Program to classify Telegram channels and groups. The program ranks channels and groups by number of subscribers and number of messages.
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21-10-2021 - Fix - Statistic and backup files:

Correction in statistics files with the identification of entities by ID, and correct formatting.

21-10-2021 - Update - Unlimited number of channels:

The program now allows you to sort channels, without having to be subscribed in it, which ends the limitation in the amount of channels imposed by Telegram. Telegram limits the amount of channels you can subscribe to, but since the classification is now independent of the subscription, this is no longer a problem. Just like in the mass ban program, the program now collects data using access_hash, which pairs the user with the channel, and dispense the subscription for data collection.

21-10-2021 - Update - Activity and growth:

The program now has the activity and growth classification criterion, which is the amount of messages posted and the amount of new subscribers, since the last classification.

21-10-2021 - Fix:

Error in date printing and error in list format.

05-03-2022 - Update - Send classification to several and private channels, and include emoji in name channel to specify category

06-03-2022 - Update - Support to several languages