69 Commits (5995a4b5622a4d0c471981ea66ba581bb27ce77f)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Odilitime 1ca59b8ff1 jsEnable config improvement, filename case sensitivity fix 4 years ago
Odilitime 3dccc6a1ab merge 5 years ago
Odilitime bfcdda5c04 project reorg and cleanup 5 years ago
Odilitime 192863ffce gcc5.4/linux shadow/cast fixes 5 years ago
Odilitime c1c23bf273 renderer global 5 years ago
Odilitime ef115137f6 make linux/gcc happy 5 years ago
Odilitime a3b0f09d08 note 5 years ago
Odilitime 02757bea25 clean up, don't treat -log as URL 5 years ago
despair 711569f117 indent fixes 5 years ago
despair 7b9e9e5551 Fully validating config parser 5 years ago
despair 89f758a600 moved to shared libs, STL read-only data segment is STILL 4.8MB 😡 REEEEEEE 5 years ago
despair d277e7730f new header 5 years ago
despair fe137aec79 added parser, ***COMMENTED OUT*** / If you value your sanity, please don't uncomment it 5 years ago
despair 24b8261298 patch 5 years ago
despair 7d0e8a928b new banner, cleanup tree for new merge 5 years ago
Odilitime 255391ec56 remove schedule/setWindowContent, fix -log, browser 5 years ago
despair 8b0437b6b7 remove unnecessary header (for NT, init_heap() isn't even in the header, it has to be declared manually in advance) 5 years ago
Odilitime 961f21db8d VERSION guard 5 years ago
Odilitime 55dcd3514e make gcc 5.4 on linux happy with all MRs 5 years ago
Geert Custers d102e798a8 Create res directory 5 years ago
Odilitime 9a9fab0217 integrate scheduler 5 years ago
despair 3a487d0811 segv patch fix, new icon for NT 5 years ago
despair 2a1e7e42f2 stylistic cleanup 5 years ago
Odilitime b2f1b7373a detect context-type, plain/text support 5 years ago
despair 30b2a95539 activated animu grill in nt builds 5 years ago
despair 35adeb199d code cleanup 5 years ago
despair 41c1aa20ff Initial work on the file parser 5 years ago
despair 4e67433053 added build info to banner 5 years ago
Odilitime 9bb645ec29 don't require an URL on start 5 years ago
Odilitime 697e654d77 comments, better debug message 5 years ago
tomleb 11d626d99a Improve behavior on url without scheme 5 years ago
tomleb a4139dcd1c Always use absolute path for file:// scheme 5 years ago
Odilitime 3ebf3a6b8f move OGL set up sooner 5 years ago
Odilitime fa74bf9869 prependt non :// URL with file:// 5 years ago
Odilitime f54607b795 move navTo into window class 5 years ago
tomleb c019013598 Use path from uri instead of document 5 years ago
tomleb 2ac17670d0 Use host from uri 5 years ago
tomleb 78a3aa23b6 Add URI struct and parse URI 5 years ago
Nubben cb35b9db2d Small fixes 5 years ago
Nubben d992e7e2d0 Use logging instead of cout in main 5 years ago
Nubben 61d19a567a Forgot some small things 5 years ago
Nubben be87f065ba Clean up main 5 years ago
Odilitime 2328a8ebc8 include more helpful debugging text 5 years ago
Odilitime c64c0bb036 make clang happy 5 years ago
Nubben 3ef966b2b5 Add some functions for accessing command line parameters 5 years ago
Odilitime b209c2fa50 attempt at basic versioning, update help 5 years ago
Nubben 2f126bc42e Add support for reading local files at startup 5 years ago
Nubben 34b9038c9b Move URL functions from main to StringUtils 5 years ago
Odilitime e0392d041b better 301 handling, crash guard, delay loop until change 5 years ago
Odilitime 52ae31aa6b ugly hacks to support more URLs 5 years ago