22 Commits (b06a8225a6f75e469afdb3b9d57b336b1747743d)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  DanielFGray 8d6eb89ffe more colors 3 years ago
  DanielFGray 2ee44cc9fa ix: remove trailing newline when copying to clipboard 4 years ago
  DanielFGray 7c6d1d1795 ix: copy response to clipboard 4 years ago
  DanielFGray 902e8e1ccd ix: better account handling 4 years ago
  DanielFGray da32ec78e8 various fixes and tweaks 4 years ago
  DanielFGray ec90fb8979 snek, and read-only colors 5 years ago
  DanielFGray c5b9b6cdba git gud 5 years ago
  DanielFGray bf6b551877 snek 5 years ago
  DanielFGray 67b7dd29cb ix: only syntax highlight visible lines in --preview 5 years ago
  DanielFGray 5ce5eb44f4 remove unnecessary subshells 5 years ago
  DanielFGray 6883403ae1 ix: default to `highlight` over pygmentize 5 years ago
  DanielFGray ca8d69fbe6 ix: add support for multiple highlighters 5 years ago
  DanielFGray c69487938e ix: remove subshells and add better syntax highlighting 5 years ago
  DanielFGray dd99871f07 fzgit: rewrite log function 5 years ago
  DanielFGray 9629eb426a ix: copy url to clipboard 5 years ago
  DanielFGray 0df57a0872 ix: use correct column in preview 5 years ago
  DanielFGray bd1e0dfb91 ix: remove useless less pipe 5 years ago
  DanielFGray 9332b0553f ix: show dates in list 5 years ago
  DanielFGray 7dd8b1f9dc git gud 5 years ago
  DanielFGray 421b1d223d ix: show pastes in --preview 5 years ago
  DanielFGray c48228a62a add --help and usage functions 5 years ago
  DanielFGray fc96b712f5 :hatching_chick: 5 years ago