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  Ivan Bravo Bravo dbafbfcbbe 🎉 v1.2.5 1 year ago
  Ivan Bravo Bravo b1a37a0f65 Force autoresize on step 5:5 1 year ago
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 1dc4d7d7e3 --export-step fixes 1 year ago
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 4c1fe64e26 Added --export-step and --export-step-path to export a specific step in a specific folder. 1 year ago
  Ivan Bravo Bravo 2a97ee89e6 Allow --steps without --altered 1 year ago
  deeppppp 76b02e4dff Bug fix 1 year ago
  deeppppp 08952cf7f1 Bug fix 1 year ago
  deeppppp fdb68215f3 Bug fix 1 year ago
  PommeDroid 4e3cf3a8c6 Enable multiprocessing on multiple computation (folder,gif) 2 years ago
  PommeDroid b466619096 Rework Transform Instanciation 2 years ago
  PommeDroid 15ab633ab5 fix typo for Pep8 compliance 2 years ago
  PommeDroid 932bb96820 Add http(s) support for input 2 years ago
  PommeDroid fed6c12231 Initial Daemon Support 2 years ago
  PommeDroid be3c79d45b Ultimate Refactoring 2 years ago
  PommeDroid 6aec2d3ba2 Processing Module Refactoring 2 years ago
  PommeDroid 8f7c67eb1e Remove --gif option & enable gif support for --folder 2 years ago
  PommeDroid a02547b2ca Initial folder processing support #30 2 years ago
  PommeDroid 9f6abe2c30 Typos 2 years ago
  PommeDroid b19727a734 Transformation steps v2 2 years ago
  PommeDroid 5453bb7327 Guess the use CPU/GPU if no --cpu --gpu option is provided 2 years ago
  PommeDroid ec98f8666f Heavy refactoring 2 years ago