13 Commits (8a3f2322050e91a8ef2ebe6879e4bbc8c46f7d27)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Teknikode 8a3f232205 Created EmailAccount model for configs, and moved COntactConfig to use the new model, as well as for logging. 6 years ago
Teknikode 56b0063dce Moved Helpers and Configuration into separate projects. Updated all references to use them as well. 6 years ago
Teknikode 56362057be Moved StringHelper and Byte extensions to Utility project. 6 years ago
Teknikode 000f977dfe Added trusted device support for Two Factor authentication. 6 years ago
Teknikode 0bfe971504 Updated models to use virtual for all entity types. This allows Lazy Loading of all entities. 6 years ago
Teknikode 167c16b574 Modified stored filename to not include full path 7 years ago
Teknikode e918da06be Added the uploaded files extension as teh default extension in case one could not be determined from the content-type. 7 years ago
Teknikode 08539288fb Added base API service, with Upload POST. 7 years ago
Teknikode 47cc6f3a9b Added key size and block size to DB in case they change. 7 years ago
Teknikode 182c25d7b8 Added ability to remove key from server after saving key to server. 7 years ago
Teknikode 252d605ce0 Implemented file download and decryption. Still need to re-create file from ArrayBuffer. 7 years ago
Teknikode 59e213690e Fixed encrypted data not being sent to server. 7 years ago
Teknikode ebf069e43f Uploads - Got encryption working, got file upload working (not encrypted version though), and got upload saving server side. 7 years ago