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  18. ************************************************************************************************************************
  19. Street.Fighter.III.Triple.Threat-RDC
  20. ************************************************************************************************************************
  21. ========================================================================================================================
  22. General Information
  23. ************************************************************************************************************************
  24. Platform Region......: NTSC-U
  25. Image Size...........: 770mb
  26. Compression Format...: 7z LZMA2
  27. Image Format.........: CDI
  28. Image Made on........: WinXP
  29. Image Created with...: DJ6
  30. Cracked by...........: comradesnarky
  31. Design by............: comradesnarky
  32. Artwork by...........: comradesnarky
  33. XBLA ripped by.......: Dreamcaster
  34. Move lists checked by: CD AGES
  35. Original format......: GD-ROM and XBLA
  36. Genre................: Fighting
  37. CDR Size.............: 700mb
  38. ========================================================================================================================
  39. Release Notes
  40. ************************************************************************************************************************
  41. Well, it's finally here. Only about three months after it was supposed to come out, but I can promise that the wait
  42. was worth it. This is Street Fighter III: Triple Threat, a compilation of all the Street Fighter III games; New
  43. Generation, 2nd Impact: Giant Attack and Third Strike. But that's not all, of course. This disc also includes all of the
  44. bonus artwork from 2011's Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. There are
  45. also move lists specific to each of the different games for each character, a how-to-play guide for people who are new
  46. to this game or the Street Fighter franchise (and it'll be needed, Street Fighter III is perhaps the most technical
  47. fighting game released). There are also saves for all of the games that unlock Gill in New Generation, Gill and Akuma
  48. in 2nd Impact and unlock Gill in Third Strike. Note that the saves change the default settings for the game (time
  49. limits, etc). I'd recommend going into the options menu and restoring the game to default. The Third Strike game save
  50. is compatible with RDC's Third Strike Arcade Edition release.
  51. The game is built around the XDP web browser. If you want to go back while you're viewing character art or anything
  52. else, hold down X and press left or right on the d-pad. This acts as a back/forward button.
  53. Character move lists are in the menu for each respective game. To access the how-to-play information, art galleries and
  54. game saves, they're under the extras section in the main menu. The in-game exit buttons in New Generation and 2nd Impact
  55. will take you back to the main menu and allow you to select another game. If you want to return to the main menu from
  56. Third Strike, you'll have to execute the tricky Start+A+B+X+Y+L+R reset, so you're probably better off just resetting
  57. your Dreamcast.
  58. We're particularly proud of this release; hopefully any future compilation discs released by us or other groups will
  59. follow a similar template in regards to content. A lot of time has been put into getting this release to what it is, and
  60. hopefully it has the retail quality that was strived for. Enjoy our 50th release; it's certainly a landmark, and we
  61. aren't done yet.
  62. FAQ
  63. Q: Why isn't the version of Third Strike here the Third Strike Arcade Edition version previously released by RDC?
  64. A: Think of this disc as a companion piece to Arcade Edition. Just like Double Impact compiled the "irrelevant" versions
  65. of Street Fighter III alongside Third Strike. This disc will be a good place to learn the ropes of the game. The changes
  66. in the Arcade Edition aren't things that a casual or beginner player would miss. Besides that, the Arcade Edition music
  67. was a much higher bitrate even though the music is of a lower quality. To fit on this disc, the music would need to be
  68. downsampled, and this isn't something that should be done considering the original state of the music quality.
  69. Q: Why are some of the moves their translated names instead of the originals?
  70. A: If you noticed this, why are you using the move lists? The technicality of the game is pretty daunting; having move
  71. names in Japanese doesn't really reduce the intimidation of learning the ins and outs of the game. It doesn't really
  72. change anything. That said, only some of the names are their translated versions.
  73. Q: I'm stuck in the menus! Why isn't there a back button? This sucks.
  74. A: Read the NFO, or stop playing the game. You don't deserve it if you can't take a second to read about what
  75. you're downloading.
  76. Special thanks to:
  77. Dreamcaster, for ripping the Online Edition artwork
  78. CD AGES for double checking the New Generation and Double Impact move lists and providing major revisions, and
  79. supplying move lists for Gill in 2nd/3rd and Akuma in 2nd. Also for providing a lot of extra information for the
  80. version differences section. This release would've been a bit sloppy were it not for him.
  81. ToodlesDC, for inspiring this idea with his Capcom Fighting Collection release
  82. All of the ReviveDC fans who thank us, read the blog, download our releases, spread the word and keep the dream alive
  83. JaMbo87 for giving us the ReviveDC forum at ISO Zone and letting us set up shop
  84. SegaHub, ISO Zone and Dreamcast-Talk for having reasonable rules and respecting the people providing the content,
  85. in other words, fuck SOR.
  86. Tobaccoo for the new boot screen logo
  87. The XDP developers for their work on the browser that powers this release (note that they had no hand in making
  88. this disc)
  89. EventHubs contributors for writing the excellent Third Strike guides at the site, which are used in this disc.
  90. djbra pour traduire ReviveDC en Francais pour Darius-Saturn
  91. The current ReviveDC Team, for stepping up to the plate and helping make ReviveDC the best ripping group around after
  92. several failures to launch over the past four years. It felt wrong to end the NFO thanking anyone but the team.
  93. ========================================================================================================================
  94. Features of our releases:
  95. ************************************************************************************************************************
  96. -Completely customized sort order to optimize menu loading and gameplay
  97. -Nothing ripped or downsampled (art from Online Edition was shrunk down to be viewable on the Dreamcast)
  98. -Data/Data Selfboot technique
  99. -VGA Box support Enabled
  100. -Region Free
  101. -Custom IP.bin
  102. -Comes with covers
  103. -No corrupted files made with verified GD-ROM and checked with RapidCRC
  104. -7z LZMA2 Compression
  105. ************************************************************************************************************************
  106. Thanks goes out to...
  107. ************************************************************************************************************************
  108. yzb-Override-TuxtheWise-FamilyGuy-DarkFalz-MegaLex-HyKan-JeffMA-ToodlesDC-Lin88-Vasility-DCHQ-Echelon-GeNius-Dreammatrix
  109. ************************************************************************************************************************
  110. Without your help this scene wouldn't be here
  111. ========================================================================================================================
  112. ************************************************************************************************************************
  113. ========================================================================================================================
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  118. Reviewers,Crackers,Artist, and Undumped GDI's especially Japanese games are of interest.
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  134. 2011/11/10.0016-Super.Street.Fighter.II.X.English.Translation-RDC
  135. 2011/11/10.0017-Super.Street.Fighter.II.X.English.Remix-RDC
  136. 2011/18/10.0018-Street.Fighter.III.Third.Strike.Arcade.Edition-RDC
  137. 2011/18/10.0019-Street.Fighter.III.Double.Impact-RDC
  138. 2011/25/10.0020-Street.Fighter.III.Third.Strike.Offline.Edition-RDC
  139. 2011/25/10.0021-Street.Fighter.III.Third.Strike-RDC
  140. 2011/01/11.0022-Donald.Duck.Goin.Quackers.(U)-RDC
  141. 2011/06/11.00XX-Shock.Troopers.AES.Beta.v4.[5%.OC]-RDC (UPDATED Emulator to BETA v4)
  142. 2011/08/11.0023-Savage.Reign-RDC
  143. 2011/08/11.0024-Dreamcast.VM.Data.Issue-RDC
  144. 2011/15/11.0025-Soul.Blade.BLEEM-RDC
  145. 2011/15/11.0026-Super.Baseball.2020-RDC
  146. 2011/15/11.0027-Aero.Fighters.2-RDC
  147. 2011/03/12.0028-Metal.Slug.X.OC.AES.Beta.4-RDC
  148. 2011/03/12.0029-Virtua.Athlete.2000.[T44301N].(U)-RDC
  149. 2011/20/12.0030-Gundam.Side.Story.0079.Rise.From.The.Ashes-RDC
  150. 2011/20/12.0031-The.King.Of.Fighters.94.NEO4ALL.RC4-RDC
  151. 2011/20/12.0032-3.Count.Bout.NEO4ALL.RC4-RDC
  152. 2011/20/12.0033-Grand.Theft.Auto.2-RDC
  153. 2011/24/12.0034-Power.Stone-RDC
  154. 2011/24/12.0035-King.of.the.Monsters.2.NEO4ALL.RC4-RDC
  155. 2011/27/12.0036-Silver-RDC
  156. 2011/27/12.0037-Aero.Fighters.3.NEO4ALL.RC4-RDC
  157. 2011/27/12.0038-The.House.of.the.Dead.2-RDC
  158. 2012/03/01.0039-Hanagumi.Taisen.Columns.II-RDC
  159. 2012/03/01.0040-Last.Hope.Pink.Bullets-RDC
  160. 2012/17/01.0041-Sega.Bass.Fishing-RDC
  161. 2012/17/01.0042-Wind.and.Water.Puzzle.Battles-RDC
  162. 2012/17/01.0043-The.Last.Blade.NEO4ALL.RC4-RDC
  163. 2012/17/01.0044-Fur.Fighters.DEMO-RDC
  164. 2012/17/01.0045-Marvel.vs.Capcom-RDC
  165. 2012/24/01.0046-Marvel.vs.Capcom.2-RDC
  166. 2012/24/01.0047-ADK.World.NEO4ALL.RC4-RDC
  167. 2012/24/01.00XX-Last.Resort.NEO4ALL.RC4.Repack-RDC (Update from RC3 to RC4)
  168. 2012/31/01.0048-Sega.Bass.Fishing.2-RDC
  169. 2012/31/01.0049-Sega.Marine.Fishing-RDC
  170. 2012/07/02.0050-Street.Fighter.III.Triple.Threat-RDC
  171. NFO Created by atreyu187 2011/16/11