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  18. ************************************************************************************************************************
  19. ************************************************************************************************************************
  20. Sonic.Adventure.Limited.Edition.BETA.(REPACK).99min-RDC
  21. ========================================================================================================================
  22. General Information
  23. ************************************************************************************************************************
  24. Platform Region......: NTSC-U
  25. Image Size...........: 949mb
  26. Compression Format...: 7z LZMA2
  27. Image Format.........: CDI
  28. Image Made on........: Win 7 x64
  29. Image Created with...: Disc Juggler 6
  30. Cracked by...........: atreyu187
  31. Ripped by............: DRX
  32. Artwork by...........: snarky
  33. Genre................: Platformer
  34. CDR Size.............: 870mb (99min CDR or higher required)
  35. Time.................: 96:35:12
  36. Burn Tested..........: Yes, four different Dreamcast
  37. Program..............: IMGBurn w/ DJ Drivers
  38. Media................: 870mb Banna Digital 99min CDR
  39. Speed................: 16x
  40. Disk Info:
  41. Hardware Identifier..: "SEGA SEGAKATANA"
  42. Hardware Vender ID...: "SEGA ENTERPRISES"
  43. Media ID.............: "88B9"
  44. Media Information....: "GD-ROM1/1"
  45. Compatible area......: "JU"
  46. Peripheral Info......: "0781A10"
  47. Product number.......: "MK-51014"
  48. Version number.......: "V1.001"
  49. Release date.........: "03/06/1999"
  50. First read file......: "1ST_READ.BIN"
  51. Maker Identifier.....: "SEGA ENTERPRISES"
  52. Game Title...........: "SONIC ADVENTURE LIMITED EDITION"
  53. HD area TOC:
  54. HD tracks............: 3 to 3
  55. Track 3..............: Start LBA 45000
  56. Track 3..............: End LBA 549300, ctrl 0x4
  57. Last Sector..........: LBA 549150
  58. ========================================================================================================================
  59. Release Notes
  60. ************************************************************************************************************************
  61. What can I say when you have a great game like this sometimes it needs to be looked back on, I got this copy out the
  62. other day due to a buddy that finally got some 99min CDR. Well I burned a copy myself and started to play and realized
  63. while the best copy of this game out there this isn't the best we could do so back to the books I went on this one.
  64. First off I looked closer at the disc and found a useless video file that was used in the "International Edition" of
  65. this game as they are the same game with a few langage changes to a few textures as the "International Edition" had
  66. Multi-5 where as the "Limited Edition" only got English but shared the excat same files with only minor changes made in
  67. localazation of the game. Anyhow I sent the file a packing as it gave me around 70mb more data to play with. I left all
  68. video 100% untouched it is the same as it would be playing from the actual disc.
  69. I then took all the ADX audio files and proceeded to making a rip of this game with true stereo sound as I just got
  70. a new head unit and I can tell in the last rip of the game that something was missing while playing unless I set the
  71. game to mono everytime. This isn't RDCstyle and I would hate for anyone to waste a precious 870mb disc. So to took the
  72. files apart got the loop points and converted from 44100khz stereo to 32000khz stereo and muxed them back to ADX files.
  73. And this made for some really excellent music in the game and I honestly could tell the difference from this rip of the
  74. game and my actual "International Edition" of the game.
  75. Anyhow rearranged the sort order a little and pushed all video to the edge of the disc and all the audio followed
  76. directly after. Takes a little to load the first screen but it does this on the orginal game as well but once you
  77. get going you will never tell the difference as the seek times are great and I am very proud of this release so much
  78. so I say this will never be repacked or touched ever again. 100% untouched video HQ stereo sound and optimized with
  79. all the right touches make this the difinative verison of the game ever hands down.
  80. Also good news folks I haven't been pressing my 99min rips all the way to the end of the disc as not all burners are
  81. created equal. I try to stay around the 96 minute mark as it seems to be a pretty common time that most burners can
  82. handle and since there was room after ripping the video I just left the large dummy out and replaced it with one 20mb
  83. smalller. There is no difference in gameplay only makes the game more burner friendly for others that can't burn a
  84. full 99min release. I have noticed most Lite-On and LG burners are the best though I use an Optiarc to burn, rip, and
  85. est each one of these and it is found in most Acer's and Sony laptops as a stock drive and burns 99 and 100min CDR's
  86. Oh and a heads up we have a few more 99min rips coming one in particular I am proud of and any Dreamcast fan will love
  87. especially the fighting fans in a way only the ReviveDc team is able to bring it to you. So keep an eye out as this one
  88. will have you ready to relive some found memories and kick a little ass as well. Till then have fun you rabid RDC
  89. followers till next crop of games.
  90. ***********************************************************************************************************************
  92. =======================================================================================================================
  93. And it goes with out saying but I will again for once this is not our source. It was provided by some genrous Dreamcast
  94. fans that donated to Hidden Palace and DRX was nice enough to aquire and dump for us.This is no easy feat when dumping
  95. from a GD-R BETA let alone cheap as just the System 2 disc is $200, the a BBA, and of course the super rare BETA of
  96. SEGA's flagship game from the system that was remastered. We are just bringing it to you in Dreamcast playable format
  97. as close as it will ever get to having this actual disc. There is an 80min rip of this that is subpar but if quality
  98. is what you want then this is your release no quesitons asked. So stop by and help the Hidden Palace out and maybe
  99. we will see more of the rarities come our way and maybe we can do this aggin on down the road a while. I am going to
  100. see if an 80min of good quality can be made but the best always come first. So thanks to you all without your
  101. help we couldn't do this for you and you couldn't enjoy this in HQ. Happy gaming Dreamcast junkies.
  102. ========================================================================================================================
  103. Features of our releases:
  104. ************************************************************************************************************************
  105. -Full Stereo Sound
  106. -Untouched Video
  107. -Data/Data Selfboot technique
  108. -VGA Box support Enabled
  109. -Region Free
  110. -Custom IP.bin
  111. -Comes with covers
  112. -No corrupted files made with verified CD-ROM and checked with RapidCRC
  113. -7z LZMA2 Compression
  114. -Custom Sort Order to improve seek times
  115. -Reduced file size making it more end user friendly without quality loss
  116. ************************************************************************************************************************
  117. Thanks goes out to...
  118. ************************************************************************************************************************
  119. TOSEC-yzb-Override-Maddog-FamilyGuy-DarkFalz-MegaLex-JeffMA-ToodlesDC-Lin88-MILF-DCHQ-Echelon-GeNius-Dreamatrix-Chui-DRX
  120. ************************************************************************************************************************
  121. Without your help this scene wouldn't be here
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  123. ************************************************************************************************************************
  124. ========================================================================================================================
  125. Find us at
  126. Sign up for our newsletter to get info & early release dates of our games to subscribers so act now.
  127. Looking for additional help. Contact at
  128. Reviewers,Crackers,Artist, and Undumped GDI's especially Japanese games are of interest and credit will be given to all.
  129. Releases-
  130. 2011/05/07.0001-King.of.Fighters.99-RDC (REPACKED 2011/15/08)
  131. 2011/10/07.0002-Double.Dragon-RDC (REPACKED 2011/06/08)
  132. 2011/11/07.0003-Metal.Slug-RDC (REPACKED 2011/05/08)
  133. 2011/16/07.0004-Samurai.Showdown-RDC (REPACKED 2011/16/08)
  134. 2011/16/07.0005-Fighting.Vipers.2.BETA.v1.000-RDC (REPACKED 2011/20/08)
  135. 2011/16/07.0006-Sakura.Wars.4.KIOSK.DEMO-RDC
  136. 2011/17/07.0007-Metal.Slug.2.OC.Edition-RDC (REPACKED 2011/24/09)
  137. 2011/17/07.0008-Ghost.Pilots-RDC (REPACKED 2011/20/08)
  138. 2011/25/07.0009-Last.Resort-RDC
  139. 2011/08/08.0010-Top.Hunter.Roddy.&.Cathy-RDC (REPACKED 2011/14/08)
  140. 2011/09/09.0011-LAN.Dream.Passport.V1.003-RDC
  141. 2011/15/09.0012-Shock.Troopers.OC.Edition-RDC
  142. 2011/27/09.0013-Sonic.Adventure.LE.BETA.[99 Min CDR REQ]-RDC
  143. 2011/04/10.0014-Street.Fighter.Alpha.3-RDC
  144. 2011/04/10.0015-Super.Puzzle.Fighter.II.X.English-RDC
  145. 2011/11/10.0016-Super.Street.Fighter.II.X.English.Translation-RDC
  146. 2011/11/10.0017-Super.Street.Fighter.II.X.English.Remix-RDC
  147. 2011/18/10.0018-Street.Fighter.III.Third.Strike.Arcade.Edition-RDC
  148. 2011/18/10.0019-Street.Fighter.III.Double.Impact-RDC
  149. 2011/25/10.0020-Street.Fighter.III.Third.Strike.Offline.Edition-RDC
  150. 2011/25/10.0021-Street.Fighter.III.Third.Strike-RDC
  151. 2011/01/11.0022-Donald.Duck.Goin.Quackers.(U)-RDC
  152. 2011/06/11.00XX-Shock.Troopers.AES.Beta.v4.[5%.OC]-RDC (UPDATED Emulator to BETA v4)
  153. 2011/08/11.0023-Savage.Reign-RDC
  154. 2011/08/11.0024-Dreamcast.VM.Data.Issue-RDC
  155. 2011/15/11.0025-Soul.Blade.BLEEM-RDC
  156. 2011/15/11.0026-Super.Baseball.2020-RDC
  157. 2011/15/11.0027-Aero.Fighters.2-RDC
  158. 2011/03/12.0028-Metal.Slug.X.OC.AES.Beta.4-RDC
  159. 2011/03/12.0029-Virtua.Athlete.2000-RDC
  160. 2011/20/12.0030-Gundam.Side.Story.0079.Rise.From.The.Ashes-RDC
  161. 2011/20/12.0031-The.King.Of.Fighters.94.NEO4ALL.RC4-RDC
  162. 2011/20/12.0032-3.Count.Bout.NEO4ALL.RC4-RDC
  163. 2011/20/12.0033-Grand.Theft.Auto.2-RDC
  164. 2011/24/12.0034-Power.Stone-RDC
  165. 2011/24/12.0035-King.of.the.Monsters.2.NEO4ALL.RC4-RDC
  166. 2011/27/12.0036-Silver-RDC
  167. 2011/27/12.0037-Aero.Fighters.3.NEO4ALL.RC4-RDC
  168. 2011/27/12.0038-The.House.of.the.Dead.2-RDC
  169. 2012/03/01.0039-Hanagumi.Taisen.Columns.II-RDC
  170. 2012/03/01.0040-Last.Hope.Pink.Bullets-RDC
  171. 2012/17/01.0041-Sega.Bass.Fishing-RDC
  172. 2012/17/01.0042-Wind.and.Water.Puzzle.Battles-RDC
  173. 2012/17/01.0043-The.Last.Blade.NEO4ALL.RC4-RDC
  174. 2012/17/01.0044-Fur.Fighters.DEMO-RDC
  175. 2012/17/01.0045-Marvel.vs.Capcom-RDC
  176. 2012/24/01.0046-Marvel.vs.Capcom.2-RDC
  177. 2012/24/01.0047-ADK.World.NEO4ALL.RC4-RDC
  178. 2012/24/01.00XX-Last.Resort.NEO4ALL.RC4.Repack-RDC (Update from RC3 to RC4)
  179. 2012/31/01.0048-Sega.Bass.Fishing.2-RDC
  180. 2012/31/01.0049-Sega.Marine.Fishing-RDC
  181. 2012/07/02.0050-Street.Fighter.III.Triple.Threat-RDC
  182. 2012/28/02.0051-Evolution.World.of.the.Sacred.Device-RDC
  183. 2012/28/02.0052-Fatal.Fury.Special.NEO4ALL.RC4-RDC
  184. 2012/28/02.0053-Fatal.Fury.3.NEO4ALL.RC4-RDC
  185. 2012/28/02.0054-Ferrari.F355.Challenge-RDC
  186. 2012/28/02.0055-Capcom.vs.SNK.2-RDC
  187. 2012/28/02.0056-Power.Stone.2-RDC
  188. 2012/06/03.0057-Cosmic.Smash-RDC
  189. 2012/06/03.0058-Dino.Crisis-RDC
  190. 2012/06/03.0059-Samurai.Shodown.II.NEO4ALL.RC4-RDC
  191. 2012/06/03.0060-Neo.Drift.Out.NEO4ALL.RC4-RDC
  192. 2012/06/03.0061-Fighting.Vipers.2-RDC
  193. 2012/20/03.0062-Karous-RDC
  194. 2012/20/03.0063-Under.Defeat-RDC
  195. 2012/20/03.0064-Record.of.Lodoss.War-RDC
  196. 2012/20/03.0065-Time.Stalkers-RDC
  197. 2012/20/03.0066-Illbleed-RDC
  198. 2012/20/03.0067-Magician.Lord.NEO4ALL.RC4-RDC
  199. 2012/20/03.0068-Gauntlet.Legeds-RDC
  200. 2012/20/03.0069-Capcom.vs.SNK-RDC
  201. 2012/20/03.0070-Mars.Matrix-RDC
  202. 2012/20/03.0071-Galaxy.Fight.NEO4ALL.RC4-RDC
  203. 2012/29/03.XXXX-Sonic.Adventure.Limited.Edition.99min(REPACK)-RDC (read NFO true stereo sound and untouched video)
  204. NFO Created by atreyu187 2011/16/11