Program to permanently ban all members of enemy groups from friend groups and channels
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Program for mass banning on Telegram

Author, ID Telegram 1670082376, 01-30-2021, owner of channel. Program based on Linux. On Windows you may need to specify the path to use the python3.exe program. Below is an example of how the execution of the program looks in this case.


Jacotsu made a version of program with another language in

The program makes PERMANENT banning, that is, it prevents the person from seeing the messages of your group or channel, which protects them from mass reporting (raid). Bots only work in a group and only apply a permanent ban if it has had "contact" with the person before, or if people interact in the group, and yet without full efficiency. The program in question works both in groups and in channels with total efficiency. It takes an average of 3.2 seconds to remove each person, so if you are going to ban people from a group with 9 000 members, it will take 8 hours. The entire program is parameterized, just give the groups link to collect data and put the name of the enemy files in the list of enemy groups. You can also get channel data to keep safe, but you have to be the channel’s ADM.

Manual about how to use the program for mass banning

1. Register at To use the program, you must first register at This site allows you to use Telegram remotely, without the need for an interface. You will receive a code on your cell phone on Telegram. During the registration process, enter anything in the name and title field, with at least 8 letters. Select "Desktop". Once registered you will get 2 codes called api_ip and api_hash. SAVE THIS 2 CODES, as you will need it. It is suggested that you save to Telegram even in 'Saved Messages'.

2. Collecting data: First you will put your api_id and api_hash data in the file with the name api_id and api_hash.txt in the Files and Settings folder. Just replace the ????????? by api_id and api_hash numbers. Then you will put the name of the groups to get data in the file List of entities to get data.txt, in the Files and Settings folder. It may be necessary to be a member of the group, if it is a private group, for example. The program will not work if you are banned from the group. If you need too, there are apps to create extra phone numbers. Even if the group is private, it is possible to obtain the data using the group ID. Use to obtain the ID that is on the browser group link via It is the first string with some 10 digits. Add -100 in front of the group ID. The other more extensive number sequence is your access_hash with the group, but that sequence is not necessary. Sometimes the group may be censored and data collection can be a problem. Once the api_id, api_hash and group list files to get data are configured, use the program program_get_data to collect data. You will receive a code on your Telegram on your cell phone, use it in the program. You will be asked for your Telegram password. Go to the Telegram settings and create one, if you haven't already. That done and if nothing goes wrong, the program will list your data, the selected target groups and will send some positive messages of good progress. If nothing goes wrong this process will be quick, because Telegram gives you the data for an entire group with a single request. That done, go to the Files and Settings -> Collected Data folder and view the collected data. The access_hash between you and the person is unique among you, so only you can ban the person with that access_hash, and someone else cannot use that access_hash that you have collected. It is possible to get data from several groups at once. Separate the links with a line break. Private group must have the prefix '' in the group link. To run the program to get data from group members, use the command

pip3 install telethon

3. Mass ban: After data collection, take the name of the files with the data of the people to ban and place them in the list of enemy groups to ban. Include the file name with the file name extension, for example, group name any.txt. Once this is done, use the mass ban program. Bans are recorded in the progress file in the Banning Monitoring folder. Do not close the window during the ban. If all goes well, just a line of text will appear to follow the progress in the folder with the monitoring files. If it works, a list like User 481313151 removed from the entity 12:04:02, 21-01-2021 will appear in the progress file. In the case of Linux, it is possible to leave the programs running in the background with the nohup program. Separating the data collection process from the banning process is safer, allows you to use the data collection program for purposes other than banning and allows you to already have all the member data in hand to ban them later, since the banning process takes time. To run the program to ban mass, use the command