10 Commits (f62db1f975fd42d99f9b4bde16877daeffc96fa5)

Author SHA1 Message Date
despair 7b9e9e5551 Fully validating config parser 5 years ago
despair 89f758a600 moved to shared libs, STL read-only data segment is STILL 4.8MB 😡 REEEEEEE 5 years ago
despair 7d0e8a928b new banner, cleanup tree for new merge 5 years ago
despair 1ae13d3ef2 fixed NTMakefile and returnPath 5 years ago
despair e6281237f3 resource patches 5 years ago
despair 3a487d0811 segv patch fix, new icon for NT 5 years ago
despair 41c1aa20ff Initial work on the file parser 5 years ago
despair b00dbd35da AMD64 build is go, folks 5 years ago
despair b9650fc192 amd64 build tools 5 years ago
despair 279a13caeb getting ready for amd64 5 years ago
despair 0fd86215f8 getting upstream changes 5 years ago
despair 7ce82a92b1 initial 2LSF patch (can someone test the POSIX build pls) 5 years ago
despair 56bab2b9bb begin breaking out platform-specific deps into separate trees 5 years ago
despair b71073f7d6 Initial TLS implementation! 😄 5 years ago
despair d0102b62a1 Forked from odilitime/netrunner.git - now available for any recent version of WinNT 5 years ago
Odilitime b803ed8e59 include git version as a define 5 years ago
Odilitime 0e1e31a8bf OSX updates for Makefile 5 years ago
gyroninja 20a4180306 fixed Makefile using the wrong echo 5 years ago
Odilitime e55510d695 make shaders work on OSX and linux 5 years ago
gyroninja b376826433 temporary makefile change pt. 2 5 years ago
gyroninja 03191eb9db temporary makefile change 5 years ago
gyroninja 38aac8bb02 Compatibility updates for Makefile 5 years ago
Odilitime d206d13451 Linux and Darwin support in one file 5 years ago
gyroninja d94b86a936 CloverOS support 5 years ago
Odilitime 31709478fc OSX Makefile changes 5 years ago
gyroninja 99611cc6c4 Fixed all warnings in the project 5 years ago
gyroninja c884815b2f Added .gitignore 5 years ago
gyroninja 292812ff81 Start rendering the DOM tree 5 years ago
gyroninja c8ece28a75 """const correctness""" 5 years ago
gyroninja ed1a3aa16a Added Makefile 5 years ago