Xonotic map for 6+ player free-for-all featuring surf and slick mechanics.

Updated 4 months ago

(C++11) Converts Reflex maps to id Tech .map format for use in map editors.

Updated 6 months ago

A simple PyQt5 Tutanota webclient

Updated 7 months ago

Xonotic map for small deathmatches featuring a bent warpzone.

Updated 11 months ago

(C, SQL) Website CGI to display Race CTS leaderboards of a Xonotic server.

Updated 11 months ago

C Library for handling 3D model formats and associated binary data of the game Devil May Cry.

Updated 11 months ago

(Lua, ASMx86) Replication of Devil May Cry 4's debug functions for it's re-released version.

Updated 11 months ago

Linked list made in C language. The code allows you to add and remove a node structure at the beginning, end or any other given position by index.

Updated 1 year ago