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  DanielFGray 7cf2925b01 updated wifi 4 months ago
  DanielFGray 6e5688bd35 ix: use in preview bat when available 9 months ago
  DanielFGray dde2be0c3b ix: formatting 9 months ago
  DanielFGray 44cc91ba12 js: formatting 9 months ago
  DanielFGray c30d0de921 js: fix redir issue in ls-versions 9 months ago
  DanielFGray 0023013545 Update README.md 9 months ago
  DanielFGray 66c8303008 npmsearch -> js (rewrite) 9 months ago
  DanielFGray 76047f165d fzmp: fix song and genre listing 11 months ago
  DanielFGray fb7b8eafb3 fzmp: use find instead of search, fixes #14 11 months ago
  DanielFGray 40cd8f2dfb fzrepl: big fixes and improvements 11 months ago
  DanielFGray 2ba4b50536 fzrepl: exit with usage when missing command 11 months ago
  DanielFGray 16e43ef4ea igr: add missing --ansi flag, closes #15 11 months ago
  DanielFGray aae25cf7be Revert "igr: add missing --ansi flag, closes #15" 11 months ago
  DanielFGray 6fbcfb353d igr: add missing --ansi flag, closes #15 11 months ago
  DanielFGray 801fefb066 fzmp: fix for overwriting playlist 1 year ago
  Daniel Gray 5b7340a1f8
fztop: use ctrl-r to refresh 1 year ago
  Daniel Gray 4fcab7d00c
Update README.md 1 year ago
  DanielFGray c52c9d70bf fzmp: skim support 1 year ago
  DanielFGray 25ad7b4de0 fzmp: use quoted artist in findadd album 1 year ago
  DanielFGray 04aaf99681 added fztop 1 year ago
  DanielFGray b2c26e1587 fzmp: fix quotes in artist album preview 1 year ago
  DanielFGray b06a8225a6 fzmp: finddd album with specific artist 1 year ago
  DanielFGray ec9569c92c fzrepl: history via FZREPL_FILE 1 year ago
  DanielFGray c88ba28f3d show playlists after deleting 1 year ago
  DanielFGray dc8539b0d1 small tweaks 1 year ago
  DanielFGray 5e73f83061 playlist management 1 year ago
  DanielFGray 195a6affb3 queue songs with ctrl-space from songs list 1 year ago
  DanielFGray 24033a8f25 added igr 1 year ago
  DanielFGray fb0a9f12c0 fix readme links 1 year ago
  DanielFGray b4bc4bc381 fzmp: show track number in album listing 1 year ago
  DanielFGray d12747e135 fzmp: show real config location in help 1 year ago
  DanielFGray f2713a9a44 fv: look for bat to preview 1 year ago
  DanielFGray d59d8562e4 update fzrepl 1 year ago
  DanielFGray e32b31a5c5 update README 1 year ago
  DanielFGray b60673465d update fzrepl 1 year ago
  DanielFGray 0248acc899 update fzrepl 1 year ago
  DanielFGray 1fa5bc0517 add fzrepl 2 years ago
  DanielFGray 81f7f77d33 fix key bindings without config 2 years ago
  DanielFGray 0b5d8e9cc1 added fzbuku 2 years ago
  DanielFGray b465808820 fzmp: fix missing key name error 2 years ago
  DanielFGray c1bbd91c7e fv previews 3 years ago
  DanielFGray 37c909fe1b pkgsearch demo in readme 3 years ago
  DanielFGray d192bd217c npmsearch: pass arguments to fzf when removing 3 years ago
  DanielFGray ed1f86f0c7 npmsearch: fix broken version handling 3 years ago
  DanielFGray fb4db2ac7e npmsearch: --help info 3 years ago
  DanielFGray 8d6eb89ffe more colors 3 years ago
  DanielFGray b73b98fc42 remove packages with -r 3 years ago
  DanielFGray e1ec7f877a better quit handling 3 years ago
  DanielFGray 4d339118a1 npmsearch can install specific versions 3 years ago
  Daniel Gray 099f4fe54d
Merge pull request #7 from vijaygopal1234/patch-1 3 years ago