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import os
import gpu_info
from argv.checkpoints import set_arg_checkpoints, check_arg_checkpoints
from utils import check_image_file_validity, is_a_supported_image_file_extension, check_url
from loader import Loader
from loader.fs import FSLoader
from loader.http import HTTPLoader
def set_args_run_parser(args):
def check_args_run_parser(parser, args):
check_arg_input(parser, args)
check_arg_output(parser, args)
check_args_altered(parser, args)
check_arg_checkpoints(parser, args)
def check_args_altered(parser, args):
if args.steps and not args.altered:
parser.error("--steps requires --altered.")
elif args.steps and args.altered:
if not os.path.isdir(args.altered):
parser.error("{} directory doesn't exist.".format(args.altered))
def set_gpu_ids(args):
if args.cpu:
args.gpu_ids = None
elif args.gpu:
args.gpu_ids = args.gpu
args.gpu_ids = None if not gpu_info.get_info()['has_cuda'] else [0]
def check_arg_input(parser, args):
if not args.input:
parser.error("-i, --input INPUT is required.")
loader = Loader.get_loader(args.input)
if loader == FSLoader:
if os.path.isfile(args.input) and not is_a_supported_image_file_extension(args.input):
parser.error("Input {} file not supported format.".format(args.input))
if os.path.isfile(args.input):
elif loader == HTTPLoader:
if not check_url(args.input):
parser.error("Url {} of the http ressource doesn't exist or is not accesible.".format(args.input))
if not is_a_supported_image_file_extension(args.input):
parser.error("Url {} is not file with a supported extension format.".format(args.input))
parser.error("Input {} is not a valid file or directory or url.".format(args.input))
return args.input
def check_arg_output(parser, args):
if os.path.isfile(args.input) and not args.output:
_, extension = os.path.splitext(args.input)
args.output = "output{}".format(extension)
elif args.output and os.path.isfile(args.input) and not is_a_supported_image_file_extension(args.output):
parser.error("Output {} file not a supported format.".format(args.output))
def set_arg_preference(args):
args.prefs = {
"titsize": args.bsize,
"aursize": args.asize,
"nipsize": args.nsize,
"vagsize": args.vsize,
"hairsize": args.hsize