Amazon Web Services — a practical guide
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  3. This “Open Guide” is a collaborative effort.
  4. It was begun and is led by [@jlevy]( and [@ThanosBaskous](,
  5. but the content is the result of a community of contributors, editors, and experts.
  6. Please help if you can. See the [contribution guidelines]( for notes on roles and editorial process.
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  8. Contributors are listed alphabetically with assigned roles first.
  9. Please don't PR the or authors-info.yml files! It is auto-generated regularly by the project leads.
  10. Please let the project leads know of any errors or omissions on this list.
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  14. roles:
  15. jlevy: project lead, editor (topics not otherwise assigned)
  16. ThanosBaskous: project lead, editor (topics not otherwise assigned)
  17. QuinnyPig: editor (news and updates, cost management)
  18. max-zanko: editor (EC2, S3, Glacier, EMR, Redshift)
  19. nitingithub: editor (cost management)
  20. forwidur: editor (EBS, RDS)
  21. lynnlangit: editor (IoT)
  22. richadams: editor (VPC)
  23. artemnikitin: editor (Certificate Manager)
  24. bgdnlp: editor (EFS)
  25. JCBarry: editor (CloudWatch)
  26. nzoschke: editor (KMS)
  27. donnemartin: expert (tools)
  28. merrells: expert (cloud infrastructure, when to use AWS)
  29. benkehoe: expert (IoT)
  30. ehammond: expert (Lambda, serverless)
  31. danhermann: expert (RDS)
  32. kimschmidtsbrain: expert (AWS Marketplace, Aurora)
  33. wumintendy: expert (ECS, CloudWatch, SQS, RDS, WAF)
  34. lukedeo: expert (machine learning, Terraform, orchestration)
  35. marcello3d:
  36. golyshev:
  37. Praveen Patnala:
  38. kazuyukitanimura:
  39. olawiberg:
  40. weirded:
  41. bittlingmayer:
  42. rjpower:
  43. alexanderatallah:
  44. Jurgen Philippaerts: