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- 🚪**AWS vs. other cloud providers:** While AWS is the dominant IaaS provider (31% market share in [this 2016 estimate](, there is significant competition and alternatives that are better suited to some companies. [This Gartner report]( has a good overview of the major cloud players :
- [**Google Cloud Platform**]( GCP arrived later to market than AWS, but has vast resources and is now used widely by many companies, including a few large ones. It is gaining market share. Not all AWS services have similar or analogous services in GCP. And vice versa: In particular, GCP offers some more advanced machine learning-based services like the [Vision](, [Speech](, and [Natural Language]( APIs. It’s not common to switch once you’re up and running, but it does happen: [Spotify migrated]( from AWS to Google Cloud. There is more discussion [on Quora]( about relative benefits. Of particular note is that VPCs in GCP are [global by default]( with subnetworks per region, while AWS’ VPCs have to live within a particular region. This gives GCP an edge if you’re designing applications with geo-replication from the beginning. It’s also possible to [share one GCP VPC]( between multiple projects (roughly analogous to AWS accounts), while in AWS you’d have to peer them. It’s also possible to [peer GCP VPCs]( in a similar manner to how it’s done in AWS.
- [**Microsoft Azure**]( is the de facto choice for companies and teams that are focused on a Microsoft stack, and it has now placed significant emphasis on Linux as well
- In **China**, AWS’ footprint is relatively small. The market is dominated by Alibaba’s [Aliyun](
- In **China**, AWS’ footprint is relatively small. The market is dominated by Alibaba’s [Alibaba Cloud](, formerly called [Aliyun](
- Companies at (very) large scale may want to reduce costs by managing their own infrastructure. For example, [Dropbox migrated]( to their own infrastructure.
- Other cloud providers such as [Digital Ocean]( offer similar services, sometimes with greater ease of use, more personalized support, or lower cost. However, none of these match the breadth of products, mind-share, and market domination AWS now enjoys.
- Traditional managed hosting providers such as [Rackspace]( offer cloud solutions as well.