13 Commits (51e4cf92bce39e4e89f83cbe7fe0a68f423c58ee)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Odilitime affd7a1fab rewrite some parameters to make GCC happy 5 years ago
Odilitime 7ac16d31a4 move out ending* vars 5 years ago
Odilitime c667699798 resize() proto change, setParent(), layout(), wrap(), updateParentSize() refactors, build texture on use/not construction, future sizing notes 5 years ago
Odilitime f6b1f62183 groundwork for future improved text rendering 5 years ago
gyroninja c1fb0121b1 remove commented out code 5 years ago
gyroninja 7818d8c82f build server error fix 5 years ago
gyroninja 374d49174e Got merged code to compile 5 years ago
Odilitime 4b93f59d05 requested code clean up 5 years ago
gyroninja ae14030f0d Layout system is now back to normal 5 years ago
Odilitime ac45ea71bc pull out fontcache 5 years ago
gyroninja c31fe92747 Moved renderer code stuff out of the html module and into the graphics module 5 years ago
Odilitime 30937085f9 create font loader cache 6 years ago
Odilitime 70b3dfafa1 make clang happy 6 years ago
gyroninja 32e8df137a Added <a> tag, including blue text 6 years ago
gyroninja e2392f5b7b Added seconds per frame counter 6 years ago
gyroninja 8963dee746 Improved parser and renderer 6 years ago
gyroninja ada1e829c1 Responsive text 6 years ago
gyroninja 292812ff81 Start rendering the DOM tree 6 years ago
gyroninja 1278b939f2 Removed all occurrences of new and replaced them with their smart pointer countertypes 6 years ago
gyroninja c8ece28a75 """const correctness""" 6 years ago
gyroninja c8528cd35d Intial commit of rewrite 6 years ago