22 Commit (master)

Autore SHA1 Messaggio Data
  Odilitime 681d341f01 include browser.ntrml 2 anni fa
  Odilitime 01b922ed6d browser.ntrml 2 anni fa
  despair 89f758a600 moved to shared libs, STL read-only data segment is STILL 4.8MB :rage: REEEEEEE 2 anni fa
  Odilitime b8fe5dc78c packaging updates 2 anni fa
  despair 41c1aa20ff Initial work on the file parser 2 anni fa
  Odilitime 0f1abc5f5a new OSX package (dylib requirement fix) 2 anni fa
  despair b00dbd35da AMD64 build is go, folks 2 anni fa
  Odilitime c5dae42c9e remove unneeded file 2 anni fa
  Odilitime 51cdc5640d include ca-bundle 2 anni fa
  Odilitime 6fd4894999 include pnms and ca-bundle 2 anni fa
  Odilitime c0b6a64866 include cabundle 2 anni fa
  despair 279a13caeb getting ready for amd64 2 anni fa
  despair d0102b62a1 Forked from odilitime/netrunner.git - now available for any recent version of WinNT 2 anni fa
  Odilitime ed25db975e animu grills update 2 anni fa
  Odilitime 18070074c4 update package script for animu grills 2 anni fa
  Odilitime 74b1105bd1 remove unneeded files 2 anni fa
  Odilitime 519ade48d8 linux packaging tools 2 anni fa
  Odilitime 24c8db7646 remove unneeded stuff, save as a tar ball gzipped 2 anni fa
  Odilitime 5da7b350c2 quick package script to make linux releases from OSX 2 anni fa
  Odilitime 8512af3817 include darwin in zip name 2 anni fa
  Odilitime 170a40439f tools for packaing OSX releases 2 anni fa