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# backup_channel_telegram
## Telegram Channel Backup
Author, ID Telegram 1670082376, 03-19-2021, owner of channel. Program based on Linux. On Windows you may need to specify the path to use the ```python3.exe``` program. Below is an example of how the execution of the program looks in this case.
This program make backup of Telegam channels and groups. It even preserves messages in response to other messages. In the ```Files and Settings``` folder there is a video tutorial on how to use the program. To periodically use (on Linux) you must use the program ```crontab```. This program already comes on Linux and is very simple to use. In the video tutorial you have an example of using this porgram. In the following address has an explanation of how to use it: Telegram does not let you send media indefinitely, it simply break, but it just decreases the interval between regular backups to solve this.

## Manual about how to use the program for channel backup

Program to make copies of Telegram channels.
**1. Register at** To use the program, you must first register at This site allows you to use Telegram remotely, without the need for an interface. You will receive a code on your cell phone on Telegram. During the registration process, enter anything in the name and title field, with at least 8 letters. Select "Desktop". Once registered you will get 2 codes called ```api_ip``` and ```api_hash```. SAVE THIS 2 CODES, as you will need it. It is suggested that you save to Telegram even in 'Saved Messages'.

**2. Channel Backup:** First you will put your ```api_id``` and ```api_hash``` data in the file with the name ```api_id and api_hash.txt``` in the ```Files and Settings``` folder. Just replace the ```?????????``` by their ```api_id``` and ```api_hash``` numbers. After putting these two data to make remote access, go to the file ```Files and Settings/Backup channels.txt``` and put the username of the channel to backup and the backup channel, separated by comma. When you run the program for the first time, Telegram will ask you for personal data. You will receive a code on your Telegram on your cell phone, use it in the program. You will be asked for your Telegram password. Go to the Telegram settings and create one, if you haven't already. During the execution of the program you will be asked to install additional packages. Install it as the command ```pip3 install```. Surely it had asked you to install the telethon package, as shown below.
pip3 install telethon
To run the program, use the command below.
To run the program regularly, which is very important, you must use the ```crontab``` program, as spoken above. The use of ```crontab``` is indispensable because the main purpose of the program is to make backups regularly. For example, to make backups of your channels every day at midnight, you must include a command similar to this
0 0 * * * cd /home/path_to_program_directory/ && python3
Which means it will run the program every day at night, at 0 minute of 0 hour (24 hours). If you want to run the backup every 6 hours, you must include this command
0 */6 * * * cd /home/path_to_program_directory/ && python3
which means that the backup will run at 0 minutes every 6 hours, or more specifically, the program will run at 0 minutes at 0, 6, 12 and 18 hours, that is, 4 times a day.
To restart the backup, delete the ID files inside the ```Files and Settings/ID Saved Messages```.