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"""Image Transform Processing."""
import os
import sys
from config import Config as Conf
from processing import Processing
from processing.utils import select_phases
from processing.worker import run_worker
from utils import camel_case_to_str, write_image
from loader import Loader
class ImageProcessing(Processing):
"""Image Processing Class."""
def _setup(self, *args):
Process Image Constructor.
:param args: <dict> args parameter to run the image transformation (default use Conf.args)
self.__phases = select_phases(self._args)
self.__input_path = self._args['input']
self.__output_path = self._args['output']
self.__altered_path = self._args.get('altered')
self.__starting_step = self._args['steps'][0] if self._args.get('steps') else 0
self.__ending_step = self._args['steps'][1] if self._args.get('steps') else None
Conf.log.debug("All Phases : {}".format(self.__phases))
Conf.log.debug("To Be Executed Phases : {}".format(self.__phases[self.__starting_step:self.__ending_step]))
path = self.__altered_path if os.path.isfile(self.__input_path) or not self._args.get('folder_altered') \
else os.path.join(self._args['folder_altered'], os.path.basename(self.__output_path))
self.__image_steps = [self.__input_path] + [
os.path.join(path, "{}.png".format(p().__class__.__name__))
for p in self.__phases[:self.__starting_step]
]"Processing on {}".format(str(self.__image_steps)[2:-2]))
self.__image_steps = [
(Loader.get_loader(x)).load(x) if isinstance(x, str) else x for x in self.__image_steps
except FileNotFoundError as e:
Conf.log.error("{} is not able to resume because it not able to load required images. "
Conf.log.error("Possible source of this error is that --altered argument is not a correct "
"directory path that contains valid images.")
def _execute(self, *args):
Execute all phases on the image.
:return: None
for p in (x for x in self.__phases[self.__starting_step:self.__ending_step]):
r = run_worker(p, self.__image_steps, config=self._args)
if self.__altered_path:
path = self.__altered_path \
if os.path.isfile(self._args['input']) or not self._args.get('folder_altered') \
else os.path.join(self._args['folder_altered'], os.path.basename(self.__output_path))
write_image(r, os.path.join(path, "{}.png".format(p.__class__.__name__)))
Conf.log.debug("{} Step Image Of {} Execution".format(
os.path.join(path, "{}.png".format(p.__class__.__name__)),
write_image(self.__image_steps[-1], self.__output_path)"{} Created".format(self.__output_path))
Conf.log.debug("{} Result Image Of {} Execution"
.format(self.__output_path, camel_case_to_str(self.__class__.__name__)))
return self.__image_steps[-1]