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  Ben Hecht 246554f30a Added RDS/MySQL gotcha regarding MyISAM tables. 3 years ago
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  Andre e789eb7fc4 Updates to CloudFormation (#530) 3 years ago
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Opsworks for Puppet Enterprise 3 years ago
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  Andre M 3fe7e08805 Add several tips to Lambda, add additional gotchas to Lambda, rewrite Lambda basics statement, fix incorrect tmp storage limit in Lambda 3 years ago
  Corey Quinn 2bb8150b0f Update ownership information and link for Ice. (#527) 3 years ago
  Corey Quinn e8fa28c626 Clarified free tier (#526) 3 years ago
  Corey Quinn fe4a590931 added representative open source project cloudcycler to auto-cycle resources (#525) 3 years ago
  Corey Quinn 5462b82fc0 Removed Scalr reference (#524) 3 years ago
  Corey Quinn 693a568818 Merge pull request #523 from lobster1234/sns-encrypted-sqs 3 years ago
  Manish Pandit 6675dc7807 Added the SSE-SQS <-> SNS gotcha 3 years ago
  Corey Quinn 49bbe549bd First stab at addressing per-second billing (#519) 3 years ago
  Michael Pereira c20184bf04 remove advice of using reduced redundancy since it is deprecated (#521) 3 years ago
  Corey Quinn 25601f25da Merge pull request #518 from InTheCloudDan/patch-1 3 years ago
  Dan O'Brien 59c5746472 make NLBS NLBs 3 years ago
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  Dan O'Brien 09b10f64ed some NLB additions. 3 years ago
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  Manish Pandit a8d18fcb88 Added more details to AWS Batch Section (#502) 3 years ago
  Joshua Buss b721b43372 Update README.md (#515) 3 years ago
  Manish Pandit c3fdcdf7a0 Added region specificity gotcha for KMS (#516) 3 years ago
  Ryan Park 4b10f242c1 Rewrite and "modernize" S3 permissions section, and it move to the top of "S3 tips" (#514) 3 years ago
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  Walter King 9f2efa9528 dynamodb is no longer in preview 3 years ago
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