35 Commits (79c20f5b2f8479a51d3ffce1027d3d486dd8c5cf)

Author SHA1 Message Date
79c20f5b2f Added option to export into sql query file 5 years ago
b30b7242c8 Clean up - repo now contains only whats needed 5 years ago
41f86197f3 import python script now uses logging module 6 years ago
fe5265e24b Extended mranks to include best time and by which player. 6 years ago
c319d980e5 separated xdf related functions to file 6 years ago
684b23048f minor: fixed stale comment 6 years ago
ccb5120c9c fixed exceptions and logging 6 years ago
fd9b862883 Replaced print functions with logging. 6 years ago
82bee73432 Added extra reporting for test function 6 years ago
b75952ea74 Added test function and fixed wrong column in mranks.sql 6 years ago
3a5931dbce clean up & fixed extra unneeded appends 6 years ago
70f8d3a092 just (messily) fixed issue with missing rows b/c of unreg. players being omitted 6 years ago
693dacf857 Moved out logging functions 6 years ago
7817c62115 Added the __init__ py file that should've been added before 6 years ago
8a5d3b01ca added query for ranks that a player holds per map 6 years ago
8493c57213 added query for getting number of ranks on a map. 6 years ago
fa061f0a8b minor, added comments 6 years ago
a1a466e332 Changed directories and slight adjustment for 6 years ago
0f51e82598 No duplicate rows will be added to db & added test function. 6 years ago
658e331cfa Different runs of importgsvdb.py now go to respective file names 6 years ago
64833aba04 Split functionality for initializing a database and adding rows. 6 years ago
96096fded2 Added ignore file. 6 years ago
e8e049136d Added command line arguments. 6 years ago
28b2ce6bde Cleaned up - importing and stale comments. 6 years ago
cd5fe272a2 Added logging function and last round of file name indecisiveness 6 years ago
31fe7ebed6 Moved declaration out of for loop and better file name. 6 years ago
a719b87d0a Resolved boogaloo with percent encoding and legible names 6 years ago
ea5ac5750e created function for getting the leaderboard of a map. 6 years ago
796b0612de Repurposed file for testing sql queries 6 years ago
16e766fb4a Added main section for create_ctsdb.py 6 years ago
e2f0da603a Moved sql queries into different folder 6 years ago
3d60412f1b Split into different files. 6 years ago
090e2d963d Created query for map leaderboard. 6 years ago
9447c1fbf6 Changed Ranks into integer value and set up for testing queries. 6 years ago
511468ae50 Initial, can insert into table- need to test queries. 6 years ago