583 Commits (475a29e4cc5aee403805f99805152d98cca8df9d)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Odilitime 5030659646 findFormNode(), getTagNodeNameValue(), buildFormData(), handleResource(), submit button, form handling 4 years ago
  Odilitime e7e468f674 keyup case fix, textureTransformMatrix reset 4 years ago
  Odilitime d1ed073719 link to node for value passing, win guard, unroll loop, need node value up to date 4 years ago
  Odilitime c63ce64201 textureTransformMatrix for boxcomponent hwaccel scrolling, scrollY refactor, extract button label, button hover fix 4 years ago
  Odilitime d82b2ba927 new build prototype 4 years ago
  Odilitime 6da36658f5 new build prototype (includes doc component), button support, remove some dead code 4 years ago
  Odilitime 0ec492332a fix keyup's case 4 years ago
  Odilitime af167f9140 button component debug 4 years ago
  Odilitime 9f19fb9982 allow ref to docComp for URL/nav control for forms 4 years ago
  Odilitime 7363852cac postWebResource() 4 years ago
  Odilitime 7b6570a717 merge querystring, and include querystring in toString 4 years ago
  Odilitime a1576a5777 apply transformation matrix 4 years ago
  Odilitime 5336469165 indentation 4 years ago
  Odilitime c452756aa5 button UI component/element 4 years ago
  Odilitime 8517bbc4a3 remove debug 4 years ago
  Odilitime d211755497 note 4 years ago
  Odilitime 67ce07827a HTTP/1.1 define 4 years ago
  despair 7a1a62f41a File parser is functionally complete, need to code in file format validation 4 years ago
  despair 89f758a600 moved to shared libs, STL read-only data segment is STILL 4.8MB :rage: REEEEEEE 4 years ago
  despair d277e7730f new header 4 years ago
  despair 632e5e8fcc oops 4 years ago
  despair 2f556ca54b some ideas in the comments 4 years ago
  despair 78cd9b4d7e that did NOT work. will take a look in the morning 4 years ago
  despair 25ace5cdb1 this might work 4 years ago
  despair cb8090c859 Merge branch 'master' of https://gitgud.io/odilitime/netrunner 4 years ago
  despair d5de0b4164 readme update 4 years ago
  despair 79fa1dc356 updated stickers on readme, removed outdated pkg 4 years ago
  despair fe137aec79 added parser, ***COMMENTED OUT*** / If you value your sanity, please don't uncomment it 4 years ago
  despair 6809d5b40b preparing for nightly 4 years ago
  Odilitime 888e8629ea OSX package, obsd notes, other mbed notes 4 years ago
  Odilitime 0ea45d8da8 update dep scripts to build mbedtls 4 years ago
  Odilitime b8fe5dc78c packaging updates 4 years ago
  despair 24b8261298 patch 4 years ago
  Odilitime 668453d591 fix darwin if statements to find libglfw.?3? 4 years ago
  despair aff58638d0 Merge branch 'master' of https://gitgud.io/odilitime/netrunner 4 years ago
  despair 7d0e8a928b new banner, cleanup tree for new merge 4 years ago
  Odilitime 3c5085c10b fixed sign problem 4 years ago
  Odilitime e25a030748 fix casting and shadow issues 4 years ago
  Odilitime 9ea9bb3e23 unshadow variable 4 years ago
  Odilitime 3f89d69db8 remove unneeded elements 4 years ago
  Odilitime 7a1f0531de remove unneeded prototypes 4 years ago
  Odilitime 2fb191c000 fix URL typo 4 years ago
  Odilitime 2e4ae5d443 pass maxTextureSize to rasterizer (if available), rgba to int conversion 4 years ago
  rick d7e279ea3d Temp commit 4 years ago
  Odilitime 3d22573e1e color update, set win on components, onBeforeLoad, use docComp's navto 4 years ago
  Odilitime 45094be882 remove window global 4 years ago
  Odilitime 7e2f064ccb remove window global, don't updateText on cstr 4 years ago
  Odilitime 6ee0425d88 onBeforeLoad(), navTo flushed out, new componentBuilder prototype, remove window global 4 years ago
  Odilitime 32247ac066 deprecate block and p element infavor of div, build now takes win instead of size, uses new element render api, remove window global 4 years ago
  Odilitime ca10ce7d05 remove rgab (in favor of unsigned int), win is now a property 4 years ago