5 Commits (4d9354a4e3541074e7dd1ed168414abb2e60f6a6)

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PommeDroid 17afb7ad72 Argv parsing change and refactoring 3 years ago
PommeDroid 6fd8cb5709 Download checkpoints directly from dreampower 3 years ago
PommeDroid 40ce0054e0 Settings Per Folder for Folder processing #30 3 years ago
PommeDroid ec98f8666f Heavy refactoring 3 years ago
PommeDroid 7d569cedd0 Refactor setup.py/build.py for reuse on DreamTime 3 years ago
Ivan Bravo Bravo 7e3113beff - Restoration of the requirements by platform because generic does not work. 3 years ago
Iván Bravo Bravo 562e740ea1 - GIF Support 3 years ago