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This is a collection of scripts I’ve written that use fzf

Almost all of them require various tools from coreutils like awk sed cut.


Lists or searches for files and opens them with a command, defaults to vim. Kind of a shortcut for vim $(ag 'foo' | fzf), lists files if no search string is given.


Interactive git wrapper. Very much still a work in progress, but it has same very cool functions already.

depends on git


Lists and searches for songs in an MPD library by artist, album, or playlist.

depends on mpc


Interactively move files. It was originally just an experiment to see what it would be like to make a file explorer with fzf.


Uploads files to and allows listing and editing of uploads.

depends on curl


Searches Debian/Ubuntu and Arch repos (including the AUR) and installs multiple packages.


Lists files from remote servers and rsyncs them to the current directory


List and connect to wifi networks

depends on nmcli