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  Ivan Bravo Bravo 044264ab98 Docs modifications 1 year ago
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 9d46fedb6c Release script fixes 1 year ago
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  deeppppp 6de94dd9d0 Bug fix 1 year ago
  deeppppp c974aaff9a Cleanup 1 year ago
  deeppppp 17b6941193 Updated to version 1.2.1 1 year ago
  deeppppp da1842e50c Bug fix 1 year ago
  deeppppp 541c8d21fe Updated to version 1.2 1 year ago
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Merge pull request #61 from private-dreamnet/multiprocess 2 years ago
  PommeDroid 4e3cf3a8c6 Enable multiprocessing on multiple computation (folder,gif) 2 years ago
  deeppppp d691f02cb5
Merge pull request #60 from PommeDroid/persitant-gan 2 years ago
  PommeDroid b466619096 Rework Transform Instanciation 2 years ago
  deeppppp 022cb0ff5b
Merge pull request #59 from PommeDroid/loader 2 years ago
  PommeDroid 1ecfc3c505 Update help for input (add http url support) 2 years ago
  PommeDroid 15ab633ab5 fix typo for Pep8 compliance 2 years ago
  PommeDroid 932bb96820 Add http(s) support for input 2 years ago
  deeppppp 1217e1753d
Merge pull request #58 from PommeDroid/samples 2 years ago
  PommeDroid d4c6125414 Create a dir that regrouping samples images 2 years ago
  deeppppp 66fd1e71dc
Merge pull request #53 from PommeDroid/fix-gif 2 years ago
  PommeDroid 651c8a0334 Fix Gif processing 2 years ago
  deeppppp 907e473afe
Merge pull request #51 from PommeDroid/deamon 2 years ago
  PommeDroid fed6c12231 Initial Daemon Support 2 years ago
  deeppppp 8fead426b1
Merge pull request #50 from PommeDroid/ultimate_refactoring_fix 2 years ago
  PommeDroid de5df632bb Fix some regression for the no so ultimate refactor :D 2 years ago
  deeppppp 6fd8afecbb
Merge pull request #49 from PommeDroid/utimate_refactoring 2 years ago
  PommeDroid be3c79d45b Ultimate Refactoring 2 years ago
  deeppppp b35a59983d
Merge pull request #45 from PommeDroid/more_refactor 2 years ago
  PommeDroid 4ceb40c52c More Refactor 2 years ago
  deeppppp 6770aa0f5f
Merge pull request #43 from PommeDroid/processing_refacto 2 years ago
  PommeDroid 6aec2d3ba2 Processing Module Refactoring 2 years ago
  deeppppp b6820f0cf2
Merge pull request #42 from PommeDroid/clean_code 2 years ago
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 538640227d Merge branch 'master' into canary 2 years ago
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 90cc3a7a5f Finish pull-release-fix 2 years ago
  Ivan Bravo Bravo f469d6d988 Release script fix for pull requests 2 years ago
  PommeDroid 32acae9961 Fix last miss issue on codacy 2 years ago
  PommeDroid a5bdc476da Clean Code 2 years ago
  deeppppp b9796521f8
Merge pull request #41 from PommeDroid/argv_change 2 years ago