59 Commits (1e034db4085626fd76e675ba8ca8cdab560a5eca)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Odilitime 1e034db408 getActiveDocumentComponent(), multiwindow support, share first context, use doc's navTo, inherit enable_shared_from_this, new window keyboard shortcut 5 years ago
Odilitime 1cdc96d70e no shader guard 5 years ago
Geert Custers bcd3b07b43 De-Singleton ShaderLoader 6 years ago
Geert Custers d102e798a8 Create res directory 6 years ago
Geert Custers f9f11e0fe2 Add ShaderLoader 6 years ago
Odilitime f5dbe1fd81 make gcc happy: unshadow var and includes 6 years ago
Odilitime ba6cc240b0 Only get max texture on init/moved into Window, F key for UI debug, Tabbed event relay, Pass win to Input/Text components, Don't flood with output when minimized on Windows 6 years ago
Odilitime 8d7d665e2c fix includes, fix keyboard scrolling, added pageUp/PageDn 6 years ago
Odilitime 9a80f613a7 renderComponentType() refactor, removed domRootNode, set up UI in cstr/simplify setDOM(), mouseOver/mouseOut events, remove debug, update keybindings to be helpful again, fix anime layering issue 6 years ago
Odilitime 6bc235be7c make gcc happy by not shadowing variable 6 years ago
Odilitime dcbec2a931 renderContentComponents/layering fixes 6 years ago
Odilitime dce040b13f default tab/address pointers, move printComponent out, renderBoxComponent now supports tabComponents, fold resizeUI back into setDOM, move delete* out, uiControl support 6 years ago
Odilitime 01508be11f fix double click deallocation bug 6 years ago
Odilitime 2c78301bae onResize/resize, buildUI(), component naming/call setParent, refresh button, printComponent name/inputComponent extended debugging 6 years ago
tomleb b94da36d5f Comment about weird behavior 6 years ago
Odilitime 81c141f2ca clean up and fwd/back buttons (colors on box components) 6 years ago
Odilitime 206b587560 remove boxComponents, DocumentComponent Support, redid picking coords, onEnter/onWheel/onKeyup 6 years ago
Odilitime 0e8d0c5318 gcc warning fixes 6 years ago
Odilitime ee08b50a36 renderBoxComponents implementation for different shader, better opengl error detection, use new resize API, onResize rebuild box components, fix shader link status check, change box coordinates, onMouseMove cache hovered component/Support onFocus/onBlur/onMouseDown/onMouseUp, Keyboard input is pumped to focused component 6 years ago
tomleb 5bdc752304 Improve error handling for parseUri 6 years ago
Odilitime 919022565f make gcc happy 6 years ago
Odilitime dbec113f69 move navTo stuff here 6 years ago
Odilitime bafec9f680 fix cast issue 6 years ago
Odilitime 0c6d11207b cursors! 6 years ago
Odilitime 4350f872e2 use new unified component composite (same logic paths for creation as resize) 6 years ago
Odilitime 31ab4ef3db delay resizing, only redraw in render if needed, draw twice and keep vsync 6 years ago
Odilitime 4ce57b18d3 proper retina support 6 years ago
Odilitime ef56229b85 fix warnings by adding forward declarations 6 years ago
Odilitime b9902cce3b better error reporting, disable some debugging, added warning 6 years ago
Odilitime 9e107c3c25 make resize on par with initial layout, better setDom memeory management (cleans up old unused nodes/components), set proper scroll min/maxes, some comments 6 years ago
Odilitime 6932992fec reset rootComponent on setDom 6 years ago
Odilitime 74adf38b4d don't crash when no args are passed 6 years ago
gyroninja 8890188343 add function prototypes to fix warnings 6 years ago
Odilitime fb172f0538 don't get too far ahead of myself=build fix 6 years ago
Odilitime 90948e7fa3 initial layout and resize refactor/cleanup 6 years ago
Odilitime de56060cc8 improved layout logic, more comments 6 years ago
gyroninja 6c45bd9fe3 New inline feature works with resizing the window 6 years ago
gyroninja 1d6a509004 added onClick for a tags 6 years ago
gyroninja 1523f780a8 removed debug 6 years ago
gyroninja 9720e39231 inline tag 6 years ago
gyroninja abfa3a1e29 Accidently was cutting off a single character on wrap 6 years ago
gyroninja d60ab25ccd shift empty components on resize 6 years ago
gyroninja ae14030f0d Layout system is now back to normal 6 years ago
gyroninja 6aaaff4384 Elements can now be more than just a render function 6 years ago
Odilitime 31f2ad95b6 use anime component 6 years ago
gyroninja c31fe92747 Moved renderer code stuff out of the html module and into the graphics module 6 years ago
gyroninja 99611cc6c4 Fixed all warnings in the project 6 years ago
gyroninja a5cbc3e1cb Added scrolling 6 years ago
gyroninja 8963dee746 Improved parser and renderer 6 years ago
gyroninja ada1e829c1 Responsive text 6 years ago