704 Commits (08867b6c62f0eb35e3f8e45b4d17d267a609db26)

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  despair 08867b6c62 icons are now consistent across all bit depths 3 years ago
  despair b74a57fbcf oops 3 years ago
  despair 191471ded1 new icon to match site refresh 3 years ago
  despair 22e91b6528 normalised line endings 3 years ago
  despair e5d5fe3afb fuckin visual studio 3 years ago
  despair ff2ee86dbf Merge branch 'master' of ssh.gitgud.io:despair/netrunner 3 years ago
  despair 448a61c1fe first update in a while 3 years ago
  Odilitime 313d7d9008 gcc fix, theme font fix/disablement for now, AddWindow cleans up layers afer use now, addJSDebuggerWindow() 3 years ago
  Odilitime b308754f4f fix gcc compilation tks DosAmp/rolor2013 3 years ago
  Odilitime d1759729b7 parseExpression(), parseJSON(), parseArray(), doExpression() start, doAssignment function/JSON types support/expression handlers 3 years ago
  Odilitime 8479d9573f add prototypes 3 years ago
  Odilitime 5d8844a08f clarification 3 years ago
  Odilitime af5a752b87 typo 3 years ago
  Odilitime 6e63ac0fec doAssignment() improvements in expression parser 4 years ago
  Odilitime 14823fd0c7 fix parseSepButNotBetween() implementation 4 years ago
  Odilitime b7e6710038 added doAssignment prototype 4 years ago
  Odilitime 96bf25ffe0 doAssignment() - new expression parser 4 years ago
  Odilitime cc7084ec96 main javascript source, v to debug js variables 4 years ago
  Odilitime e380371d50 run the source through the JS parser 4 years ago
  Odilitime af562e207f gcc fix 4 years ago
  Odilitime bc8b7c0b7f gcc fix 4 years ago
  Odilitime 9b8a48a126 Merge branch 'master' of ssh.gitgud.io:odilitime/netrunner 4 years ago
  Odilitime 4718a0620d docs 4 years ago
  Odilitime f2b8d61f83 updated project file (built with xcode 9.0, sorry) 4 years ago
  Odilitime 7c72f69025 more data strucuture (move scope to .h), getToken() refactor, doAssignment() 4 years ago
  Odilitime 4fd458e697 split(), parseSepButNotBetween(), [lr]trim() 4 years ago
  Odilitime 6350959e03 initial JS parser 4 years ago
  Odilitime a6d5d0feb6 support SCRIPT/LINK tags, make SCRIPT download JS source 4 years ago
  Odilitime ec2b468715 report errors to output 4 years ago
  Odilitime fdcd33c2da include status code in body when invalid 4 years ago
  Odilitime b9781fffcd setPort() refactor, merge() relative support, parseURI fix //host parsing 4 years ago
  despair 163c73a9a0 Finally removed statically allocated animu grill 4 years ago
  despair 37bd33fd9b fixes 4 years ago
  Odilitime 05649c61b6 update Documentation to reflect new structure 4 years ago
  despair f74aba8641 Merge branch 'master' of https://gitgud.io/odilitime/netrunner 4 years ago
  despair ffe5e7c111 small note 4 years ago
  Odilitime 192863ffce gcc5.4/linux shadow/cast fixes 4 years ago
  despair 70f2f1bdc8 version check guard 4 years ago
  Odilitime 470a4f2a51 new packages 4 years ago
  Odilitime 02ac0f55f4 resize stub, cursor hover fixes, resize timings 4 years ago
  Odilitime 6037560805 make Window now user OpenGLRenderer, clean up dead code 4 years ago
  Odilitime 6c9fa3f573 style fix 4 years ago
  Odilitime 46e03cfef1 move base class out, text shader supports, checkGLState() refactor/cleanup 4 years ago
  Odilitime dbd1cc6024 move glfw/opengl specific items out 4 years ago
  Odilitime bec2afca6f remove browser specific stuff 4 years ago
  Odilitime 6f3d3bb068 remove browser specfic stuff 4 years ago
  Odilitime c66314bda0 turn off unwarranted gcc warning 4 years ago
  Odilitime c1c23bf273 renderer global 4 years ago
  Odilitime eec5e9702e App refactor 4 years ago
  Odilitime 491b0d13d8 new base class refactors 4 years ago