97 Commits (23d62b2debcebee368cdbcbb333988e0fcaed618)

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  DanielFGray 23d62b2deb npmsearch: npm5 support 4 years ago
  DanielFGray 1a075b66a6 npmsearch: header info 4 years ago
  DanielFGray c1d45d9d89 npmsearch: header info 4 years ago
  DanielFGray 3a57fe6f1b npmsearch: header info 4 years ago
  DanielFGray 28b091c83a npmsearch: remove clutter from preview 4 years ago
  DanielFGray 4ac05475cd npmsearch: save packages as dev deps 4 years ago
  DanielFGray 88151c37bd update README 4 years ago
  DanielFGray 3d8e351174 pkgrm can --sort by size 4 years ago
  DanielFGray cf81c9cf18 added npmsearch script 4 years ago
  DanielFGray 88f7320d46 added pkgm script 4 years ago
  DanielFGray 9a4a6cda62 fzgit: fix paging to less 4 years ago
  DanielFGray 2ee44cc9fa ix: remove trailing newline when copying to clipboard 4 years ago
  DanielFGray 7c6d1d1795 ix: copy response to clipboard 4 years ago
  DanielFGray 902e8e1ccd ix: better account handling 4 years ago
  DanielFGray da32ec78e8 various fixes and tweaks 4 years ago
  DanielFGray 4827da7d9b added pkgup script 4 years ago
  DanielFGray acbdca658b fzmp: better config parsing 5 years ago
  DanielFGray 3f17db56fa pkgsearch: fix colors 5 years ago
  DanielFGray 67f0a2793b pkgsearch: --preview option and config file 5 years ago
  DanielFGray a64f68edb3 pkgsearch: fedora support 5 years ago
  DanielFGray 6bc19d94c6 pkgsearch: fix debian preview window 5 years ago
  DanielFGray f8c1559fd8 pkgsearch: fix void support 5 years ago
  DanielFGray 5a1b1649c7 pkgsearch: fixes for preview window 5 years ago
  DanielFGray 05151c4022 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://gitlab.com/DanielFGray/fzf-scripts 5 years ago
  DanielFGray 394f53303a pkgsearch: remove void support until further testing 5 years ago
  DanielFGray 3693da0133 pkgsearch: use --preview for package info 5 years ago
  DanielFGray 14a21faf72 update installation blurb 5 years ago
  DanielFGray fd725f73ad snek 5 years ago
  DanielFGray 2565f7b65c add installation blurb 5 years ago
  DanielFGray 5cdffedf0b fzmp: indent usage 5 years ago
  DanielFGray ec90fb8979 snek, and read-only colors 5 years ago
  DanielFGray c5b9b6cdba git gud 5 years ago
  DanielFGray bf6b551877 snek 5 years ago
  DanielFGray da693448f7 fzmp: preview album and track info in artist view 5 years ago
  DanielFGray 67b7dd29cb ix: only syntax highlight visible lines in --preview 5 years ago
  DanielFGray 5ce5eb44f4 remove unnecessary subshells 5 years ago
  DanielFGray 6883403ae1 ix: default to `highlight` over pygmentize 5 years ago
  DanielFGray bf11414767 pkgsearch: needs more printf 5 years ago
  DanielFGray 6c6c46f749 fzmp: fix searching for MPD_HOST 5 years ago
  DanielFGray c9dd3faf91 fzmp: use -v to test if variables exist rather than -n for non-empty strings 5 years ago
  DanielFGray 246028c0f1 fzmp: better help info 5 years ago
  DanielFGray a51987af21 fzmp: better help info 5 years ago
  DanielFGray 5faad589f3 fzmp: env vars should override config file 5 years ago
  DanielFGray 4ef1b59d6e fzmp: add config file support 5 years ago
  DanielFGray ca8d69fbe6 ix: add support for multiple highlighters 5 years ago
  DanielFGray c69487938e ix: remove subshells and add better syntax highlighting 5 years ago
  DanielFGray 280b5555c0 goog: fix external dependency 5 years ago
  DanielFGray 5e9c9eb2a7 fzgit: more sensible color definitions 5 years ago
  DanielFGray dd99871f07 fzgit: rewrite log function 5 years ago
  DanielFGray ee92575538 pkgsearch: slightly cleaner void package parsing 5 years ago