my dotfiles in all glory
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Welcome to my dotfiles

Feel free to copy whatever you like from my current setup. I spend some time to make everything look coherent, so if you have any questions just let me know.


I also try to keep my $HOME as clean as possible and therefor stick to the XDG-Base-Configuration. As a suckless-enthusiast I primarily use software, that follows a minimalistic approach and does the job. Software that comes with alot of external dependencies often tends to be bloated in my eyes, so I try to avoid that and simply stick to something more simplistic (emacs is a good example here).


This is an uncompleted list of software, that I use on a daily base:

  • vis (text editor based on sam)
  • dwm (suckless window manager)
  • dmenu (suckless launcher)
  • dwmblocks (suckless statusbar)
  • fzf (fuzzy match finder)
  • irssi (IRC client)
  • mpd/ncmpcpp (music player)
  • mpv (video player)
  • ranger/w3m (terminal filemanager)
  • sxiv (image viewer)
  • tmux (terminal multiplexer)


I keep scripts that I find useful in .local/bin/. Config files are stored in .config/. I am able to source my bashrc from there aswell by using the following if-statement in /etc/bash.bashrc:

if [ -s "$HOME/.config/bash/bashrc" ]; then
  . "$HOME/.config/bash/bashrc"

Theming and startup

While I enjoy the solarized-light theme, I dislike some of the color choices that come with it. Thats why I made a less colorized version of it. Every information about it is stored in .config/X11/xressources and .config/X11/xinitrc contains all the necessary programs that get executed once X is started. Imagemagick has some nice options to determine the most prominent colors of certain wallpapers, so I might write something in the near future to automatically pipe those informations to update a theme via xrdb -m.


  • - software that sucks less
  • fsf - Free Software Foundation
  • libreboot - freedom-respecting boot firmware
  • parabola - free, simple, and lightweight operating system


Make sure to backup your most important files before cloning this repository to your machine. I take no responsibility for any loss of data or damage, that might occur - you have been warned:

cd ~
git clone

That’s all folks - have a good one!