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  Odilitime a50a1129bd jsIsFalse() func support, doFunctionCall=>jsFunctionCall, doExpression() multiple char fixes / || support, doAssignment() trim tokens/add stack/better && handling, dereferenceHasBase(), jsParseTokens() fix if condition result 8 months ago
  Odilitime 06ed9b8947 dereferenceHasBase() as undefined key are fine if base variable exists, doFunctionCall => jsFunctionCall to support constructs 8 months ago
  Odilitime 84630b55a3 flush out browserjs 8 months ago
  Odilitime d2178c3c16 flush out browserjs 8 months ago
  Odilitime b167e753c9 update bootstrap 8 months ago
  Odilitime fb86006f5a new file for constructs 8 months ago
  Odilitime 2103263a59 jsGetArray() 8 months ago
  Odilitime 9a75a4aafa jsGetObject() refactor, jsParseTokens return implementation, parseArray() actually call itself for arrays in arrays, jsGetArray() 8 months ago
  Odilitime facc0fd850 jsGetObject() 8 months ago
  Odilitime 79bd205eb7 doFunctionCall() actually return return value, doExpression() handle ) only once / if func value hang around to see if it's called first before changing stack, parseJSON wait for , before reseting keyState, doAssignment() check to see if func is called before setting stack, JavaScript::parse() disable debug 8 months ago
  Odilitime 0752b596e6 minor updates to get the 4chan js parser farther 8 months ago
  Odilitime a8037472f7 parseExpression deprecation, jsGetTokens guard for closing /, doAssignment/doExpression refactor, parseJSON "" support, doAssignment "x in y" support start, dereferenceObject bracket deferencing start, jsParseTokens better if suppor, gcc compile fixt 8 months ago
  Odilitime 19714bf32c parseExpression deprecation 8 months ago
  Odilitime c3f507ac4f Don't allow tags over 10 characters long to allow javascript to be able to use less than and greater than 8 months ago
  Odilitime d85de8b971 crash fix 8 months ago
  Odilitime ba50d61ce3 js_bool support, jsIfFalse(), prefix some functions with js, return values, doExpression - start execution part, locate*QuoteEnd(), locateRegexEnd(), getNextExpression improvements, level indenting of debug, parseFunctionBody improvements, scope refactor, parseJSON() improvements, doAssignment() improvements, getObjectKeyPointer(), dereferenceObject(), applyScope() + re-referencing root support 9 months ago
  Odilitime 07ba81d762 null terminate seed, proper includes for non-WIN32 9 months ago
  Odilitime 4ecabce5a2 prototypes for non-WIN32 9 months ago
  Odilitime 08cd03b05c Javascript class refactor 9 months ago
  Odilitime 3bb37573ee Javascript class refactor 9 months ago
  Odilitime b092a7820c scope refactor, forward type, prototypes, Javascript refactor 9 months ago
  Odilitime 51b60a7e67 Merge branch 'master' of https://gitgud.io/despair/netrunner 9 months ago
  Odilitime e00601c33d Merge branch 'master' of https://gitgud.io/despair/netrunner 9 months ago
  despair 5f980b0779 style linting 9 months ago
  despair 9b9b210f9f Merge branch 'master' of https://gitgud.io/odilitime/netrunner 9 months ago
  Odilitime 4fe969f9de new bootstrap js 9 months ago
  Odilitime fa64b836e8 bootstrip js 9 months ago
  Odilitime 577f820f4c some prototype, add bool/reference 9 months ago
  Odilitime 8e3156132b remove old unused functions 9 months ago
  Odilitime 3d305e040d add prototype 9 months ago
  Odilitime 2a74ba7e37 FIXME note 9 months ago
  Odilitime 5d36abbfe6 merge fixes 9 months ago
  Odilitime 3dccc6a1ab merge 9 months ago
  Odilitime bfcdda5c04 project reorg and cleanup 9 months ago
  despair 803c9da6c8 Merge branch 'master' of https://gitgud.io/odilitime/netrunner 11 months ago
  Odilitime 0f8db670e0 fall through comments for gcc warnings 11 months ago
  Odilitime 3a817788f1 add /usr/local/share to search path for config 11 months ago
  despair 08867b6c62 icons are now consistent across all bit depths 11 months ago
  despair b74a57fbcf oops 11 months ago
  despair 191471ded1 new icon to match site refresh 11 months ago
  despair 22e91b6528 normalised line endings 11 months ago
  despair e5d5fe3afb fuckin visual studio 11 months ago
  despair ff2ee86dbf Merge branch 'master' of ssh.gitgud.io:despair/netrunner 11 months ago
  despair 448a61c1fe first update in a while 11 months ago
  Odilitime 313d7d9008 gcc fix, theme font fix/disablement for now, AddWindow cleans up layers afer use now, addJSDebuggerWindow() 11 months ago
  Odilitime b308754f4f fix gcc compilation tks DosAmp/rolor2013 11 months ago
  Odilitime d1759729b7 parseExpression(), parseJSON(), parseArray(), doExpression() start, doAssignment function/JSON types support/expression handlers 11 months ago
  Odilitime 8479d9573f add prototypes 11 months ago
  Odilitime 5d8844a08f clarification 11 months ago
  Odilitime af5a752b87 typo 11 months ago