Notes for Computer Information Technology 160
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November 28


  • HTTP
    • Cookies
  • Tools
    • $ nc
    • $ cURL
    • $ openSSL s_client
  • WIRE Protocol
  • Package
    • Header
    • Body
  • CGI
  • URL

Wire Protocol is what’s sent over the wire for any given protocol

FQDN stands for Full Qualified Domain Name

localhost is not a FQDN but still routes to, the loopback address

URL: http://hostname/foo/bar

  • Wire Protocol: http
  • hostname: hostname
  • path: /foo/bar
$ cURL             # get or put documents with protocols

$ netcat           # will make raw connections (does not support ssl/tls)

$ openssl s_client # make connections with ssl/tls


  • ”#fragment” is not sent to the server

Cookies persist when the web browser closes

curl --head make a HEAD request, just get the head of the document