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"""main logic."""
import os
import sys
import time
from multiprocessing import freeze_support
import argv
from config import Config as Conf
from processing import SimpleProcessing
from processing.folder import FolderImageProcessing
from processing.multiple import MultipleImageProcessing
def main(_):
"""Start main logic.""""Welcome to DreamPower")
if Conf.args['gpu_ids']:"GAN Processing Will Use GPU IDs: {}".format(Conf.args['gpu_ids']))
else:"GAN Processing Will Use CPU")
# Processing
start = time.time()
select_processing().run()"Done! We have taken {} seconds".format(round(time.time() - start, 2)))
# Exit
def select_processing():
Select the processing to use following args parameters.
:return: <Process> a process to run
if os.path.isdir(Conf.args['input']):
process = processing_image_folder()
elif Conf.args['n_runs'] != 1:
process = multiple_image_processing()
process = simple_image_processing()
Conf.log.debug("Process to execute : {}".format(process))
return process
def simple_image_processing():
Define a simple image process ready to run.
:param phases: <ImageTransform[]> list of image transformation
:return: <SimpleTransform> a image process run ready
return SimpleProcessing()
def multiple_image_processing():
Define a multiple image process ready to run.
:param n_runs: number of times to process
:return: <MultipleTransform> a multiple image process run ready
filename, extension = os.path.splitext(Conf.args['output'])
Conf.args['input'] = [Conf.args['input'] for _ in range(Conf.args['n_runs'])]
Conf.args['output'] = ["{}{}{}".format(filename, i, extension) for i in range(Conf.args['n_runs'])]
return MultipleImageProcessing()
def processing_image_folder():
Define a folder image process ready to run.
:return: <FolderImageTransform> a image process run ready
return FolderImageProcessing()
if __name__ == "__main__":