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🔞 NSFW. This page and the application is intended for adults only.

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DreamTime is an open-source and super-improved version of DeepNude to make your dreams come true 💖.

If you want to share or modify this software please do it for the same purpose as we do and always release the source code of your modifications. Read the LICENSE for more information.

🚀 DreamTime features:

  • Free and open-source forever. No cracks or premium versions required, you get everything from the start.
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS.
  • Friendly and stable user interface.
  • GPU processing. (Nudify a photo in seconds)
  • GIF support. (Videos soon!)
  • Import photos from your computer, the web or Instagram.
  • Import several photos at once, even entire folders! (Queue system)
  • Modify the preferences of each photo. (Bigger t*ts? Bigger v*gina? Pubic hair? We have you covered.)
  • Transform the same photo several times using different preferences. Also available randomize and progressive preferences.
  • Update the application, algorithm and checkpoints from the app itself.
  • Edit, crop or overlay the photo with different tools.
  • Discord and social networks, join the community and always stay informed or talk to us about suggestions and problems.
  • Every 1 or 2 weeks there is a new version with more features!
  • Are you still using the old DeepNude? 🤨

🎉 What are you waiting for?


  • 64 bits OS
  • Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 10 1803+
  • Ubuntu 16.04+
  • macOS Catalina 10.15+
  • 8 GB+ of RAM.

👉 Systems with less RAM could work with occasional problems.

👉 N versions of Windows 10 require installing the Media Feature Pack.

GPU Processing (Optional)

👉 Devices with less VRAM could work with occasional problems.

👉 If you do not have an NVIDIA or compatible GPU you can use CPU processing (slower).


💕 Patrons get access to the latest versions before everyone else!

GitHub All Releases



Ubuntu Snap



  • Windows: Just click on the installer.
  • Linux: Install using Snap. You can use the command: sudo snap install <DreamTime>.snap --dangerous.
    • The dangerous argument is required to allow the installation of an application without a certificate, we will try to solve this in later versions.
  • macOS: Install in the way other applications are installed. You may have to start DreamTime manually using the context menu while pressing the shift key.

Common problems.

  • The installer displays the message “Installation aborted”

    • Platform: Windows.
    • Cause: Known issue when upgrading from version 1.2 (or earlier) to a new version.
    • Solution:
    • Uninstall any instance of the application and try to re-install in both modes (Only for me or For all users)
    • Install Bulk Crap Uninstaller and remove any trace of DreamTime using the program, then try to re-install.
  • Errors related to disableHardwareAcceleration and uploadMode

    • Platform: Any.
    • Cause: DreamTime was unable to update the user settings file with additional options required by the new version.
    • Solution: Open %appdata%/dreamtime (Windows) or click on the App button of DreamTime in the About section within the application and delete the settings.json file, then open DreamTime again.


In each update we add new features that make the program a bit more complex, we invite you to read the manual so you don’t miss out and take advantage of all the features:


We are a community interested in developing adult entertainment and decentralized applications. Join our social networks:


Developing our applications is time consuming! Help us accelerate development and offer better updates!





Problems? Doubts? or you are simply interested in chatting with the main developer, you can contact me at:



Q: Why does the program ask for firewall permissions?

A: We use Rollbar and Nucleus to obtain telemetry information of the program mainly for automatic error reporting and to obtain real-time application information.

We do not store any personal information or photos that have been processed with the program, everything is kept securely on your computer, if you prefer you can use the program in offline mode or disable telemetry.

💻 Development


What should I know?


All the source code is inside the src/ folder, from now on all the instructions will be based on this folder.

Quick Setup

Install dependencies:

yarn install

Start development enviroment:

yarn start:nuxt

yarn start:babel

yarn start:electron


yarn build

Pull Requests

Pull Requests of all kinds are welcome! Please make sure you do it in the canary branch.