12 Commits (f3919881cc18fd79c624d936f8ee731f7717f73d)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Odilitime f3919881cc remove value/use locals instead, support decimals in number, make array use pointers internally/so we can reference, make functions belong to a script 2 years ago
  Odilitime 06ed9b8947 dereferenceHasBase() as undefined key are fine if base variable exists, doFunctionCall => jsFunctionCall to support constructs 3 years ago
  Odilitime 2103263a59 jsGetArray() 3 years ago
  Odilitime facc0fd850 jsGetObject() 3 years ago
  Odilitime 19714bf32c parseExpression deprecation 3 years ago
  Odilitime b092a7820c scope refactor, forward type, prototypes, Javascript refactor 3 years ago
  Odilitime 577f820f4c some prototype, add bool/reference 3 years ago
  Odilitime 8479d9573f add prototypes 4 years ago
  Odilitime b7e6710038 added doAssignment prototype 4 years ago
  Odilitime bc8b7c0b7f gcc fix 4 years ago
  Odilitime 7c72f69025 more data strucuture (move scope to .h), getToken() refactor, doAssignment() 4 years ago
  Odilitime 6350959e03 initial JS parser 4 years ago