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Braille terminal support in Links
1) To turn on braille support:
- run Links in text mode
- check "Braille terminal" in menu Setup->Terminal options
2) What does it do:
- all menu and dialogs are displayed full-screen
- menu hot keys are displayed in front of the menu item (e.g. "O Html options")
- in bookmark manager, associations manager and extensions manager:
keys up/down move cursor through the bookmarks and keys left/right move the
cursor through the buttons (add, delete, edit, ...)
- all links are prepended with '~' (tilde) character
- text fields are indicated with '>' character
- arrow keys move the cursor around the page
- key '{' (left bracket with shift) moves cursor to the beginning of a line
- key '}' (right bracket with shift) moves cursor to the end of a line
- to go to previous page: use 'z' key
- key 'a' moves cursor to status bar
- key 'w' moves cursor to title bar
- key 't' moves to the previous word
- key 'y' moves to the next word
- key Ctrl-T moves to the previous link
- key Ctrl-Y moves to the next link
- key Ctrl-O moves to the next form field