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## Short presentation : Aunée's history and main goal
Aunee was first called VegAu, for "Vegan Autarcy" ( The goal of this program is not to force anyone to go vegan but only to offer a tool to optimize soil use for and WITH (only) vegetal resources. As lots of people see vegan ones as "extremists", I needed to change it's name to avoid people rejecting the project just because of its name.
I hope and wish to see a nice community working together make computer science serving life : humanity, but also plants, soils and all animals which suffer because of human chemicals and practices. I am over with coding, don't have time and brain for it any more. But the idea is still clear in my mind and heart, and I would be delighted to co-create this project with competent people. I wish to see Aunée travelling around the world to mutualize data and promote a viable and new, life-friendly agricultural system.
## Aunée : to encourage and to facilitate the access to organic food as well as to preserve the water resources
Python 3.4