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Merge pull request #374 from bgdnlp/efs-onprem

Remove one EFS gitcha that was present twice in different forms
Joshua Levy 6 years ago committed by GitHub
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@ -953,7 +953,6 @@ EFS @@ -953,7 +953,6 @@ EFS
- 🔸 A number of NFSv4.1 features are [not supported]( and there are some [limits]( to the service.
- 🔸 As of 2016-11, EFS does not offer disk level encryption, though it is on the roadmap.
- ❗ Some applications, like SQLite and IPython, [might not work properly]( on EFS when accessed from multiple clients. This is because lock upgrades and downgrades are [not supported]( There might be [workarounds]( for some issues.
- 🔸 Mounting EFS over a VPN connection or VPC peering is not supported. EFS [does support]( mounting over Direct Connect.
- 🔸 An EFS file system [can be mounted on premises]( over Direct Connect.
- 🔸 An EFS file system can NOT be mounted over VPC peering or VPN, even if the VPN is running on top of Direct Connect.
- 🔸 Using an EFS volume on Windows is not supported.