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  Teknikode d84b6abbde Changed file format for config files to .json 6年前
  Teknikode 968e7649e7 Fixed rules being able to be added by anyone. 6年前
  Teknikode 65bb76ed82 Moved youtube url parsing to the Url Parsing module. 6年前
  Teknikode 0550b52294 Fixed bot not ghosting when nick was taken. Fixes #13 6年前
  Teknikode fa496aaa36 Added max title length to url parsing. 6年前
  Teknikode 4db22eecd0 Fixed unable to ban/kick someone that isn't in the channel if you have access. 6年前
  Teknikode 86ccb5a932 Fixed new line issues. 6年前
  Teknikode a7d9aff42e Updated readme to include MySQL requirements. 6年前
  Teknikode 70419e89c5 Added required argument for String.Format in Messages. Fixes #12 6年前
  Teknikode 3bb0513424 Merge branch 'master' of teknik.io:u/uncled1023/Combot 6年前
  Teknikode 97efa5d4ed Fixed incorrect access comparrison for nicks. 6年前
  Teknikode 9f350982c4 Made for loop to foreach. 6年前
  Teknikode e0357f558a Added error handling around github user repo viewing. Fixes #10 6年前
  Teknikode 0605e2bdeb Added webexception handling for modules that create a connection. Fixes #8 6年前
  Teknikode e6468d3d8b Fixed possible null reference. 6年前
  Teknikode add0fe41da Initial addition of ReleaseNotes. 6年前
  Teknikode e09d520c2f Added check to kick/ban to check kicking/banning nick's privilege against the target - should fix #6 6年前
  Teknikode ef8b14906d Decreased message buffer to reduce lag and memory usage. 6年前
  Teknikode 6bd517284a Modified Git command to allow string repository name to be added for information. 6年前
  Teknikode 97c4305d78 Added Github Module. 6年前
  Teknikode 0a6bcb2d82 Fixed possible NullReferenceException points for asynchronous methods. 6年前
  Teknikode ce739996b5 Fixed build not creating directory if doesn't exist. 6年前
  Teknikode 1b2c7903b1 Added basic console app for those who do not want a GUI. 6年前
  Teknikode 5e0e08ed16 Removed nuget directory 6年前
  Teknikode 429aa11a1b Added NextVersion file 6年前
  Teknikode 7233f64df4 Added reason to self kick. 6年前
  Teknikode 7d377cc237 Fixed Update overwriting all modules. 6年前
  Teknikode 0559185d72 Fixed module load and unload not being called (duplicate commands). 6年前
  Teknikode 535f0bc262 Modified help to not give redudent info. 6年前
  Teknikode beade0abcd Added events for commands. 6年前
  Teknikode 011f81db8b Added Command class for handling bot commands. 6年前
  Teknikode 66e4ac1876 Fixed extra space in front of first message when splitting message. 6年前
  Teknikode 2c651d6186 Fixed output from Search and URL Parsing not being decoded properly. 6年前
  Teknikode 2caec3fe7e Fixed missing channel argument. 6年前
  My Name 1f7ff7419b Fix indentation 6年前
  My Name 9c6ec6ce0e Fixing possible out-of-range index 6年前
  Teknikode ae90d71ad3 Added required file to release build. 6年前
  Teknikode fda1ed0e02 Removed development tag. 6年前
  Teknikode 0c2d327e32 Added default Combot.Servers.config 6年前
  Teknikode 5550e6cb53 Fixed assembly files containing extra assembly file info. 6年前
  Teknikode 284e587798 Added GitVersionTask to Nuget Packages. 6年前
  Teknikode c187cf53e7 Changed Database queries to synchronous from asynchronous. 6年前
  Teknikode be673a80bb Modified README to match latest version. 6年前
  Teknikode f20dc195e4 Added Decide module. 6年前
  Teknikode 7392aedaaa Added Sed, Rules, About, Fun, and Configuration modules. 6年前
  Teknikode 84f9232686 Added spam control module. 6年前
  Teknikode 85ef0f3d37 Added features to UI. 6年前
  Teknikode b484cb1d6c removed redundent files. 6年前
  Teknikode 3aacb21720 Added new modules. 6年前
  Teknikode ac75a69e78 Added MySQL Database support for storing data. 6年前