342 Commits (83f528e6db979c39ebce28074d7448d8dcbf2604)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Odilitime 83f528e6db URL test program, and glfw3 detection for darwin 4 years ago
  R Odili 30c891fdee Merge branch 'master' into 'master' 4 years ago
  antpy a4b25e5e61 Modified Makefile and updated README.md for Mac OS X homebrew. 4 years ago
  Odilitime 0f1abc5f5a new OSX package (dylib requirement fix) 4 years ago
  Odilitime ca5a8e0fed glew 1.3 note, and update binary packages 4 years ago
  Odilitime 6fa0406a39 gcc5.4 happines: make colors unsigned, remove now unneeded cast 4 years ago
  Odilitime 9a80f613a7 renderComponentType() refactor, removed domRootNode, set up UI in cstr/simplify setDOM(), mouseOver/mouseOut events, remove debug, update keybindings to be helpful again, fix anime layering issue 4 years ago
  Odilitime 9d5f07c882 onMouseOut relay, cursor property, don't rely on window global/use win property, updateMouse(), renderComponentType() 4 years ago
  Odilitime 4fe4b7299b put colors in properties, hover effects, history integration start, updateWindowState() refactor, getTab(), layoutTab(), tab previous property, updateMouse() 4 years ago
  Odilitime fb23156296 changeColor() 4 years ago
  Odilitime 30d53f69f0 remove debug 4 years ago
  Odilitime 0deb209361 fix starting X on wrap 4 years ago
  Odilitime 6d7c547528 onMouseover/onMouseout hooks 4 years ago
  Odilitime 315078b86e i tag support, typeOfComponent() anime component support 4 years ago
  Odilitime c5dae42c9e remove unneeded file 4 years ago
  Odilitime 0f074f6e67 remove deprecated header and unused variable 4 years ago
  Odilitime e1a6b675f4 close any open LI tag when new LI comes in 4 years ago
  Odilitime 9bb645ec29 don't require an URL on start 4 years ago
  Odilitime 514fc965c0 print(), pointInHistory draft, notes 4 years ago
  Odilitime 51cdc5640d include ca-bundle 4 years ago
  Odilitime 6fd4894999 include pnms and ca-bundle 4 years ago
  Odilitime c0b6a64866 include cabundle 4 years ago
  Odilitime 2773d76a59 changed mbedtls link to github 4 years ago
  Odilitime cca23a8967 Merge branch 'master' of https://git.teknik.io/gyroninja/netrunner 4 years ago
  Odilitime f8e31b051c dep update, include despair 4 years ago
  Odilitime 585dee2c08 Merge branch 'master' of https://gitgud.io/odilitime/netrunner 4 years ago
  Odilitime f6990fde47 make gcc 5.4 happy: case sensitive filenames, use C++ casting 4 years ago
  Odilitime 84c3b3b521 fix typo 4 years ago
  Odilitime 07937121b5 only compiled cpp from src and we now require mbed as a dependency 4 years ago
  despair 0dbf4729c6 New SSL-enabled package 4 years ago
  despair b4aa634e29 Added underflow condition, minor patch 4 years ago
  despair b71073f7d6 Initial TLS implementation! :smile: 4 years ago
  despair a95f943638 Merge branch 'master' of ssh.gitgud.io:despair/netrunner 4 years ago
  Odilitime 2ea9c21e42 update windows package, thanks despair (uses mingw32 this time) 4 years ago
  despair d0102b62a1 Forked from odilitime/netrunner.git - now available for any recent version of WinNT 4 years ago
  Odilitime ad1fe1dd73 Merge branch 'master' of https://git.teknik.io/gyroninja/netrunner 4 years ago
  Odilitime f73545ee59 new linux package release 4 years ago
  Odilitime 5580713cb7 casting fixes to make gcc happy 4 years ago
  Odilitime 6bc235be7c make gcc happy by not shadowing variable 4 years ago
  Odilitime 3f082c2ac7 update gyro note 4 years ago
  Odilitime ed25db975e animu grills update 4 years ago
  Odilitime f7ba2d0490 blank animu grill for packaging 4 years ago
  Odilitime 18070074c4 update package script for animu grills 4 years ago
  Odilitime 0819231ce5 new OSX release 4 years ago
  Odilitime 1bac5a3cf4 update uiControl so resizing keeps new metrics 4 years ago
  Odilitime ab314d2a77 renderDocumentComponents(), if not boundToPage reset textProgram scroll position 4 years ago
  Odilitime 2af214c0dc if not boundToPage make sure we reset hwaccel scroll position 4 years ago
  Odilitime 3562de1b04 transformMatrix scroll, onWheel scroll fixes, setDOM reset scrool position 4 years ago
  Odilitime dcbec2a931 renderContentComponents/layering fixes 4 years ago
  Odilitime dce040b13f default tab/address pointers, move printComponent out, renderBoxComponent now supports tabComponents, fold resizeUI back into setDOM, move delete* out, uiControl support 4 years ago