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"""Multiple Image Transform Processing."""
import copy
from multiprocessing.pool import ThreadPool
from config import Config as Conf
from processing import Processing, SimpleProcessing
from utils import camel_case_to_str
class MultipleImageProcessing(Processing):
"""Multiple Image Processing Class."""
def __init__(self, args=None, children_process=SimpleProcessing):
Process Multiple Images Constructor.
:param children_process: <ImageTransform> Process to use on the list of input
:param args: args: <dict> args parameter to run images transformations (default use Conf.args)
self._input_paths = self._args['input']
self._output_paths = self._args['output']
self._process_list = []
self.__multiprocessing = Conf.multiprocessing()
self.__children_process = children_process
def _setup(self):
self._process_list = []
for input_path, output_path in zip(self._input_paths, self._output_paths):
args = copy.deepcopy(self._args)
args['input'] = input_path
args['output'] = output_path
def _execute(self):
Execute all phases on the list of images.
:return: None
def process_one_image(a):"{} : {}/{}".format(
camel_case_to_str(self.__class__.__name__), a[1] + 1, len(self._process_list)
if not self.__multiprocessing:
for x in zip(self._process_list, range(len(self._process_list))):
Conf.log.debug("Using Multiprocessing")
pool = ThreadPool(Conf.args['n_cores']), zip(self._process_list, range(len(self._process_list))))