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Link to AWS EKS docs on Kubernetes network policy and Calico for network security (#687)

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- EKS does not launch EC2 nodes and would have to be configured and setup either manually or via Cloudformation (or other automation solution)
- EKS management is done through a utility called kubectl, and with Kube configuration files. These files will need to be configured to speak with the K8s Master with a certificate and URL
- EKS authentication is integrated with IAM roles/permissions via a custom plugin for kubectl called aws-iam-authenticator (formerly heptio-authenticator-aws)
- EKS provides [Calico]( from Tigera for securing workloads within a cluster using Kubernetes network policy.

### EKS Tips
- If you do not already have kubectl configured, it is now included in the AWSCLI packages. This is the simplest way to install kubectl and the assocated iam authenticator plugin