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Mikulas Patocka <>
Petr Kulhavy <>
Karel Kulhavy <>
Martin Pergel <>
Unicode2ascii replacement and entity name tables are taken from Lynx.
People who contributed to links:
Unai Uribarri <>
Uwe Hermann <>
Command line switch -version
Open link in new xterm
Sebastian Zagrodzki <>
Shift-G opens dialog with pre-displayed current URL
Alexander Mai <>
OS/2 xterm support
Fix includes for AIX
Updated manpage
Dakshinamurthy Karra <>
Win NT port
Saving goto history
Peter Gervai <>
Manpage updates
Mailcap to links.cfg convertor
Arkadiusz Miskiewicz <>
Internationalization (GNU gettext)
Oleg Deribas <>
Window title and clipboard support in OS/2
Felix von Leitner <>
Set file date/time when downloading
Arkadiusz Sochala <>
Polish translation
Petr Cech <>
Allow spaces at the beginning of url
Dmitry M. Klimov <>
KOI8-R frames
Russian localization
Yurii Rashkovskii <>
Updated Russian localization
Lukasz Dobrek <>
$CONFIG_DIR for config directory
beckers <>
German translation
Evan Hughes <>
Armon Red <>
Icelandic translation
M.K.Srikant <>
Small fix in forms
Cliff Cunnington <>
User's manual at
Wojtek Bojdo/l <>
Updated Polish localization
Jan Bobrowski <>
Small optimization in file listing
Serge Winitzki <serge at mendax dot phys dot cwru dot edu>,
<serge at cosmos dot phy dot tufts dot edu>
Upadted Russian localization
Updated German localication
SSL detection fix
Alex Antropoff <>
'charset' attribute of META element
Aurimas Mikalauskas <>
Lithuanian translation
Martin Norback <>
Swedish translation
Jimenez Martinez Angel Luis <>
David Mediavilla Ezquibela <>
Spanish translation
Suveg Gabor <>
Hungarian translation
Gianluca Montecchi <>
Italian translation
Sergei Borushevsky <>
No-proxy-for, HTTP auth, Ctrl-W completion
Fabrice Haberer-Proust <>
French translation
Cristiano Guadagnino <>
Updated italian translation
Fabio Junior Beneditto <>
Brazilian Portuguese translation
Martin Kavalec <>
Fixed redundant ':' in host header
Peter Wang <>
Rebindable keys, /etc/links.cfg
Mike Swieton <>
Fixed bug: Form is not posted when jumping to field by number
Kaloian Doganov <>
Bulgarian translation
Baris Metin <>
Turkish translation
Dmitry Pinchukov <>
Ukrainian translation
Kalev Lember <>
Taniel Kirikal <>
Estonian translation
zas <>
Updated French translation
Table frame and rules when no border attribute present
Oleg Belousov <>
"Ignore charset info sent by server" is saved din config file
Nuno Miguel Rodrigues <>
Unixware console fix
Adam Harvey <>
Fixed sometimes badly posted form
Alberto Garc<EFBFBD>a <>
Galician translation
Radovan Stas <>
Slovak translation
Marco Bodrato <>
Twinterm support
Kaloian Doganov <>
Bulgarian translation update
Olexander Kunytsa <>
Ukrainian translation update
Marius Gedminas <>
Fixed reversed HOME/END on RXVT
Mediavilla David <>
Updated Spanish translation
Simos Xenitellis <>
Alejandros Diamandidis <>
Greek codepages & translation
Anton Voloshin <>
Proper encoding of form entries
Michail Litvak <>
Patch to force error if OpenSSL not found
Nalin Dahyabhai <>
Fixed occasional destroying of read buffer on Alpha
Andrew Rodionoff <>
Fixed minor bug in kbd binding
Stefan de Groot <>
Dutch translation
Carles Sadurn<EFBFBD> Anguita <>
Catalan translation
Ionel Mugurel Ciob<EFBFBD>c<EFBFBD>
Romanian translation
Petr Baudis <>
Use "imgtitle" if there's no "alt"
Fix relative redirect on -dump and -source
Add "LISTING" tag
Fix stripping '?' out of form url
Cookie expiration
Manpage update
Fixed one small leak when links goes out of memory
Do not call memset from signal handler
Fixed user in smb
Jacek Fedorynski <>
Fixed segfault when posting large forms
Aldy Hernandez <>
MacOS address resolution fix
Muhamad Faizal <>
Indonesian translation
Peter Naulls <>
RiscOS support
Jonas Fonseca <>
Danish translation
David O'Brien <>
Sergey Karpov <>
Updated russian translation
Fixed image alt displayed in incorrect codepage
Simen Graaten <>
Norwegian translation
Miroslav Rudisin <>:
Updated Slovak translation
Varga Bal<EFBFBD>zs <>, <>
Updated Hungarian translation
Denis Lackovic <>
Croatian translation
Richard Pecl <>
Use threads on windows
Chris Lightfoot <>
\xab parsing in strings in Javascript
Yevgeny Gromov <>
Belarusian translation
William Yodlowsky <>
SSL patch for Solaris and other systems without /dev/random
Koblinger Egmont <>
Updated Hungarian translation
Ludvik Tesar <>
URL to clipboard copying in X.
Stanson <>
Clipboard pasting into links (works from all applications)
Andre Valente <>
Portuguese translation
Sven Neumann <>
DirectFB graphics driver
Updated Hungarian translation
Anton 'Keeper' Kopyov <>
Updated Russian translation
Karvinen Ilkka <>
Updated Finnish translation
Guido Schimmels <>
Updated German translation
Tamas Gervai <>
Links icons
Daniel Berlin <>
Cookies can contain whitespace (fixes bugzilla)
Thomas Klausner <>
Support for 16-bit 565 RGB big endian
Fix for 24-bit RGB big endian
libpng-1.5 support
Strahinya Radich <>
Serbian translation
Serbian Cyrillic letters
Andrei Paskevich <>
Image view & download with 'i', '*' to change inlined image display
Fix tokenizer of javascript when it encounters 0xff character
Wojciech Puchar <>
SunOS 4 portability fixes
Marc Zonzon <>
Disable AC_BIG_ENDIAN and AC_LITTLE_ENDIAN name clash
Use pkg-config to find openssl
Eduard Werner <>
Upper Sorbian translation
Updated Polish translation
Vladimir Marek <>
Fixed --disable-graphics and --disable-javascript
Sam <>
SDL graphics driver
Karel Karlik <>
Fixed framebuffer in 15 and 16-bit modes
Edward Rosten <>
Block ad images
Dieter <>
Fix warnings on 64-bit machines
Jakub Bogusz <>
Updated Polish translation
Fixed memory corruption when passing parameters to framebuffer driver
Federico G. Schwindt <>
Use MD5 functions from libc when available
Rezzie <>
Updated Indonesian translation
Konstantin S. Kravtsov <>
Regular expressions for javascript
Lech Lorens <>
Optional scrollbars in frames
Matthew Fischer <>
Fixed Japanese fonts
Jindrich Makovicka <>
Fixed memory corruption when redirecting URLs with user:password
Carles Pina i Estany <>
Add more top-level domains
Didier Mequignon <>
Updated French translation
Ben Secrest <>
Don't change Xwindow class
Swiss German (Zueriduetsch) translation
Christian Biere <>
magnet: URL support
Hazel Russman <>
Updated Links manual
Egmont Koblinger <>
Support for large mouse coordinates in text mode using the protocol 1006
Volker Schatz <>
Do not misreport Date header value as last-modified date
in the info box popping up on "=".
New graphics glyphs
Daniel Stenberg <>
A piece of code from the curl library was taken to verify SSL host name