:16:43 MET 2007 mikulas:
Support HTTP/0.9 (without header)
Mon Oct 22 18:35:16 MET 2007 mikulas:
In case of non-restartable connection, proceed with the connection
even if the server is on blacklist
Mon Oct 22 02:00:13 MET 2007 mikulas:
An option to disallow non-proxy connections (for anonymization via tor
or similar services)
Sat Oct 20 22:08:02 MET 2007 mikulas:
Turn off compression if the server closes the connection prematurely
Some servers errorneously send the size of uncompressed data
Sat Oct 13 18:19:45 MET 2007 mikulas:
An option to disable compression. Disable compression automatically for
a given server if links receives errorneous compressed data
Mon Sep 17 03:59:33 CEST 2007 mikulas:
Break ansi aliasing on ICC 10 with -ipo
Empty function call was not enough to break it
Fri Sep 7 00:00:29 MET 2007 mikulas:
When the connection dies after the last received byte, do not send
"Range:" header in retry request --- servers don't like "Range" pointing
after the last byte
=== RELEASE 2.1pre30 ===
Mon Aug 6 04:01:05 MET 2007 mikulas:
Fixed security bug in pre29 (not in any previous versions):
special characters in URL could be passed to a shell when spawning
user viewer
Sat Jul 28 02:28:15 MET 2007 mikulas:
Fixed needlessly large selection boxes in graphics mode
Mon Jul 16 02:41:18 MET 2007 mikulas:
Release mouse when spawning OS shell or user viewers
=== RELEASE 2.1pre29 ===
Sun Jul 8 01:05:08 MET DST 2007 mikulas:
Fixed bad redraw of X window when Expose event come for some area while
scrolling different area
Sat Jul 7 04:06:52 cet 2007 mikulas:
Accept drive letters without file: prefix in OS/2 and Win32
Sat Jul 7 03:50:27 cet 2007 mikulas:
Use _getcwd2 on OS/2 --- it returns path including the drive letter
Sat Jul 7 02:19:35 cet 2007 mikulas:
Set extension of downloaded or viewed files according to content-type,
not according to URL extension
Sun May 27 17:15:00 MET 2007 mikulas:
Fixed bad displaying of jpeg images on machines where memcpy operates in
different order
Sun May 27 14:06:41 MET DST 2007 mikulas:
Fixed crash on invalid jpeg files (found by Michael Scherer
<> with
Wed May 23 00:41:53 MET 2007 mikulas:
Do not send If-Modified-Since or Range in HTTP request if cached page
has an error code
Tue May 15 23:15:21 MET 2007 mikulas:
Fixed some quirks with download file handling --- when each terminal had
different CWD, downloaded files were not deleted
When getting EFBIG error (file size exceeded), continue download in
another file
Fri May 11 22:39:02 MET 2007 mikulas:
A possibility to pass HTTP or FTP URLs directly to external programs
(programs such as mpg321, ogg123, mplayer can play directly from the
Thu May 10 23:07:47 cet 2007 mikulas:
Fixed inability to display images compressed on the fly by the server
(it is pointless to try to compress already compressed images, but some
servers do it anyway)
Wed May 9 00:32:17 CEST 2007 mikulas:
Escape Referer: correctly
Wed May 9 00:32:09 CEST 2007 mikulas:
Fixed bug that it couldn't be compiled without optimization without
Mon Apr 30 03:48:40 cet 2007 mikulas:
Blacklist FORPSI server --- do not send Range: to it
Mon Apr 16 01:49:07 MET DST 2007 mikulas:
Javascript was removed. The reason is that it is very buggy, Martin
Pergel doesn't have time to develop it and code is so messy that no one
else can understand it.
If you use links for special purposes (embedded devices, etc.), you can
bring javascript back by copying javascript files from previous release,
removing "dnl javascript" lines from, adding *.c and *.h
files to and re-running automake and autoconf.
Javascript hooks from main code were not removed --- they just won't be
=== RELEASE 2.1pre28 ===
Wed Apr 11 01:39:36 cet 2007 mikulas:
Fixed a bug in decompression and javascript document.write introduced in
previous release (compressed data were displayed after document.write)
(BTW. because the javascript interpreter has bugs, Martin Pergel has not
time for it and the code is so messy that it couldn't be understand by
anyone else, javascript will likely be removed in next release)
=== RELEASE 2.1pre27 ===
Sat Apr 7 02:43:28 CEST 2007 mikulas:
Terminal resize, window title and clipboard support for Cygwin
Clipboard supports non-ascii characters badly, it is a limitation in
Wed Apr 4 23:19:00 MET 2007 Carles Pina i Estany <>:
Add more top-level domains
Sat Mar 31 03:02:40 CEST 2007 student:
win32.c file removed because in each new version of windows it doesn't
work. Don't even try to fix it unless you have computers with Windows
NT, Window 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista side by side.
(new Cygwin emulates xterm-like mouse on the console, so it's not needed
for mouse)
Cygwin sometimes doesn't send SIGWINCH, it is its bug, so I didn't try
to fix it in links. Press twice Alt-Enter if links doesn't notify window
size change
Sun Mar 25 22:26:41 MET 2007 mikulas:
Fixed bad behaviour of scrollbars on very large documents due to integer
Wed Mar 21 22:15:25 MET 2007 mikulas:
Support for zlib, gzip and bzip2 files
Wed Mar 21 04:37:42 MET 2007 mikulas:
Limit image scaling to prevent allocation overflow
Tue Feb 6 00:23:43 MET 2007 mikulas:
Allow quotation marks in Refresh URL parameter --- fixes Google Picasa
=== RELEASE 2.1pre26 ===
Tue Nov 28 23:13:38 MET 2006 mikulas:
Fixed severe security bug: '"' and ';' in smb:// url could be used for
remote command execution.
=== RELEASE 2.1pre25 ===
Wed Nov 22 23:55:21 MET 2006 mikulas:
DirectFB no longer causes internal error on unsupported color depth.
Normal error reporting and trying other drivers is be done.
Wed Nov 22 22:26:58 MET 2006 Jakub Bogusz <>:
Updated Polish Translation
Sun Nov 12 17:23:46 MET 2006 mikulas:
Fixed memory leak in http authentication
=== RELEASE 2.1pre24 ===
Mon Nov 6 02:13:48 cet 2006 mikulas:
Fixed incorrect page displayed when search string ended with space and
the word was last on page
Thu Oct 26 16:10:01 MET 2006 mikulas:
More strict parsing of ftp list, fixes
Sun Oct 15 22:55:28 MET DST 2006 mikulas:
Allow cookie path to point to file, not only directory
Wed Oct 11 00:17:27 MET DST 2006 mikulas:
Fixed quirk with displaying of links in text mode
Mon Oct 9 23:33:03 MET 2006 Jakub Bogusz <>:
Updated Polish translation
Mon Oct 9 21:55:24 MET 2006 Jindrich Makovicka <>:
Fixed memory corruption when redirecting URLs with user:password
Mon Sep 11 02:43:32 MET DST 2006 mikulas:
Test for socklen_t
Work without PF_INET (for Minix 3)
Cleaned up use of AF_ and PF_ constants
Sat Sep 9 00:05:16 MET 2006 mikulas:
Fixed double-to-string conversion for config files
Fri Aug 25 00:48:05 MET 2006 mikulas:
Parsing ftp directories starts to be difficult because fixing one bug
introduces other. Previous fix sometimes mistook size for year :-/
Sun Aug 20 05:06:57 cet 2006 mikulas:
Correctly translate character set of "label" attribute
Thu Aug 17 19:57:34 MET 2006 mikulas:
Fixed incremental loading of XBM images
Mon Aug 7 05:11:47 CEST 2006 Matthew Fischer <>:
Fixed Japanese fonts
Mon Jul 31 00:32:58 MET 2006 mikulas:
More cygwin fixes
=== RELEASE 2.1pre23 ===
Thu Jul 27 04:53:01 CEST 2006 mikulas:
Fixed pagedown and search bugs in braille terminal introduced in
Sun Jul 16 16:35:54 cet 2006 mikulas:
Link to "" redirects to current file rather than current directory
(fixes some forms)
Sun Jul 16 00:08:30 cet 2006 mikulas:
Better ftp directory parsing (process correctly file names starting with
Sat Jul 15 16:37:36 MET 2006 mikulas:
Bigger default textarea
Mon Jul 10 22:53:09 MET DST 2006 mikulas:
Use pkg-config to search for libpng and pcre
Tue Jun 27 23:50:43 cet 2006 mikulas:
Fixed display of multiple consecutive spaces when searching
Tue Jun 27 23:14:35 cet 2006 mikulas:
View &nbsp; as space when searching
Sun Jun 18 16:11:57 MET 2006 mikulas:
Command "kill background connections" aborts also keepalive connections
Sat Jun 17 21:43:01 cet 2006 mikulas:
Removed SDL support until someone fixes it.
Remaining bugs:
palette not installed with 256-color svgalib support
drawing doesn't synchronize with softcursor (seen on svgalib)
stupid keyboard handling (SDL has the ability to query
operating system keymap and translate keys to unicode
but this driver didn't use it)
doesn't support virtual devices with Alt-1 ... Alt-0, like
svgalib and framebuffer
reportedly crashes with sdl-1.2.10
If you want SDL support continued, take file sdl.c from previous
version of links, fix the above issues and resubmit it.
Sat Jun 17 21:08:04 cet 2006 mikulas:
Fixed exponential memory consumption with table cell colspan/rowspan
Sat Jun 17 20:30:49 cet 2006 mikulas:
Do not try to interpret <script src=...> if server returns HTTP error
Sat Jun 10 23:52:00 cet 2006 mikulas:
Decode %AB sequences in position tags
Fri Jun 9 18:32:55 cet 2006 mikulas:
Accept broken meta refresh tags (fixes
Fri Jun 9 02:14:42 MET 2006 mikulas:
Shift-Q exits without question
Sat Jun 3 21:47:19 cet 2006 mikulas:
Fixed a bug that <body onload=...> was not processed when there were no
other scripts on that page
Sat Jun 3 19:31:35 CEST 2006 mikulas:
Fixed crash in javascript regular expressions
Wed May 31 18:25:32 CEST 2006 mikulas
Fixed mouse in Cygwin
Allowed to run in xterm or rxvt in Cygwin
=== RELEASE 2.1pre22 ===
Wed May 24 20:03:59 MET DST 2006 mikulas:
sponsored by Alex Poylisher <>
Use 8-bit gamma correction on machines with slow FPU (or with FPU
emulation) --- this significantly reduces startup time
Fri May 12 04:23:58 MET DST 2006 Lech Lorens <>:
Optional scrollbars in frames
Sat Apr 29 18:06:05 CEST 2006 clock:
Implemented porn mode (bare image autoscaling aka fullscreen).
Sat Apr 29 12:45:07 CEST 2006 clock:
Fixed ignorance of aspect ratio for images where only one dimension
is specified.
Thu Apr 27 03:08:27 MET 2006 mikulas:
Fixed crash when deleting item at the top of the window in bookmarks
or associations or extensions
Thu Apr 20 18:27:07 MET 2006 mikulas:
Ignore space at the end of url
Wed Apr 5 04:28:09 cet 2006 mikulas:
Fixed memory leak on image with no src attribute and usemap attribute
Tue Apr 4 00:37:49 MET 2006 mikulas:
Support 4th and 6th mouse button on svgalib
=== RELEASE 2.1pre21 ===
Sun Apr 2 19:37:50 MET 2006 mikulas:
Fixed some quirks when URL contained multiple '#' characters
Sun Apr 2 19:08:45 MET 2006 mikulas:
Better parsing of FTP directories (fixes Quick 'n Easy FTP Server)
Sun Apr 2 17:10:30 CEST 2006 mikulas:
Fixed javascript memory leak on
The bug was due to namespace containing reference to itself
PerM is really a programmer pig. After writing namespace allocation and
initialization 39 times, he didn't even consider making it function :-(
Thu Mar 30 20:36:39 cet 2006 mikulas:
Location: field in HTTP reply is now allowed to contain position
specification '#'
Thu Mar 23 15:20:22 CET 2006 mikulas:
Do not send Accept-Language to a buggy Netscape-Enterprise server
Do not send "en" language twice in Accept-Language
Mon Mar 20 01:14:58 MET 2006 mikulas:
Changes license to allow linking with OpenSSL
Sun Mar 19 03:07:32 MET 2006 mikulas:
Support &#10;, &#13; and &#9;
Sat Mar 11 04:08:15 MET 2006 mikulas:
An option to turn off IP type-of-service (some misconfigured firewalls
drop packets with it)
Mon Mar 6 17:27:27 MET 2006 mikulas:
When clicking on images with keyboard, submit point (1,1), not (0,0)
(work around another bug on
Submit value attribute with image
Sun Mar 5 21:07:38 MET 2006 mikulas:
Ignore percentual height specification in html (links took it relatively
to the height of the screen while other browsers interpreted it
relatively to the height of a table cell)
Sun Mar 5 20:47:23 MET 2006 mikulas:
Make multipart boundary format compatible with Netscape (unfortunatelly
there are buggy servers that depend on it --- for example
Do not send Content-Type when there's no file to upload
Wed Mar 1 01:01:36 MET 2006 Andrei Paskevich <>:
Fix tokenizer of javascript when it encounters 0xff character
Tue Feb 28 01:46:18 cet 2006 mikulas:
OS/2 Pmshell gui: Ignore mouse-move events if mouse position stays the
same. Mozilla is somehow generating these events when its javascript
runs and it disrupts links
Mon Feb 27 05:24:28 cet 2006 mikulas:
Make textarea wrapping default (compatible with Mozilla, Netscape has
default no wrapping)
Sat Feb 11 02:26:24 cet 2006 mikulas:
More bug-compatible parsing of superfluous quotation marks
Sun Feb 5 21:11:49 MET 2006 mikulas:
Fixed some quirks when searching in associations or extensions ---
search sometimes didn't find anything (depending on random memory)
and window was not properly redrawn
Sun Feb 5 20:15:38 MET 2006 mikulas:
Fixed crash when bookmarks window was opened after changing bookmarks
Sun Feb 5 18:54:52 MET 2006 mikulas:
Case-insensitive search of all characters
Wed Jan 25 16:26:35 MET 2006 mikulas:
Fixed some quirks in graphics user interface:
selection didn't work when javascript was not compiled in
right mouse button didn't display menu when text was selected
serch text temporarily disappeared when user clicked on it
middle button didn't click on scrollbars
Wed Jan 25 05:18:08 CET 2006 mikulas:
Updated manpage
Mon Jan 23 18:22:41 MET 2006 mikulas:
Fixed textarea content corruption due to overlapping areas in memcpy
Thu Jan 19 18:13:52 MET 2006 mikulas:
Disallow access to proxy:// urls from user interface
(they are internal-only)
Thu Jan 19 17:57:13 MET 2006 mikulas:
Accept urls http://host.domain#position
Sun Jan 15 16:29:19 MET 2006 mikulas:
Find X-window in X11R7 directory
Sun Jan 15 05:51:13 MET 2006 mikulas:
Preserve config, history and bookmarks in case of IO error (including
full disk)
Fri Dec 30 17:31:26 MET 2005 mikulas:
Guess content-type by extension on misconfigured servers that
return text/plain or application/octet-stream
Thu Dec 29 23:35:32 MET 2005 Jakub Bogusz <>:
Updated Polish translation
Thu Dec 22 15:14:00 MET 2005 mikulas:
Discard mouse events while user viewer is in foreground (but due to some
quirks in gpm/svgalib, it may still produce spurious mouse-click events)
Thu Dec 22 13:36:38 MET 2005 mikulas:
Fixed bug with downloads and cyclic redirects (now, as when loading
real documents, it turns off cache and displays error if it doesn't
=== RELEASE 2.1pre20 ===
Wed Dec 7 21:21:18 MET 2005 E. Rosten <>:
Blocklist blocks all accesses, not only images
Wed Dec 7 00:41:09 MET 2005 mikulas:
Fixed proper position after go-back if the file was not in cache
Fixed incorrect initial position on some pages with long tables during
viewing while loading
Fixed some quirks with Braille terminal and jumping by words
-dump -html-numbered-links 1 prints links' locations
Tue Nov 29 00:36:24 MET 2005 mikulas:
Do not load too big files on background (maximum size is cache size / 4)
Mon Nov 28 01:49:54 MET 2005 mikulas:
Restore terminal attributes on fatal errors
Sun Nov 27 22:35:25 CET 2005 mikulas:
Allowed download of files larger than 2G
Thu Nov 24 18:17:38 MET 2005 Konstantin <>:
Regular expressions for javascript
Sat Nov 19 18:57:04 MET 2005 mikulas:
Allow cookies with "secure" parameter
Cookies without path act as if path was "/" instead of current directory
Sat Nov 12 23:34:13 cet 2005 mikulas:
Remove username and password from referer
An option to send real referer only to the same server
Sat Nov 12 20:37:06 MET 2005 mikulas:
Allow user and password in http url --- http://user:password@host/
Wed Nov 9 20:20:45 MET 2005 mikulas:
In graphics mode, prefer "title" to "alt" in <img> tag
Thu Nov 3 00:22:18 MET 2005 mikulas:
Status line is redrawn only when it changes --- prevents cursor flicker
Wed Nov 2 15:36:17 MET 2005 mikulas:
Do not use HTTP/1.1 on lighttpd server
Mon Oct 24 22:19:33 CEST 2005 mikulas:
Account document.write content to javascript memory quota
Print javascript memory in "memory info" dialog window
Mon Oct 24 16:32:40 MET 2005 mikulas:
Recognise "title" attribute in <LINK> tag
Mon Oct 24 16:23:41 MET 2005 mikulas:
Accept application/xhtml as html type
Sun Oct 23 03:38:48 cet 2005 mikulas:
Allow usemap and ismap on images simultaneously
Sat Oct 22 17:16:52 MET 2005 Rezzie <>:
Updated Indonesian translation
Fri Oct 21 15:58:56 MET 2005 mikulas:
Thu Oct 20 03:30:48 MET DST 2005 mikulas:
Special handling for relative URLs beginning with '&' or '?'
Wed Oct 12 13:27:52 MET 2005 Jakub Bogusz <>:
Updated Polish translation
Tue Oct 11 17:23:26 MET 2005 mikulas:
An optional retry on internal server errors
Tue Oct 11 03:48:52 MET DST 2005 mikulas:
Get indenting of TAB character in UTF-8 documents right
Tue Oct 11 02:40:17 MET DST 2005 mikulas:
Better glob match that does not cause stack overflow
=== RELEASE 2.1pre19 ===
Fri Sep 9 00:37:42 CEST 2005 mikulas:
Fix crash when directory disappeared while opening it
Tue Sep 6 16:14:26 MET 2005 mikulas:
HTTP 307 redirect (as equivalent of 302)
Sun Aug 21 19:18:34 MET 2005 mikulas:
sponsored by Arida Technology (
Keyboard handlers in javascript
Inverted text
Tue Aug 9 16:06:38 MET DST 2005 Jakub Bogusz <>:
Updated Polish translation
Tue Aug 9 16:05:04 MET DST 2005 Jakub Bogusz <>:
Fixed memory corruption when passing parameters to framebuffer driver
Thu Aug 4 18:11:37 CEST 2005 mikulas:
Fixed compilation problem without javascript
=== RELEASE 2.1pre18 ===
Sat Jul 30 00:01:55 MET DST 2005 mikulas:
Fixed reverse numbering of form fields in javascript
Fri Jul 29 22:45:30 MET 2005 mikulas:
Fixed cursor position in bookmarks after HOME, END, PAGE UP, PAGE DOWN
Thu Jun 23 04:05:45 cet 2005 mikulas:
<sub>, <sup> and alignment images to top and middle of line
Wed Jun 22 18:15:11 MET 2005 mikulas:
Implemented <hr> in graphics mode
Mon Jun 20 15:57:00 cet 2005 mikulas:
Do not make whitechar-elimination on invisible form entries
Sat Jun 18 18:16:24 MET 2005 mikulas:
Allow '#' in smb files and directories
Fri Jun 17 23:10:24 MET 2005 Simen Graaten <>:
Updated Norwegian translation
Mon Jun 6 18:47:37 MET 2005 mikulas:
Do not respond to unknown authentication methods with basic response
Sun May 29 05:43:58 cet 2005 mikulas:
Do always use cache when going back
Sun May 22 21:03:16 MET 2005 mikulas:
Allow '#' in ftp password
Wed May 18 01:18:58 cet 2005 mikulas:
Allow image map elements without href and only with javascript
Thu May 12 04:15:43 MET 2005 mikulas:
Fixed crash with -anonymous and "frame at full-screen" in menu
Sun May 8 15:37:22 cet 2005 mikulas:
Fix lockup with terminal height only 1 or 2 characters
Fri May 6 20:06:50 MET 2005 mikulas:
Make '*' work in graphics mode too
Fixed badly displayed images when image displaying was toggled
Thu Apr 21 21:52:28 cet 2005 mikulas:
Do not count time that connection waits in queue
Fri Apr 15 17:37:51 MET 2005 mikulas:
Do not parse <TITLE> inside <SCRIPT>
Sat Apr 2 20:32:01 MET DST 2005 mikulas:
Workaround for bug in Sun C compiler
Fri Apr 1 00:21:39 MET DST 2005 mikulas:
Accept &#13; as line break in textarea (fixes bugzilla)
Thu Mar 24 04:06:53 MET 2005 Federico G. Schwindt <>:
Use MD5 functions from libc when available
Mon Mar 7 22:36:45 MET 2005 mikulas:
Support for another smb client --- smbc by Martin Zlomek
Wed Mar 2 23:39:30 CET 2005 mikulas:
Fixed crash of javascript with debuglevel<2 (uninitialized memory)
Fixed possible touching of data beyond allocated space in javascript
=== RELEASE 2.1pre17 ===
Wed Feb 23 19:46:01 MET 2005 mikulas:
Correct implementation of non-aggressive cache (i.e. allow more keywords
in Cache-Control
Wed Feb 23 18:36:52 MET 2005 mikulas:
Allow typing only characters valid in current character set into form
fields on web
Wed Feb 23 16:31:56 MET 2005 Serge Winitzki <serge at cosmos dot phy dot tufts dot edu>:
Updated Russian translation
Wed Feb 23 16:25:41 MET 2005 mikulas:
Allow cookies without a value
Mon Feb 14 13:15:00 MET 2005 mikulas:
When server returns cookie values as "deleted", delete it
Tue Feb 1 18:22:11 MET 2005 mikulas:
Fixed non-working find next/previous in view menu
Thu Jan 27 19:09:46 CET 2005 mikulas:
Fixed wrong prototypes causing compilation problem on MacOS X and some
other systems
Thu Jan 27 16:28:35 MET 2005 mikulas:
Fixed configure failure on Solaris
Thu Jan 27 00:23:09 CET 2005 Brain
javascript: set form action
=== RELEASE 2.1pre16 ===
Sat Jan 22 20:27:41 cet 2005 mikulas:
Fixed empty lines in lists in graphics mode
Sat Jan 22 04:40:28 cet 2005 mikulas:
On OS/2 use 8.3 temp names, allowing DOS viewers
Sat Jan 22 03:55:08 cet 2005 mikulas:
Send Accept-Language
Sat Jan 22 02:05:47 MET 2005 mikulas:
Display is scrolled to see the whole textarea when modifying it
Wed Jan 19 02:57:56 MET 2005 Jakub Bogusz <>:
Updated Polish translation
Wed Jan 19 01:39:44 MET 2005 mikulas:
-dump url
Completed option documentation in links -h
Sun Jan 16 23:57:58 MET 2005 mikulas:
Fixed bug in svgalib accelerator (tested for different operations)
Mon Jan 10 23:04:22 MET 2005 mikulas:
Support for border on framebuffer (use -mode left,top,right,bottom)
to set screen border
Sun Jan 2 20:46:18 MET 2005 Dieter <>:
Fix warnings on 64-bit machines
Sun Jan 2 20:39:51 MET 2005 Edward Rosten <>:
Block ad images
Sun Jan 2 18:51:15 cet 2005 mikulas:
Do not cache redirects if redirect loop is going to happen
Wed Nov 17 15:16:01 MET 2004 mikulas:
Support for mms:// urls
Tue Nov 16 15:18:55 MET 2004 mikulas:
Send content-type when uploading files
Tue Nov 9 00:12:05 MET 2004 mikulas:
^O to go to next form field in braill mode
Sun Oct 31 17:17:53 MET 2004 mikulas:
Correct jump at tag if it points to position, that moves during loading
Sat Oct 23 22:14:03 MET 2004 mikulas:
Disallow opening new windows in anonymous mode
Fri Oct 22 22:31:20 MET DST 2004 mikulas:
Fixed bugs discovered with mangleme:
memory leak with nested <select multiple name=n> tags
integer overflow in frame widths causes an internal error
internal error with base url only containing //
internal error with base url containing javascript:
fixed incorrect generating of title (does not cause crash, but excessive
memory allocation)
fixed some quadratic algorithms in title displaying
internal error with invalid codebase attribute in OBJECT tag
fixed quadratic algorithm in menu creating
Fri Oct 22 20:12:05 MET DST 2004 mikulas:
Cleaned up configure script, wrote some more replacements of non-present
Fri Oct 22 20:11:56 MET DST 2004 mikulas:
Fixed a lot of cases where overflowed integer arithmetic could cause
memory allocation corruption
Sat Oct 16 21:38:00 MET 2004 mikulas:
Allow browsing local and ftp files with '#' in filename
Mon Oct 11 01:26:54 CEST 2004 Karel Karlik <>:
Fixed framebuffer in 15 and 16-bit modes
Wed Oct 6 00:39:27 MET 2004 mikulas:
Improved parsing of ftp directories in Windows NT format
Sun Oct 3 17:37:32 MET 2004 mikulas:
Correct reporting of error on ftp directories
Sat Oct 2 04:29:40 MET 2004 mikulas:
Ctrl-U cuts into clipboard
Fri Oct 1 15:51:37 MET 2004 mikulas:
Display the whole page when connection to an image stucks
Thu Sep 23 18:47:11 MET 2004 mikulas:
Resolving of double '..' in references
Fri Sep 10 04:23:24 cet 2004 mikulas:
Correctly find file extension if '?' and ';' is in ftp file
Fri Sep 3 03:07:52 MET DST 2004 Wojciech Puchar <>:
Portability fixes for SunOS
Fri Sep 3 02:47:18 MET DST 2004 mikulas:
Fixed memory leak in http authentication
Wed Sep 1 19:08:46 MET DST 2004 Strahinya Radich <>:
Updated Serbian translation
Sun Aug 29 17:43:39 MET DST 2004 mikulas:
Fix crash when saving options in svgalib due to missing shell
Thu Jul 29 13:03:07 MET 2004 mikulas:
Allowed dots in extensions (for example "ps.gz")
Sun Jul 25 00:34:04 MET DST 2004 mikulas:
Allow Ctrl-Z in framebuffer driver
Sat Jul 24 14:56:13 MET DST 2004 mikulas:
Fixed an error when signal interrupted another syscall
Sat Jul 24 02:15:35 MET 2004 mikulas:
Fixed bad error codes because of errno modified by signal handler
Fri Jul 23 21:29:22 MET 2004 mikulas:
Fixed links stuck after Ctrl-Z when one code path lasted more than
1 second (because of pagefault, too high cpu load or similar)
Fri Jul 23 20:15:29 MET 2004 mikulas:
Fixed incorrectly displayed character entities (&) in attributes (img
alt, etc.)
Tue Jun 29 03:35:32 MET 2004 mikulas:
Fixed overflow when accessing local files >= 2G
Mon Jun 28 01:34:45 MET 2004 mikulas:
Ctrl-K cuts current line
Sat Jun 26 13:54:53 MET DST 2004 mikulas:
Send Content-Type when uploading files
Sat Jun 26 02:24:32 MET 2004 mikulas:
y and t move word forward and backward in braille terminal
Sat Jun 26 00:35:17 MET 2004 mikulas:
Resolve dot-number IP address on systems when gethostbyname and
gethostbyaddr can't resolve it
Mon Jun 21 15:02:25 MDT 2004 mpat7421:
Fixed compilation problems on Irix
Sun Jun 20 18:49:53 MET DST 2004 mikulas:
Posting of <option> fields in correct charset
Sun Jun 20 15:58:08 MET DST 2004 Sam <>:
SDL graphics driver
Sat Jun 19 18:10:05 MET 2004 mikulas:
Fixed case when '&' entities or special characters were in ftp or disk
Sat Jun 19 18:09:50 MET 2004 mikulas:
Fixed compilation problem on AIX
Thu Jun 17 20:32:59 MET DST 2004 mikulas:
Correct handling of Ctrl-Z when executing user viewer
Fri Jun 11 03:17:20 MET 2004 mikulas:
Fixed incorrect error handling in smb
Sun Jun 6 03:12:00 MET 2004 mikulas:
Allow '@' in ftp password in url
Thu Jun 3 22:39:24 MET 2004 mikulas:
Allow characters >= 128 in ftp filenames
Fri May 28 15:40:35 CEST 2004 mikulas
Handling URLs in form http://host?params
Mon May 17 17:10:22 MET DST 2004 Serge Winitzki <serge at cosmos dot phy dot tufts dot edu>:
Updated German and Russian localization
=== RELEASE 2.1pre15 ===
Wed Apr 28 17:08:38 CEST 2004 BRain
KEYS: overview of all keys
Tue Apr 6 21:27:36 CEST 2004 mikulas:
Support for braille terminal
Sun Apr 4 04:45:28 MET DST 2004 Kalev Lember <>:
Updated Estonian translation
Fri Apr 2 00:01:44 MET DST 2004 mikulas:
More svgalib modes added
Wed Mar 24 15:50:09 CET 2004 mikulas:
Cursor on selected line in bookmarks (for Braille terminals)
Mon Mar 15 17:26:02 MET 2004 Vladimir Marek <>:
Fixed --disable-graphics and --disable-javascript
Wed Mar 3 19:49:52 CET 2004 BRain
Fixed encoding bug in javascript when modifying form element value and
default value.
Wed Mar 3 18:43:05 CET 2004 mikulas:
Fixed crash when document changes under us and user presses 'd'
Tue Feb 24 23:26:10 cet 2004 mikulas:
Fixed crash when pressed '=' on page with incomplete frames
Mon Feb 23 01:37:44 cet 2004 mikulas:
Do not strip filename when relative url begins with '?'
Sun Feb 15 17:46:53 cet 2004 mikulas:
SSL fix on OS/2
Sat Feb 14 21:09:45 MET 2004 mikulas:
Do not timeout when file upload lasts too long
Thu Feb 12 16:22:23 CET 2004 mikulas:
Terminal mouse handling returned back before change from
Thu Oct 9 16:44:10 GMT 2003
Mon Feb 2 17:28:31 cet 2004 BRain
Copy and paste to clipboard
Sun Feb 8 20:00:50 cet 2004 BRain & mikulas:
Selecting text to clipboard
Sun Feb 8 18:04:48 CET 2004 mikulas:
Allow '?' instead of '/' as separator of host and path in url
Sat Feb 7 22:55:39 MET 2004 BRain:
Ask for overwrite when file exists.
Sun Feb 1 04:40:55 MET 2004 mikulas:
Fixed memory leak with read-only select boxes
Sun Jan 18 02:10:03 cet 2004 mikulas:
textarea wrap=hard
Wed Jan 7 10:58:29 MET 2004 BRain:
Added language hints to encodings.
Thu Jan 1 18:54:50 MET 2004 mikulas:
Strip '#' of tag names
Tue Dec 30 01:15:54 MET 2003 mikulas:
Disallow network options in anonymous mode
Tue Dec 30 01:12:15 MET 2003 mikulas:
Fixed wrong error code and fd leak on error when uploading files
Tue Dec 30 00:58:41 MET 2003 mikulas:
Fixed incorrect parsing of '&' entities in image maps
Thu Dec 18 17:20:10 MET 2003 mikulas:
Do not hang when opening filo with file://
Tue Dec 16 13:29:35 MET 2003 mikulas:
Fixed crash when url contains character with code 1
Fixed a security bug --- hiding url was possible with character code 1
Sun Dec 14 22:39:27 MET 2003 Eduard Werner <>:
Updated Upper Sorbian translation
Updated Polish translation
Sun Dec 14 15:06:00 cet 2003 mikulas:
Allow urls: file:///d:/directory/file on OS/2
Thu Dec 11 23:37:50 MET 2003 mikulas:
Fixed proxy sent in referrer
Thu Dec 11 17:31:59 MET 2003 Eduard Werner <>:
Upper Sorbian translation
Mon Dec 8 02:41:38 MET 2003 Petr Baudis <>:
Fixed user in smb
Sun Dec 7 12:44:10 cet 2003 mikulas:
Support directories without '/' at the end on just another ftp server
Sun Nov 30 01:03:55 MET 2003 Petr Baudis <>:
Do not call memset from signal handler
Sun Nov 30 00:22:04 MET 2003 Marc Zonzon <>:
Disable AC_BIG_ENDIAN and AC_LITTLE_ENDIAN name clash
Use pkg-config to find openssl
Wed Nov 26 22:52:25 MET 2003 mikulas:
Fixed signal-delivery delay
Sat Nov 22 23:11:41 MET 2003 mikulas:
Fixed crash in view_gr.c when displaying source
Sat Nov 22 23:07:46 MET 2003 mikulas:
Fixed cache problems with long files in smb and when restarting http
Fri Nov 21 02:46:24 MET 2003 mikulas:
Removed useless reallocs, speed up rendering
Wed Nov 19 00:14:11 MET 2003 mikulas:
Do not send more Authorization headers
Detect infinite loop in authorization responses
Tue Nov 18 15:59:14 GMT 2003 mikulas:
FreeBSD frames
=== RELEASE 2.1pre14 ===
Wed Nov 5 03:43:33 MET 2003 Wojciech Puchar <>:
SunOS 4 portability fixes
Thu Oct 30 11:10:26 MET 2003 Brain:
Fixed bug with moving bookmark directory into itself
Search in bookmarks, extensions and associations
Mon Oct 27 23:28:32 MET 2003 mikulas:
FTP rest was broken after passive FTP
Mon Oct 27 21:43:55 MET 2003 mikulas:
Support for smb:// urls. smbclient must be installed
Mon Oct 27 02:51:46 MET 2003 mikulas:
Support for incomplete pasv addresses
Sun Oct 26 15:37:13 MET 2003 mikulas:
Fixed blank page instead of directory redirect when using passive ftp
Sat Oct 25 02:53:27 cet 2003 mikulas:
Do not send first ftp command until head is received
Wed Oct 22 23:41:07 MET DST 2003 Andrei Paskevich <>:
Image view & download with 'i', '*' to change inlined image display
Wed Oct 22 21:00:28 MET DST 2003 mikulas:
Display image names
Wed Oct 22 17:12:23 MET DST 2003 mikulas:
Better parsing of ftp directories
Tue Oct 21 13:39:04 MET DST 2003 mikulas:
Fixed authorization not working when file was in top directory
Mon Oct 20 16:33:47 GMT 2003 Serge Winitzki <serge at cosmos dot phy dot tufts dot edu>:
Updated Russian translation
Mon Oct 13 21:42:39 MET DST 2003 mikulas:
Allow broken html tags with '=' inside
Mon Oct 13 03:58:59 MET DST 2003 mikulas:
Do not retry DNS failures
=== RELEASE 2.1pre13 ===
Thu Oct 9 22:37:06 MET DST 2003 mikulas:
Fixed possibility that invalid communication on socket could crash links
Thu Oct 9 16:44:10 GMT 2003 mikulas:
Do not print 1000l on FreeBSD console on exit
Tue Oct 7 18:38:48 GMT 2003 mikulas:
Fixed passive FTP, added option to fast FTP
Mon Oct 6 00:29:56 cet 2003 mikulas:
Print host name in HTTP auth dialog
Sun Oct 5 22:35:21 MET DST 2003 Brain:
Passive FTP.
Fri Oct 3 23:02:59 MET DST 2003 mikulas:
Fixed incorrect truncating of file on 304 reply
Fri Oct 3 21:22:11 MET DST 2003 Serge Winitzki <serge at cosmos dot phy dot tufts dot edu>:
Updated Russian translation
Russian letters
Changed translation of Russian letters into 7bit ascii
Thu Oct 2 23:29:47 cet 2003 mikulas:
Basic HTTP authentication (sponsored PerMov^(TM))
Sun Sep 28 06:05:05 CEST 2003 mikulas:
Fixed aliasing problem on gcc 3.31
Fri Sep 26 00:17:04 cet 2003 mikulas:
Do not set timeout in DNS lookup and connection making
Thu Sep 25 01:10:25 cet 2003 mikulas:
Fixed PmShell quirks in keyboard handling
Thu Sep 25 00:37:12 cet 2003 mikulas:
Fixed screen sometimes not updating highlighted link
=== RELEASE 2.1pre12 ===
Sun Sep 14 20:28:13 MET DST 2003 mikulas:
Fixed memory leak with Content-Type at http.c:37
Sun Sep 14 19:57:48 MET DST 2003 mikulas:
Workaround broken cfmakeraw on AIX
Mon Sep 1 20:18:35 MET DST 2003 Brain:
Users can enter own shell command for executing external programs.
Mon Sep 1 16:21:28 MET DST 2003 Brain:
Commands in X are executed in xterm, not on console.
Sun Aug 31 23:51:58 MET DST 2003 mikulas:
Do not send Range on refresh
Sun Aug 31 21:33:48 MET DST 2003 Brain
More information on image files in Info menu.
Sat Aug 30 01:04:33 MET DST 2003 Brain
Allow opening of a link in a new window (target="_blank").
Fri Aug 29 19:30:35 MET DST 2003 Strahinya Radich <>:
Serbian translation
Fri Aug 29 11:51:11 MET DST 2003 Brain
Added "id" attribute to the <img> tag.
Sun Aug 17 02:24:51 MET DST 2003 Strahinya Radich <>:
Serbian Cyrillic letters
Thu Jul 17 19:39:30 MET DST 2003 Varga Balazs <>:
Updated Hungarian translation
Sat Jul 5 13:54:27 MET DST 2003 zas <>:
Table frame and rules when no border attribute present
Thu Jul 3 15:18:20 cet 2003 mikulas:
Fixed spelling errors found by Francois Gouget's program
Wed Jun 25 17:12:56 MET DST 2003 mikulas:
Fixed crash in frames introduced in Tue Jun 17 23:15:46 MET DST 2003
Sun Jun 22 01:43:41 cet 2003 mikulas:
Add slash after URLs like ftp://host:1234
Tue Jun 17 23:15:46 MET DST 2003 mikulas:
Anchors allowed in frame locations
Mon Jun 16 16:17:06 cet 2003 mikulas:
No char with code 13 when pasting in OS/2
Thu Jun 12 20:11:01 cet 2003 mikulas:
Aggressive cache is in cache dialog, not in HTTP bugs dialog
Thu Jun 12 19:58:42 cet 2003 mikulas:
302 redirects are not cached
Fixed redirect left after reloading cached document
Do not send "Range" when cache expires
Wed May 28 02:45:06 cet 2003 mikulas:
Fixed some languages (removed name ELinks)
Wed May 28 02:05:07 cet 2003 Serge Winitzki <serge at cosmos dot phy dot tufts dot edu>:
Updated Russian localization
Tue May 27 22:51:57 cet 2003 mikulas:
Fixed \001 in bookmarks and window title when title contained 0xa0
Sat May 24 23:24:46 cet 2003 mikulas:
Fixed bug that can't happen in select_mainmenu
Sat May 24 18:50:35 cet 2003 mikulas:
Fixed numbers on links not consistent with internal order. Still not
perfect but better than it used to be.
=== RELEASE 2.1pre11 ===
Thu May 22 02:58:00 MET DST 2003 mikulas:
Correct parse_http_date (sponsored by Awite Bioenergie
<> )
Thu May 22 02:57:52 MET DST 2003 mikulas:
Non-aggressive cache (sponsored by Awite Bioenergie
<> )
Wed May 21 23:26:08 cet 2003 mikulas:
Refresh (sponsored by Awite Bioenergie <> )
Wed May 21 19:38:29 MET DST 2003 Thomas Klausner <>
Support for 16-bit 565 RGB big endian
Fix for 24-bit RGB big endian
=== RELEASE 2.1pre10 ===
Sun May 18 12:20:48 MET DST 2003 Brain:
HTML entities in bookmark file
Sat May 17 21:58:32 MET DST 2003 Brain:
Manual/automatic javascript action confirmation (sponsored by Awite
Bioenergie <> )
Sat May 10 23:15:24 cet 2003 Daniel Berlin <>:
Cookies can contain whitespace (fixes bugzilla)
Sat May 10 19:39:09 cet 2003 mikulas:
Fixed cookie not used when parsing of expiration date fails
Wed May 7 21:31:38 MET DST 2003 Sergey Karpov <>:
Fixed image alt displayed in incorrect codepage
Mon May 5 19:22:17 MET DST 2003 Tamas Gervai <>:
Links icons
Fri May 2 08:27:01 MET DST 2003 Brain:
Submit/clean form in link menu of form elements
=== RELEASE 2.1pre9 ===
Wed Feb 26 19:43:00 CET 2003 mikulas:
Fixed unability to move out of textarea
Mon Apr 21 19:08:08 cet 2003 mikulas:
99 max connections
Mon Apr 14 23:41:14 MET DST 2003 mikulas:
Connected frame lines
Mon Apr 14 22:25:15 MET DST 2003 Guido Schimmels <>:
Updated German translation
Fri Apr 11 22:07:07 MET DST 2003 Karvinen Ilkka <>:
Updated Finnish translation
Fri Apr 11 22:01:29 MET DST 2003 "Anton 'Keeper' Kopyov" <>:
Updated Russian translation
Fri Apr 11 21:52:42 MET DST 2003 mikulas:
Convert '\' to '/' in HTTP requests (Windowz ruleeeeez)
Wed Apr 9 21:12:51 cet 2003 mikulas:
Allow relative redirects in downloads
Thu Mar 27 17:15:12 MET 2003 M<EFBFBD>ty<EFBFBD>s J<EFBFBD>nos <>:
Updated Hungarian translation
Thu Mar 20 19:31:54 MET 2003 Sven Neumann <>:
DirectFB graphics driver
Wed Mar 19 22:49:21 MET 2003 Andre Valente <>:
Portuguese translation
Wed Mar 19 20:58:12 MET 2003 mikulas:
Do not allow more same associations or extensions
Sat Mar 15 14:32:23 MET 2003 mikulas:
Option to not send Accept-Charset
Thu Mar 13 14:05:12 MET 2003 Miroslav Tichy <>:
Added several Greek letter pictures.
Thu Feb 27 18:26:15 MET 2003 mikulas:
Coords in usemap can contain decimal point
Thu Feb 27 18:14:11 MET 2003 Serge Winitzki <serge at cosmos dot phy dot tufts dot edu>:
Updated Russian localization
=== RELEASE 2.1pre8 ===
Wed Feb 19 21:56:32 cet 2003 mikulas:
Use arrow keys to select links in graphics mode
Tue Feb 18 23:50:00 cet 2003 mikulas:
Upload files in BINARY mode on OS/2
Sun Feb 9 22:12:19 MET 2003 mikulas:
Max tries 0 means unlimited retries
Mon Feb 8 03:25:39 MET DST 2001 Serge Winitzki <serge at cosmos dot phy dot tutfs dot edu>:
Updated russian translation
Wed Feb 5 12:13:35 MET 2003 mikulas:
parse_element rewritten to be faster because it is most used function
Wed Feb 5 11:53:37 MET 2003 mikulas:
Use hash for cache of table cell sizes -- improves performance
Wed Feb 5 11:15:57 MET 2003 mikulas:
Do not display '0xa0' on terminal
Wed Feb 5 10:55:58 MET 2003 mikulas:
Do not put characters <= 0x20 to HTTP request
Fri Jan 10 12:12:08 CET 2003 Stanson <>
Clipboard pasting into links (works from all applications).
Thu Jan 9 16:05:11 CET 2003 mikulas
Fixed file uploading bug.
Fri Jan 3 15:33:36 CET 2003 mikulas
Fixed usemap & image scaling
Wed Dec 18 18:38:38 CET 2002 Brain
Fixed bug in XBM parser.
Tue Dec 3 18:55:05 CET 2002 Brain
"Kill all connections" function.
Fri Nov 29 15:02:44 CET 2002 Brain
"Abort and delete file" button in download window.
Wed Nov 27 23:32:37 CET 2002 Brain
Save bookmarks in File menu
Wed Nov 20 12:22:42 CET 2002 Ludvik Tesar <>, Brain
URL to clipboard copying in X.
Mon Nov 18 13:29:56 CET 2002 mikulas
Fixed an overflow in search
Tue Nov 12 23:51:36 CET 2002 Brain
Bookmark saving on "Save options"
Mon Nov 11 16:30:27 CET 2002 mikulas
Apage Coyote added to list of buggy http/1.1 servers
=== RELEASE 2.1pre7 ===
Fri Nov 8 15:31:06 CET 2002 Clock
Regenerated font_include.c to comply with the
=== RELEASE 2.1pre6 ===
Sun Nov 3 11:04:26 CET 2002 Clock
Fixed invalid Unicode/cp1252.cp which caused 2.1pre5 to
be uncompilable
=== RELEASE 2.1pre5 ===
Wed Oct 30 17:22:26 CET 2002 Koblinger Egmont <>
Updated Hungarian translation
Sun Oct 27 18:02:49 CEST 2002 Brain
Fixed terrible keyboard bug in X.
Tue Oct 22 18:21:36 CEST 2002 mikulas
Fixed a crash on svgalib in check_keepalive_connections
Mon Oct 14 17:10:52 CEST 2002 Alexander Udalov <>
Better Cyrillic characters.
Mon Oct 14 11:00:17 CEST 2002 Yevgeny Gromov <>
Belarusian translation updated and new charset koi8_ru
=== RELEASE 2.1pre4 ===
Mon Sep 30 13:22:34 cet 2002 Wojciech Bojdol <>
Polish translation update.
Mon Sep 30 11:37:05 cet 2002 William Yodlowsky <>
SSL patch for Solaris and other systems without /dev/random
Mon Sep 30 10:05:39 cet 2002 Josef Schugt <>, Brain
Links-now button.
Tue Sep 24 19:18:22 CEST 2002 Yevgeny Gromov <>
Belarusian translation
Fri Sep 20 13:58:10 cet 2002 Brain, PerM
Wed Sep 18 19:09:52 cet 2002 Brain
Swaped open and closed folder symbol in bookmarks.
Wed Sep 18 9:30:15 cet 2002 Brain:
Fixed Solaris keyboard translation bug.
=== RELEASE 2.1pre3 ===
Wed Sep 11 13:29:25 cet 2002 PerM:
2 bugfixes in Javascript - first segfault in for(a in b), second
caused segfault by return this; construction.
Mon Aug 26 23:39:07 cet 2002 Brain
Icon name is set in X
Tue Aug 20 10:54:32 cet 2002 Brain:
Fixed associations bug
Mon Jul 22 09:00:23 cet 2002 Jordan DeLong <>:
Fixed occasional paste bug
Sun Jul 21 22:37:21 cet 2002 Brain:
Euro entity
Mon Jul 16 11:45:17 cet 2002 Chris Lightfoot:
\xab parsing as hex-number in Javascript
=== RELEASE 2.1pre2 ===
Sat Jun 29 02:41:50 cet 2002 mikulas:
Use filesystem prealloc on OS/2 - it prevents fragmentation of
downloaded files
Sat Jun 29 02:41:29 cet 2002 mikulas:
Fixed shoting to memory with javascript and input fields
Tue Jun 25 20:18:00 MET DST 2002 mikulas:
Do not call gethostbyaddr when name is not ip address (it should avoid
some useless nameserver queries)
Sun Jun 23 13:35:56 MET DST 2002 mikulas:
-I/usr/local/include was removed (it was needed for some misconfigured
OpenBSD, but it doesn't work with gcc 3.1).
Sun Jun 23 13:13:03 MET DST 2002 mikulas:
Fixed a delay on quit until async lookup terminates
Wed Jun 19 10:41:51 MET DST 2002 brain:
Floating point numbers in configure file are stored with '.' even on
systems with ',' in locales.
Wed Jun 19 10:13:52 MET DST 2002 brain:
Line length fix on framebuffer.
Mon Jun 17 17:44:21 MET DST 2002 Richard Pecl <>:
Use threads on windows
Mon Jun 17 15:28:35 MET DST 2002 mikulas:
New domain names
Mon Jun 17 15:00:38 MET DST 2002 Denis Lackovic <>:
Croatian translation
Mon Jun 17 10:20:03 MET DST 2002 brain:
Small change in x.c to work on some 8-bit displays.
=== RELEASE 2.1pre1 ===
Tue Jun 11 14:23:52 MET DST 2002 brain:
Fixed mem_free(NULL) in x.c:1001
=== RELEASE 2.0 ===
Mon Jun 10 01:15:33 MET DST 2002 mikulas:
Fixed FP-exception on Alpha
Tue Jun 4 20:19:33 CEST 2002 mpat7421:
C aliasing bugs fixed in lists
Tue Jun 4 19:02:17 CEST 2002 brain:
Fixed crash on 16 color modes in X
Tue Jun 4 16:25:31 CEST 2002 brain:
Fixed problem with colors on X with big endian, 24bits/4bytes, 0xff0000
0xff00 0xff R G B mask
Mon Jun 3 23:28:25 CEST 2002 Jonas Fonseca <>:
Updated danish translation
Mon Jun 3 23:25:04 CEST 2002 mpat7421:
Fixed crash in text-mode html renderer
=== RELEASE 2.0pre6 ===
Thu May 30 22:41:43 MET DST 2002 "Varga Bal<EFBFBD>zs" <>:
Updated Hungarian translation
=== RELEASE 2.0pre5 ===
Tue May 28 18:00:43 CEST 2002 clock:
fixed segfault on big 16-bit png's (when gamma table is
=== RELEASE 2.0pre4 ===
Sun May 26 23:53:31 CEST 2002 brain:
Fixed bug in TIFF's with odd height on big endian
machines (white line in half of the height)
Sun May 26 10:14:49 CEST 2002 clock:
Fixed bad decoding of 16-bit PNG's on big endian
platforms and platforms where unsigned short has
different size than 2 chars.
Sat May 25 18:47:33 CEST 2002 clock:
Fixed bad dithering on big endian and depth=130
Optimized startup (1/2 of former count of float exponentiations)
Fri May 24 22:04:38 CEST 2002 brain:
Fixed several C incompatibilities to compile on MIPSpro Compilers,
Version (problems noticed by Heiko Schlichting
Fri May 24 22:00:00 CEST 2002 PerM:
Changed debugging system in ipret.c and builtin.c
Fri May 24 20:12:19 CEST 2002 brain:
Fixed segfault in js_upcall_set_image_src
Thu May 23 22:21:03 CEST 2002 brain:
Bugfix in name resolving in JS
Frame->top upcall fixed
Removed possible null-pointer-dereferencing bugs in jsint.c
=== RELEASE 2.0pre3 ===
Thu May 23 18:13:25 CEST 2002 PerM:
Bugfix in function program(), added document to
frames and several other creeping features.
Thu May 23 16:28:20 CEST 2002 clock:
Fixed a bug in around libpng
Thu May 23 15:23:10 CEST 2002 brain:
Added calibration into help menu
=== RELEASE 2.0pre2 ===
Thu May 23 08:47:13 CEST 2002 clock:
Now compiles with libpng-1.2.2, which has got
libpng/png.h instead of png.h
Wed May 22 21:47:27 CEST 2002 brain:
Fixed frame->top upcall bug
Wed May 22 19:02:36 CEST 2002 brain:
Fixed referer bug (POST data in URL)
Wed May 22 14:39:58 CEST 2002 clock:
Moved fonts from 9 directories to just 5 to make font
matching faster during runtime.
=== RELEASE 2.0pre1 ===
Mon May 20 14:29:13 CEST 2002 Miroslav Rudisin <>:
Updated Slovak translation
Mon May 20 14:20:20 CEST 2002 brain:
Added X Window graphics driver
Javascript builtin functions
Remade the bookmarks
Mon May 20 14:20:10 CEST 2002 mikulas:
Rewritten for graphics
Added Atheos GUI graphics driver
Added PMShell graphics driver
Mon May 20 14:19:40 CEST 2002 clock:
Added fonts & images
Added SVGAlib graphics driver
Mon May 20 14:18:34 CEST 2002 perm:
Added Javascript
Sun Jul 23 16:30:23 MET DST 2000 mikulas:
Fixed crash on Unix when $HOME didn't exist
Mon Jul 17 23:36:20 cet 2000 mikulas:
OS/2: fixed "Process terminated by SIGPIPE" when user touched mouse
while exiting
=== RELEASE 0.97 ===
Fri May 10 02:35:31 MET DST 2002 mikulas:
Fixed another crash in OS/2 with empty clipboard
Fri May 10 00:35:47 MET DST 2002 Fabio Bonelli <>:
Fix deleted bookmarks when disk was full
Thu May 9 03:16:17 cet 2002 mikulas:
Fixed crash when CTRL-INS pressed in OS/2 and there was no selected link
Mon May 6 03:56:05 MET DST 2002 David O'Brien <>:
Mon May 6 02:18:00 MET DST 2002 mikulas:
Big forms are a bit faster
Mon May 6 02:08:04 MET DST 2002 mikulas:
Fixed few most obvious bugs in win32 support
Mon May 6 01:50:27 cet 2002 mikulas:
Swapeed x and y entries when reporting image in form
Mon May 6 00:38:04 cet 2002 mikulas:
END doesn't skip to next line when wrapping
Sun May 5 22:41:10 cet 2002 mikulas:
Do not recode invisible form values to display charset and back
Wed May 1 22:10:03 MET DST 2002 mikulas:
Do not strip '?' from url when method is POST
Sat Apr 27 18:23:02 MET DST 2002 mikulas:
Memory debugger disabled
Wed Apr 24 22:12:16 cet 2002 mikulas:
Treat LF as space in attributes
Tue Apr 23 00:38:24 MET DST 2002 Jonas Fonseca <>:
Danish translation
Sat Apr 20 23:01:27 MET DST 2002 mikulas:
Process broken html tags
Sat Apr 20 19:12:56 MET DST 2002 mikulas:
Ctrl-W selects last item in menu
Wed Apr 10 18:35:20 MET DST 2002 mikulas:
Fixed name clashes on MaxOS X
Mon Apr 8 01:57:04 MET DST 2002 mikulas:
^[[11m is selected as default
=== RELEASE 0.97pre12 ===
Sun Apr 7 17:41:10 cet 2002 mikulas:
Fixed internal error at
=== RELEASE 0.97pre11 ===
Thu Apr 4 20:12:12 cet 2002 mikulas:
Work around some subtle bug in OS/2. Create pipe before socket
=== RELEASE 0.97pre10 ===
Wed Apr 3 23:48:10 MET DST 2002 mikulas:
Fixed internal error: cell is now wider
=== RELEASE 0.97pre9 ===
Mon Apr 1 16:57:17 cet 2002 mikulas:
Fixes in af_unix
Mon Apr 1 16:25:43 cet 2002 mikulas:
Increase priority on OS/2
Thu Mar 28 00:30:39 cet 2002 Petr Baudis <>:
Fixed one leak when links came out of memory
=== RELEASE 0.97pre8 ===
Wed Mar 27 01:52:24 MET 2002 mikulas:
Ftp doesn't send more commands at once -- slower but safe with MS IIS or
Tue Mar 26 23:39:42 MET 2002 mikulas:
Do not swallow ' ' in filenames
Sun Mar 24 11:13:52 cet 2002 mikulas:
Fixed double newline when rendering lists: <li><p> xxx
Wed Mar 20 02:24:29 MET 2002 mikulas:
Fixed Ctrl-B binding
Wed Mar 20 02:24:26 MET 2002 mikulas:
va_end used
=== RELEASE 0.97pre7 ===
Sat Mar 16 03:06:52 MET 2002 mikulas:
Fixed files not displayed properly when there was reload request on
Sat Mar 16 02:49:17 MET 2002 mikulas:
??? -> \?\?\? (so that it is not recognised as trigraph)
Sat Mar 9 17:56:39 cet 2002 mikulas:
Do not print contents of posted data in 'downloads' menu
=== RELEASE 0.97pre6 ===
Wed Mar 6 01:11:33 MET 2002 mikulas:
Charset in values in <SELECT> tag
=== RELEASE 0.97pre5 ===
Mon Mar 4 14:26:39 MET 2002 mikulas:
Undefine UNIX on win32. Maybe it helps ... I don't know
Mon Mar 4 13:58:14 MET 2002 mikulas:
Fixed bad loading of imgmap
=== RELEASE 0.97pre4 ===
Sun Mar 3 23:14:58 MET 2002 mikulas:
Always trust 'Content-Length' when communicating with HTTP/1.1 server --
work around broken HTTP/1.1 servers that send Connection: close, but
keep the connection
Sun Mar 3 22:55:58 MET 2002 mikulas:
Handle encoding to utf-8 correctly
Sun Mar 3 22:01:43 cet 2002 mikulas:
Do not accept '<' without name as a tag
Sun Mar 3 21:05:10 MET 2002 Peter Naulls <>:
RiscOS support
Sun Mar 3 20:58:12 MET 2002 mikulas:
-dump does not stuck in redirect loops
Sun Mar 3 20:57:54 MET 2002 mikulas:
Test for dlopen in configure (openssl needs it)
Sun Mar 3 05:32:09 MET 2002 mikulas:
Fixed ESC timeout
Sun Mar 3 03:24:14 MET 2002 mikulas:
Input field is one char larger
Sat Mar 2 14:36:13 cet 2002 mikulas:
Report terminal size in User-Agent
Sat Mar 2 12:13:20 cet 2002 mikulas:
Improved performance of rendering nested tables
Tue Feb 26 03:26:43 cet 2002 mikulas:
Removed LONG_MIN, LONG_MAX because they were undefined on irix
Fri Feb 8 21:48:58 MET 2002 mikulas:
Fixed one case where 0 would go to the 'save formatted document' output
Fri Feb 8 09:21:33 MET 2002 Muhamad Faizal <>:
Indonesian translation
Mon Feb 4 22:58:38 MET 2002 mikulas:
Include <wait.h> if found
Mon Feb 4 14:52:36 MET 2002 mikulas:
#define __EXTENSIONS__ -- I hope it helps on SunOS
=== RELEASE 0.97pre3 ===
Mon Feb 4 13:55:56 MET 2002 mikulas:
Fix compile error
Sat Feb 2 03:10:20 MET 2002 Karvinen Ilkka <>:
Finnish translation
=== RELEASE 0.97pre2 ===
Wed Jan 30 13:16:30 cet 2002 mikulas:
Fix compile error when -lgpm works but gpm.h is not there
Wed Jan 30 13:15:38 cet 2002 Aldy Hernandez <>:
MacOS address resolution fix
Wed Jan 30 13:05:35 cet 2002 Cliff Cunnington <>:
Added &euro; symbol
Wed Jan 30 13:01:11 cet 2002 Jacek Fedorynski <>:
Fixed segfault when posting large form
=== RELEASE 0.97pre1 ===
Tue Jan 29 17:17:22 MET 2002 Petr Baudis <>:
Manpage update
Tue Jan 29 17:06:11 MET 2002 zas <>:
Updated french translation
Tue Jan 29 17:04:59 MET 2002 Ionel Mugurel Ciobica:
Romanian translation
Tue Jan 29 17:02:48 MET 2002 mikulas:
Fixed error when sprintf return value is defined as 'void' in headers
Tue Jan 29 16:50:53 MET 2002 Petr Baudis <>:
Cookie expiration
Tue Jan 29 16:49:48 MET 2002 mikulas:
Do not reject cookies with insecure domain (but send them only to
original server, not to the whole domain)
Tue Jan 29 16:45:31 MET 2002 Petr Baudis <>:
Fix stripping '?' out of form url
Tue Jan 29 16:40:32 MET 2002 Petr Baudis <>:
Add "LISTING" tag
Tue Jan 29 16:39:03 MET 2002 Petr Baudis <>:
Fix relative redirect on -dump and -source
Tue Jan 29 16:36:02 MET 2002 Petr Baudis <>:
Use "imgtitle" if there's no "alt"
Tue Jan 29 16:20:19 cet 2002 Carles <>:
Catalan translation
Tue Jan 29 16:18:45 cet 2002 Stefan de Groot <>:
Dutch translation
Tue Jan 29 16:16:53 cet 2002 mikulas:
Fixed name clash of struct option with includes on cygwin
Tue Jan 29 16:12:59 cet 2002 mikulas:
Do not allow larger input fiels than screen size
Tue Jan 29 16:12:43 cet 2002 mikulas:
Fixed internal error "cell_with" in table parser
Tue Jan 29 15:36:51 cet 2002 mikulas:
Fixed double %0d when posting textarea
Tue Jan 29 15:35:51 cet 2002 mikulas:
Fixed crash when amount of items in select box decreases after reload
Make it remember select item on reload (fixes
Sat Jan 26 03:47:13 MET 2002 mikulas:
Work-around for Sun C bug
Sat Jan 26 03:47:00 MET 2002 mikulas:
Fixed one read overrun in parser
Fri Jan 11 19:02:02 cet 2002 mikulas:
Fixed crash in OS/2 when user pressed Ctrl-V and clipboard was empty
Sat Dec 8 23:19:27 MET 2001 mikulas:
Fixed leaving zombie processes when more children exited simultaneously
Tue Sep 25 11:16:29 MET DST 2001
Fixed compile incompatibility
Tue Sep 25 11:10:36 MET DST 2001 Andrew Rodionoff <>:
Fixed minor bug in kbd binding
=== RELEASE 0.96 ===
Mon Jul 2 03:25:39 MET DST 2001 Serge Winitzki <serge at scriabin dot PHYS dot cwru dot edu>:
SSL detection fix
Mon Jul 2 03:21:50 MET DST 2001 Serge Winitzki <serge at scriabin dot PHYS dot cwru dot edu>:
Updated Russian translation
=== RELEASE 0.96pre8 ===
Sat Jun 23 00:57:42 cet 2001 Nalin Dahyabhai <>:
Fixed occasional destroying of read buffer on Alpha
Fri Jun 22 21:50:08 cet 2001 mikulas:
One more charset fix
=== RELEASE 0.96pre7 ===
Mon Jun 18 23:39:22 MET DST 2001 mikulas:
Do not retry on SSL error
Mon Jun 18 23:12:36 MET DST 2001 Michail Litvak <>:
Patch to force error if OpenSSL not found
Mon Jun 18 23:03:03 MET DST 2001 mikulas:
Charset from server has higher precedence than charset in document
=== RELEASE 0.96pre6 ===
Tue Jun 12 23:08:11 MET DST 2001 mikulas:
'?' and anything behind it is completely stripped out of form action url
(it fixes problem when browsing newsgroups on google)
=== RELEASE 0.96pre5 ===
Tue Jun 12 21:31:01 MET DST 2001 mikulas:
Fixed memory leak when SSL protocol was violated
=== RELEASE 0.96pre4 ===
Tue Jun 12 14:19:05 MET DST 2001 mikulas:
Fixed '->' not working in menus
Mon Jun 11 15:24:09 MET DST 2001 mikulas:
Don't use unrestartable timeout when server does not send Accept-ranges,
but supports range requests
=== RELEASE 0.96pre3 ===
Mon Jun 11 13:16:49 MET DST 2001 Peter Wang <>:
Rebindable keys in menus
Mon Jun 11 13:05:18 MET DST 2001 mikulas:
Fixed memory leak when SSL aborted
=== RELEASE 0.96pre2 ===
Thu Jun 7 14:24:17 MET DST 2001 mikulas:
Fixed crashes in 0.96pre1 with some languages because intl/synclang was
not run
Wed Jun 6 18:33:19 cet 2001 mikulas: