37 Commits (dbec113f693cd32ac3184857294150485e23ca4d)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Odilitime dbec113f69 move navTo stuff here 5 years ago
Odilitime bafec9f680 fix cast issue 5 years ago
Odilitime 0c6d11207b cursors! 5 years ago
Odilitime 4350f872e2 use new unified component composite (same logic paths for creation as resize) 5 years ago
Odilitime 31ab4ef3db delay resizing, only redraw in render if needed, draw twice and keep vsync 5 years ago
Odilitime 4ce57b18d3 proper retina support 5 years ago
Odilitime ef56229b85 fix warnings by adding forward declarations 5 years ago
Odilitime b9902cce3b better error reporting, disable some debugging, added warning 5 years ago
Odilitime 9e107c3c25 make resize on par with initial layout, better setDom memeory management (cleans up old unused nodes/components), set proper scroll min/maxes, some comments 5 years ago
Odilitime 6932992fec reset rootComponent on setDom 5 years ago
Odilitime 74adf38b4d don't crash when no args are passed 5 years ago
gyroninja 8890188343 add function prototypes to fix warnings 5 years ago
Odilitime fb172f0538 don't get too far ahead of myself=build fix 5 years ago
Odilitime 90948e7fa3 initial layout and resize refactor/cleanup 5 years ago
Odilitime de56060cc8 improved layout logic, more comments 5 years ago
gyroninja 6c45bd9fe3 New inline feature works with resizing the window 5 years ago
gyroninja 1d6a509004 added onClick for a tags 5 years ago
gyroninja 1523f780a8 removed debug 5 years ago
gyroninja 9720e39231 inline tag 5 years ago
gyroninja abfa3a1e29 Accidently was cutting off a single character on wrap 5 years ago
gyroninja d60ab25ccd shift empty components on resize 5 years ago
gyroninja ae14030f0d Layout system is now back to normal 5 years ago
gyroninja 6aaaff4384 Elements can now be more than just a render function 5 years ago
Odilitime 31f2ad95b6 use anime component 5 years ago
gyroninja c31fe92747 Moved renderer code stuff out of the html module and into the graphics module 5 years ago
gyroninja 99611cc6c4 Fixed all warnings in the project 6 years ago
gyroninja a5cbc3e1cb Added scrolling 6 years ago
gyroninja 8963dee746 Improved parser and renderer 6 years ago
gyroninja ada1e829c1 Responsive text 6 years ago
gyroninja 292812ff81 Start rendering the DOM tree 6 years ago
gyroninja 1278b939f2 Removed all occurrences of new and replaced them with their smart pointer countertypes 6 years ago
gyroninja c8ece28a75 """const correctness""" 6 years ago
gyroninja c8528cd35d Intial commit of rewrite 6 years ago