6 Commits (e7ac823d680ab922c0e9df82def10ffc59cfc2b1)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Odilitime e7ac823d68 new window binding 3 years ago
  Odilitime 08cd03b05c Javascript class refactor 3 years ago
  Odilitime fa64b836e8 bootstrip js 4 years ago
  Odilitime bfcdda5c04 project reorg and cleanup 4 years ago
  Odilitime cc7084ec96 main javascript source, v to debug js variables 4 years ago
  Odilitime d0b5d2bce0 restructure 4 years ago
  Odilitime 47315c217f new updateCursor prototype 4 years ago
  Odilitime 531bbd9bda gcc linux fixes, use -Wno-strict-overflow 4 years ago
  Odilitime aae33ba5aa getLine(), handleResoruce request render, Smooth out scrolling/dead code removal, Input arrow key handling start, error pages 4 years ago
  Odilitime e1a3dad8b9 handleResource() refactor, enter support on multiLine inputComponents 4 years ago
  Odilitime 2638c8a480 button crash guard if no text found 4 years ago
  Odilitime 18c912deb7 make gcc5.4/linux happy, mostly shadow fixes 4 years ago
  Odilitime c63ce64201 textureTransformMatrix for boxcomponent hwaccel scrolling, scrollY refactor, extract button label, button hover fix 4 years ago
  Odilitime 2fb191c000 fix URL typo 4 years ago
  Odilitime 6ee0425d88 onBeforeLoad(), navTo flushed out, new componentBuilder prototype, remove window global 4 years ago
  Geert Custers bcd3b07b43 De-Singleton ShaderLoader 4 years ago
  Geert Custers d102e798a8 Create res directory 4 years ago
  Geert Custers f9f11e0fe2 Add ShaderLoader 4 years ago
  Odilitime 550f66cc94 remove some debug 4 years ago
  Odilitime c79b2202b7 actually reset (release) node/components 4 years ago
  Odilitime 3562de1b04 transformMatrix scroll, onWheel scroll fixes, setDOM reset scrool position 4 years ago
  Odilitime 29161daa40 MultiComponent refactor, delete*, setDOM, move out printComponent 4 years ago
  Odilitime 3a452bcb94 fix hover coordinate bugs 4 years ago
  Odilitime b6fb1366df scroll adjustment/benchmark, resize() 4 years ago
  Odilitime 5bf5c85c61 include ctime, disambiguate x/y 4 years ago
  Odilitime 4700a87191 new document component 4 years ago