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  Joshua Levy 5e5be52f99 Gentle formatting fixes we can run more often. (#443) 4 years ago
  Corey Quinn e266e1a5c7 Convertible caveat (#442) 4 years ago
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  Corey Quinn e2f1b5d074 Merge pull request #438 from zekizeki/vpc 4 years ago
  Rob Smart d1bacede5b Adds VPC and Network Security Gotcha 4 years ago
  Corey Quinn 22c7f32118 Added HIPAA and more common SOC levels (#437) 4 years ago
  Corey Quinn a254b8cafd Add snowmobile to product matrix (#435) 4 years ago
  Corey Quinn 317ed399bb Fix date for Snowball release. (#434) 4 years ago
  Joshua Levy f02b8ac650 Merge pull request #433 from QuinnyPig/indentation 4 years ago
  Corey Quinn 3c49254cc8 fix formatting on my earlier PR 4 years ago
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  Dan Hermann 2a56c0f13a complete partial merge conflict resolution 4 years ago
  danhermann c309531a76 added tips about performance schema, global variables, and Aurora multi-AZ considerations 4 years ago
  Corey Quinn 949c7dbddc Merge pull request #432 from QuinnyPig/scroll-emoji 4 years ago
  Corey Quinn 0f8dc96948 Added emoji. 4 years ago
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  Corey Quinn dacfc2a56c Fixed a bunch of random wording issues 4 years ago
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  Corey Quinn 29e0e35dc8 Clarify Availability Zone separation (#422) 4 years ago
  Corey Quinn 98c75f87cc Added Last Week in AWS to further reading section (#414) 4 years ago
  Corey Quinn 7a131fe1de Merge pull request #430 from trenton/master 4 years ago
  Trenton Lipscomb 751f568958 DynamoDB gotcha: moment-in-time backups 4 years ago
  Joe Greene 9c6c9d4bb8 Update information regarding OpsWorks Stacks and Chef Automate region availability. (#428) 4 years ago
  Joshua Levy dd81b33514 Merge pull request #426 from QuinnyPig/efs-fixup 4 years ago
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  Matt Dalesio 1f32523713 Update README.md 4 years ago
  Corey Quinn be86242e83 Fixing cost misstatement 4 years ago
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  Joe Greene 91265dce0c Add OpsWorks section. 4 years ago
  Corey Quinn 25d2324786 Added Organizations (#424) 4 years ago
  Joshua Levy 6303370a42 Merge pull request #423 from QuinnyPig/iam 4 years ago
  Joshua Levy 238a892190 Merge pull request #421 from QuinnyPig/grammar 4 years ago
  Corey Quinn 032a8b8a71 Include IAM policies in a nutshell 4 years ago
  Corey Quinn bcf62aac3e misspelled availability 4 years ago
  Corey Quinn a943f0e1fa Fixed some word choices in the EFS section, renamed File Store to Object Store in the service matrix 4 years ago
  Joshua Levy 96f471ca18 Merge pull request #419 from QuinnyPig/tagging-flesh 4 years ago
  Corey Quinn 0630197c27 Emoji nitpicks 4 years ago
  Corey Quinn df9f6823f0 Never suggest us-west-1; it's expensive and massively capacity constrained. (#417) 4 years ago
  Corey Quinn 6a339ca38f Reframe warning about versioning's shortcomings compared to git (#418) 4 years ago
  Cristian Măgherușan-Stanciu 201107bc69 Add a section about ElastiCache, fixes #349 4 years ago
  Corey Quinn ee35459923 A few grammatical snags (#416) 4 years ago
  Corey Quinn c607c0e846 Flesh out tagging 4 years ago
  Corey Quinn 39356f8751 Strikethrough test (#415) 4 years ago
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