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#include "hb.h"
#include "hb-ft.h"
#include <memory>
#include <string>
struct Glyph {
float x0;
float y0;
float x1;
float y1;
float s0;
float t0;
float s1;
float t1;
int textureWidth;
int textureHeight;
std::unique_ptr<unsigned char[]> textureData;
class TextRasterizer {
int fontSize;
TextRasterizer(const std::string &fontPath, const int size, const int resolution, const bool bold);
std::unique_ptr<const Glyph[]> rasterize(const std::string &text, const int x, const int y, float &height, unsigned int &glyphCount) const;
const bool isUnicodeBMP(const FT_Face &face) const;
FT_Library lib;
hb_font_t *font;
hb_buffer_t *buffer;
std::unique_ptr<FT_Face> face;