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  Scott Alexander 6ebe60c7c5 adding link to AWS docs mentioning risks of keys being unmanagable. 3 years ago
  Scott Alexander 2c2876ddad adding two new KMS gotchas 3 years ago
  Scott Alexander dff5fa2e73 adding links to KMS gotchas in main list 3 years ago
  Adam Gibson d7de497b09 add redshift constraint gotcha and fix minor typos 3 years ago
  Corey Quinn 85baace316
Merge pull request #604 from ConradPacesa/master 3 years ago
  Conrad Pacesa f9dba0078a Fixed some typos, deleted repeated words 3 years ago
  Joshua Levy 500e166af8
Merge pull request #603 from open-guides/linkbreak 3 years ago
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  Corey Quinn 0c5603247b Fixed ELK link 3 years ago
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Merge pull request #602 from manelpb/master 3 years ago
  Emmanuel dos Santos ffe497f848 Update AWS Fargate regions 3 years ago
  Joshua Levy fd7121bdb8
Merge pull request #601 from yhippa/patch-1 3 years ago
  Richard Yhip f6885c5e36
minor whitespace change 3 years ago
  Corey Quinn 7382bf519b
Merge pull request #593 from matieux/master 3 years ago
  Joshua Levy 06726d2402
Merge pull request #600 from open-guides/update-authors 3 years ago
  Joshua Levy 855295016b Update credits. 3 years ago
  Corey Quinn ba064e3234
Merge pull request #567 from open-guides/cost-allocation 3 years ago
  Corey Quinn 2812ee3e11
Merge pull request #592 from 4projects/master 3 years ago
  Corey Quinn 6ec0947098
Merge pull request #569 from QuinnyPig/cquinn-api 3 years ago
  Corey Quinn 32dd1d6f2b Add filter link 3 years ago
  Corey Quinn 3bbdd7558b
Merge pull request #568 from QuinnyPig/amazonlinux2 3 years ago
  Corey Quinn 73ef268fe8
Merge pull request #565 from open-guides/s3-select 3 years ago
  Corey Quinn bdd02c5801
Merge pull request #599 from open-guides/links 3 years ago
  Corey Quinn 21c7a1ea3e Swap failing Cantrill.io link for AWS blog 3 years ago
  Corey Quinn e358d73272 Repoint IBM hybrid cloud link 3 years ago
  Corey Quinn ebe5cd0d22
Merge pull request #570 from QuinnyPig/ebs-iops 3 years ago
  Corey Quinn ebe731f613
Merge pull request #553 from dkavanagh/dak-add-step-functions 3 years ago
  Corey Quinn bf9115451e
Merge pull request #571 from QuinnyPig/nat-instances 3 years ago
  Corey Quinn 24a3afad35 Update date 3 years ago
  Corey Quinn 2819e2cbc9
Merge pull request #591 from nikolas/patch-1 3 years ago
  Corey Quinn 7ef8a1fa7f
Merge pull request #594 from pgrzesik/feature/add-awsgeek 3 years ago
  Stanley.Zheng ab65d7c5fd adding MLaaS platforms 3 years ago
  Piotr Grzesik 8ae4b3201f Add awsgeek to list of resources 3 years ago
  mat 0a8c088a65 Service Matrix - S3: Added DigitalOcean Volumes and Minio 3 years ago
  Nik Nyby aba7ef613a
ec2: typo fix - add missing space 3 years ago
  Chris Eich 41155b3cd3 Add Mobile Hub section (#588) 3 years ago
  dkavanagh a6438a4fef added some links for state machine features 3 years ago
  Corey Quinn 712681581c Update opsworks regions (#573) 3 years ago
  dkavanagh 66cbf9bb72 addressed some feedback more to come 3 years ago
  Corey Quinn f0d4618150 Added citation 3 years ago
  Corey Quinn fc8186e9a4
Merge pull request #560 from lobster1234/cloud-practitioner-cert 3 years ago
  Corey Quinn ecccec8ed8
Merge pull request #576 from Ashex/certificate-arn 3 years ago
  Corey Quinn 81c3271ba1
Merge pull request #575 from darkuncle/master 3 years ago
  Corey Quinn 44461fe0e3
Merge pull request #577 from ddaugherty/patch-1 3 years ago
  Corey Quinn e4d649c9ae
Merge pull request #581 from andre-meireles/andre_cfn_jan12_synced 3 years ago
  Corey Quinn c292813ea5
Added citation for 3 per minute limit. 3 years ago
  Corey Quinn 97c67e7a75
Merge pull request #582 from thomasmichaelwallace/master 3 years ago
  Corey Quinn 4afb537dc3
Merge pull request #585 from shtaft/patch-1 3 years ago
  Corey Quinn 296014c0da
Merge pull request #587 from virtualandy/patch-1 3 years ago
  Andy 48bbb45595
2017 revenue numbers were released by AWS 3 years ago