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7 years ago
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# /usr/share/bash-completion/completions/git
# declare BOLD=$(tput bold || tput md)
declare c_reset="\e[0m"
declare c_green=$(tput setaf 2 || tput AF 2)
declare c_red=$(tput setaf 1 || tput AF 1)
7 years ago
has() { # {{{
command -v "$1" &> /dev/null
# }}}
ask() { # {{{
read -r -n1 -p "$* " ans
[[ ${ans^} == Y* ]]
# }}}
err() { # {{{
printf "${c_red}%s${c_reset}" "$*" >&2
7 years ago
# }}}
die() { # {{{
[[ -n "$1" ]] && err "$1"
exit 1
# }}}
has fzf || die 'fzf not found'
# [[ -d "$PWD/.git" ]] || die 'not a git repo'
fzf() { # {{{
local prompt
if [[ $1 == --prompt=* ]]; then
branch=$(git status 2> /dev/null | sed 's/On branch />/;q')
$(which fzf) --inline-info --ansi --cycle --prompt="fzgit${branch}>${prompt} " "$@"
7 years ago
# }}}
declare -A git_cmds_descriptions=( # {{{
['add']='Add file contents to the index'
['am']='Apply a series of patches from a mailbox'
['annotate']='Annotate file lines with commit information'
['apply']='Apply a patch to files and/or to the index'
['archive']='Create an archive of files from a named tree'
['bisect']='Find by binary search the change that introduced a bug'
['blame']='Show what revision and author last modified each line of a'
['branch']='List, create, or delete branches'
['bundle']='Move objects and refs by archive'
['cat-file']='Provide content or type and size information for'
['check-attr']='Display gitattributes information'
['check-ignore']='Debug gitignore / exclude files'
['check-mailmap']='Show canonical names and email addresses of'
['check-ref-format']='Ensures that a reference name is well formed'
['checkout']='Checkout a branch or paths to the working tree'
['checkout-index']='Copy files from the index to the working tree'
['cherry']='Find commits yet to be applied to upstream'
['cherry-pick']='Apply the changes introduced by some existing commits'
['citool']='Graphical alternative to git-commit'
['clean']='Remove untracked files from the working tree'
['clone']='Clone a repository into a new directory'
['column']='Display data in columns'
['commit']='Record changes to the repository'
['commit-tree']='Create a new commit object'
['config']='Get and set repository or global options'
['count-objects']='Count unpacked number of objects and their disk'
['credential']='Retrieve and store user credentials'
['daemon']='A really simple server for Git repositories'
['describe']='Show the most recent tag that is reachable from a commit'
['diff']='Show changes between commits, commit and working tree, etc'
['diff-files']='Compares files in the working tree and the index'
['diff-index']='Compare a tree to the working tree or index'
['diff-tree']='Compares the content and mode of blobs found via two'
['difftool']='Show changes using common diff tools'
['fast-export']='Git data exporter'
['fast-import']='Backend for fast Git data importers'
['fetch']='Download objects and refs from another repository'
['fetch-pack']='Receive missing objects from another repository'
['filter-branch']='Rewrite branches'
['fmt-merge-msg']='Produce a merge commit message'
['for-each-ref']='Output information on each ref'
['format-patch']='Prepare patches for e-mail submission'
['fsck']='Verifies the connectivity and validity of the objects in the'
['fsck-objects']='Verifies the connectivity and validity of the'
['gc']='Cleanup unnecessary files and optimize the local repository'
['get-tar-commit-id']='Extract commit ID from an archive created using'
['grep']='Print lines matching a pattern'
['gui']='A portable graphical interface to Git'
['hash-object']='Compute object ID and optionally creates a blob from'
['help']='Display help information about Git'
['http-backend']='Server side implementation of Git over HTTP'
['http-fetch']='Download from a remote Git repository via HTTP'
['http-push']='Push objects over HTTP/DAV to another repository'
['imap-send']='Send a collection of patches from stdin to an IMAP'
['index-pack']='Build pack index file for an existing packed archive'
['init']='Create an empty Git repository or reinitialize an existing'
['init-db']='Creates an empty Git repository'
['instaweb']='Instantly browse your working repository in gitweb'
['log']='Show commit logs'
['ls-files']='Show information about files in the index and the'
['ls-remote']='List references in a remote repository'
['ls-tree']='List the contents of a tree object'
['mailinfo']='Extracts patch and authorship from a single e-mail'
['mailsplit']='Simple UNIX mbox splitter program'
['merge']='Join two or more development histories together'
['merge-base']='Find as good common ancestors as possible for a merge'
['merge-file']='Run a three-way file merge'
['merge-index']='Run a merge for files needing merging'
['merge-one-file']='The standard helper program to use with'
['merge-tree']='Show three-way merge without touching index'
['mergetool']='Run merge conflict resolution tools to resolve merge'
['mktag']='Creates a tag object'
['mktree']='Build a tree-object from ls-tree formatted text'
['mv']='Move or rename a file, a directory, or a symlink'
['notes']='Add or inspect object notes'
['pack-objects']='Create a packed archive of objects'
['pack-redundant']='Find redundant pack files'
['pack-refs']='Pack heads and tags for efficient repository access'
['patch-id']='Compute unique ID for a patch'
['prune']='Prune all unreachable objects from the object database'
['prune-packed']='Remove extra objects that are already in pack files'
['pull']='Fetch from and integrate with another repository or a local'
['push']='Update remote refs along with associated objects'
['quiltimport']='Applies a quilt patchset onto the current branch'
['read-tree']='Reads tree information into the index'
['rebase']='Forward-port local commits to the updated upstream head'
['receive-pack']='Receive what is pushed into the repository'
['reflog']='Manage reflog information'
['relink']='Hardlink common objects in local repositories'
['remote']='Manage set of tracked repositories'
['remote-ext']='Bridge smart transport to external command.'
['remote-fd']='Reflect smart transport stream back to caller'
['repack']='Pack unpacked objects in a repository'
['replace']='Create, list, delete refs to replace objects'
['request-pull']='Generates a summary of pending changes'
['rerere']='Reuse recorded resolution of conflicted merges'
['reset']='Reset current HEAD to the specified state'
['rev-list']='Lists commit objects in reverse chronological order'
['rev-parse']='Pick out and massage parameters'
['revert']='Revert some existing commits'
['rm']='Remove files from the working tree and from the index'
['send-pack']='Push objects over Git protocol to another repository'
['sh-i18n--envsubst']="Git's own envsubst(1) for i18n fallbacks"
['shell']='Restricted login shell for Git-only SSH access'
['shortlog']="Summarize 'git log' output"
['show']='Show various types of objects'
['show-branch']='Show branches and their commits'
['show-index']='Show packed archive index'
['show-ref']='List references in a local repository'
['stage']='Add file contents to the staging area'
['stash']='Stash the changes in a dirty working directory away'
['status']='Show the working tree status'
['stripspace']='Remove unnecessary whitespace'
['submodule']='Initialize, update or inspect submodules'
['subtree']='Merge subtrees together and split repository into'
['symbolic-ref']='Read, modify and delete symbolic refs'
['tag']='Create, list, delete or verify a tag object signed with GPG'
['unpack-file']="Creates a temporary file with a blob's contents"
['unpack-objects']='Unpack objects from a packed archive'
['update-index']='Register file contents in the working tree to the'
['update-ref']='Update the object name stored in a ref safely'
['update-server-info']='Update auxiliary info file to help dumb'
['upload-archive']='Send archive back to git-archive'
['upload-pack']='Send objects packed back to git-fetch-pack'
['var']='Show a Git logical variable'
['verify-commit']='Check the GPG signature of commits'
['verify-pack']='Validate packed Git archive files'
['verify-tag']='Check the GPG signature of tags'
['web--browse']='Git helper script to launch a web browser'
['whatchanged']='Show logs with difference each commit introduces'
['write-tree']='Create a tree object from the current index'
# }}}
declare -A implemented_git_cmds=(
7 years ago
['commit']='git commit -v'
7 years ago
['push']='git push'
git_log() { # {{{
local show="git show --color=always \"\$(grep -m1 -o \"[a-f0-9]\{7\}\" <<< {})\""
fzf --prompt='log' -e --no-sort --tiebreak=index \
--preview-window=up \
--bind="enter:execute:$show | less -R" \
--preview="$show" \
< <(git log --graph --color=always \
--format="%C(auto)%h%d %s %C(black)%C(bold)%cr" "$@")
7 years ago
# }}}
git_checkout() { # {{{
local list response key branch header
list=$(git branch --all --color -vv; git tag) || return 1
7 years ago
mapfile -t response < <(fzf --prompt='checkout' \
7 years ago
--header="$header" --expect=ctrl-x <<< "$list")
branch=$(perl -pe 's/^\*?\s*(remotes\/[^\/]*\/)?([^ ]+).*/\2/' <<< "${response[1]}")
git checkout "$branch" || return 1
# }}}
git_add() { # {{{
local out response query key header
header='use ctrl-p to add in patch mode'
7 years ago
while out=$(git ls-files -mo --exclude-standard |
7 years ago
fzf --prompt='add' --tac --multi \
7 years ago
--header="$header" --query="$query" --print-query \
--preview='git diff --color=always {} 2>&1' \
--preview-window=up \
--bind=ctrl-p:accept --expect=ctrl-p)
7 years ago
mapfile -t response <<< "$out"
query="${response[0]}" && unset response[0]
key="${response[1]}" && unset response[1]
[[ "${#response[@]}" == 0 ]] && continue
if [[ "$key" == 'ctrl-p' ]]; then
7 years ago
git add -p "${response[@]}" < /dev/tty
7 years ago
git add "${response[@]}"
# }}}
git_stash() { # {{{
local out response query key sha header
header='use ctrl-d to show a diff or ctrl-b to create a new branch'
while out=$(git stash list \
--pretty="%C(yellow)%h %>(14)%Cgreen%cr %C(blue)%gs" |
fzf --prompt='stash' --no-sort --header="$header" \
7 years ago
--query="$query" --print-query \
--preview='git diff --color {1}' \
7 years ago
mapfile -t response <<< "$out"
query="${response[0]}" && unset response[0]
key="${response[1]}" && unset response[1]
sha="${sha%% *}"
[[ -z "$sha" ]] && continue
case "$key" in
'ctrl-d') git diff "$sha" --color=always | less -R ;;
'ctrl-b') git stash branch "stash-$sha" "$sha" ;;
*) git stash show -p "$sha" --color=always | less -R ;;
7 years ago
# }}}
pick_cmd() {
for c in "${!implemented_git_cmds[@]}"; do
printf "${c_green}%s${c_reset}| -- %s\n" "$c" "${git_cmds_descriptions[$c]}"
7 years ago
done | column -s'|' -t | fzf | awk '{print $1}'
main() {
local pick
while pick=$(pick_cmd); do
if [[ -n $pick ]] && has "${implemented_git_cmds[${pick%% *}]}"; then